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at least now somebody sends me mail

I don't know how it started, but EGM just started sending me mags in the mail a couple of months ago.  Then I got a bill for a year's subscription yesterday.  I don't know why they started sending issues, but they're good so I'll just cough up the dough.  It's funny, I haven't received a video game magazine since...Nintendo Power cerca 1998.  Seriously, what happened to GameFan? 

blisters, even

I finally beat Metroid Prime, and I must say I enjoyed the ride.  Anyway, now I am mulling over what to do next.  I mean, I do have a manuscript to publish in a few weeks, and gaming is not conducive to good science. 

Next gen? Heck, I haven't even got an Xbox yet.  Although I really only want the Ninja Gaiden games, so I may get a Wii (and whip it out for all my friends) or even a PS3 (if I don't stay for a PhD).  Most likely, however, the release of the next gen will cause game prices on last gen systems to drop and I will hoard them up like a greedy troll. 

3 days of racquetball and one of dancing.  My feet hurt.

Can't resist...

So I have already sung the praise of the file-wire game packs, and I think my own words will do me in. Elaborating, I plan to purchase the NES and Genesis packs as well. I won't purchase the N64 pack for two reasons: 1) I already own all the games and 2) the graphics card requirements are high. Still, I want to experience so many NES games that I never owned, and I think, to date, the only Genesis game I ever played was X-Men. No thanks to my cousins for hiding that they had a Genesis...

Does anyone know of a good Saturn emulator? All I really want to play is (K?)nights into Dreams. I remember that game was awesome.

now that's cheating

So I was comparing my collection to those of others, and was wowed to come accross a guy with over 1,000 games.  Shocked, I say.  Then I looked closely at his collection, and realized he was aggrandizing his pile by counting games in collections, such as listing all the Atari arcade games that, coincidentally, matched up 100% with the games that are included in the Atari Collection packages.  If you buy a collection CD, you own a collection CD, not every individual game that comes with.  If you buy Silent Hill Collection, you don't say you have Silent Hill 2, 3, and 4.  You have the freakin' Silent Hill Collection, that's it!  Hell, I could list all the games that came with my SNES emulator, putting my collection close to 1,000, but I don't because that's not accurate. 

oh those rascally 'troids

I am so amazed by how fun Metroid Prime is to play.  I see myself clearing it soon, and I won't bother for 100% because I did that with Super Metroid and I didn't feel much satisfaction knowing that I had so many missiles.  Really, once I have all the abilities, I consider the game mostly beaten.  I may continue scrounging for the energy tanks, but that's it. 

What to play next?  I may attempt Ecco again, but damn that game is hard for me. 

On a different note, I must recommend the FileWire NES, SNES, and Genesis bundles (even N64, if your computer can handle it).  I appreciate it greatly because I still own my old systems and am sick of combing through eBay auctions for a $3 with $5 shipping.  I believe these bundles are sold as the Ultimate Game Packs for $30 each, with the SNES-UGP containing over 700 games, including all classics.  I bought a Logitech USB controller to go with, and now I can play all my favorites without fear that my poor old SNES is going to hiccup and erase all my goddamned saved games (I had double stars in Chrono Trigger, you old bastard!).  I don't detect differences in any way, and I compared several UGP games to the SNES originals, finding no differences.  One word of warning:  it seems to me that LCD mmonitors aren't as good for viewing rendered graphics like Donkey Kong Country.  The graphics looked smoother on my old CRT monitor.  Anyway, go get this bundle, back it up several times, and you have enduring access to your SNES favs. 

back to gamin!

The damned poster is finally done.  Now I can get away from that grad school "get yourself ready for life" crap and focus on pixelated pleasures.  I have to play Metroid Prime still, and Xmen Legends, and Legend of Mana, Jade Cacoon, Donkey Kong Country 64...I have amassed quite a collection that I haven't even had a chance to enjoy.  Luckily I rented all of the newly-acquired games before, so I know that I will enjoy it.  And with that new FileWire download, I can take my retro gaming anywhere (like Orlando, where I will be too burnt out to care about "networking"). 

I see this DS thingy has some great games.  Methinks it is time to add it to ye olde litany. 

A word about my reviews

So I have had certain game reviews called out by fellow gamers who disagree with what I have to say.  First of all, we are all entitled to our opinions, and unless I have falsely stated some material fact due to my fallable memory, keep quiet.  Secondly, understand that I give all games the benefit of the doubt. This means that all games have a perfect 10 until I see otherwise.  Lastly, I don't keep up with any kind of game news, including TV shows, magazines (where did GameFan go???), or even Gamespot news bits (unless it pertains to Kingdom Hearts II).  My only source of modern gaming information is Penny Arcade, which is not very comprehensive.  Therefore, my reviews are relatively free from hype influence.  So if my review is the highest of the lot, think nothing of it.