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1 year on

My computer build is now about a year old, and it has not disappointed. I worried that there would be some breakthrough in PC gaming hardware that would 1) make all my components way overpriced and 2) allow game devs to sprint past my abilities.

However, prices have mostly stayed the same (RAM down, HDD way up), and it still devours games at max settings, no hardware issues whatsoever, and the Win7Pro platform is more stable than I'd ever hoped. Good thing an old flame of mine (seriously, she was a flaming redhead) worked at microsoft and tipped me off that Pro is always better than Ultimate (more debugging and proofing for big business). It's made me question my console dedication. Since I built the PC, precious few console-only games have enticed me: Dragon's Dogma, Uncharted 3, and Dark Souls, the latter now being available on steroids through Steam. So that makes me wonder if I'll even both with the next gen of consoles, which would be weird since I've been an avid console gamer since the late 80s. We shall see!

probably regret this

Amazon had Mass Effect 3 up for sale last weekend, so I snatched it up for $15; based on what I've heard about it, that's the maximum I would ever pay. The question is, why did I buy it at all? I know that the ending will be disappointing; I don't know the specifics, but companies don't get Golden Poo Awards for a minor letdown. Hopefully EA learned the right lesson for Dragon Age 3 - give the gamers what they want.

Basically I needed it to break me of the TF2 addiction. I could see myself playing that game for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours, and in the mean time miss a lot of great games. I have a few friends and a relative who play, but they either have a bad connection, other multiplayer obligations (BF3) or suck at it so hopelessly that the angels themselves weep in pity (sorry Jeff).

ze healing

Finally got a chance to play Mann vs. Machine in TF2. It's fun, but it really depends more than ever on the competency of your teammates. I had a great team last night with the exception of the medic. Bastard wanted to swing his bone saw more than heal, and as Heavy I took great offense. I normally do not "talk s**t", but I felt obligated to tell him what I thought of him and his mother's job of raising him. Had I not been dying so much in the last wave, a factor of never getting the necessary healing, we could have won.

Der Wurm brenner

Golf league cancelled on account of thunderstorm. Drat, although it's not like I've been getting any better. Next year, I pay only the small "sub" fee instead of full membership and spend the difference on lessons. Plus, someone needs a sub every week so I will probably play just as much. The problem is that I'm spending too much time on the wrong kind of range; shooting instead of driving. But I actually do okay on the former, not so much on the latter. My wife's dad just bought her a target pistol, so now even she wants to go punch paper with me. I just wish the gun range wasn't full of so many weirdos.

superhero manatees

Too awesome not to repost:

Team Fortress 2 is a riot, and my first real foray into online gaming with strangers. I've been playing it a ton since I beat in Fallout NV + the expansions. The item drops are incredibly rare considering how little I've received for 40 hours of play; I understand they want me to buy these things, but wow. I prefer to play Pyro, but I feel proficient in everything but spy, sniper, and scout. I'm not great, but I'm usually closer to the top of the leader board than the bottom. There are already way too many in match play for me to add on, and practicing with the bots is boring. I know I'm supposed to become proficient in them all, but not a match goes by that doesn't already have a surfeit of spies and snipers.

really, really late to the party

After seeing it update over and over and over again in my Steam downloads section, I finally tried out Team Fortress II. What a mistake; now I'm hooked. Online play can be fun, like when the medic pops out with a full ubercharge just waiting for a host. I mowed down an entire team that was pooling for an assault as a well-hidden heavy with my medic making me invulnerable. It's a thrill. But then there's the teams where 4 players all want to be a sniper, and then it just sucks.

Not terribly impressed with the Steam Summer Camp Sale. The prices are only good on games I 1) already own and 2) don't care about. Divinity 2 was finally down to a reasonable price, but even that was lower last year, so I made that purchase with a little regret.


So I finished Torchlight and will now wait patiently for Torchlight 2. In the mean time, I tried to start S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, but the damn thing is freezing up on me something fierce. Everytime I try to quicksave or open the menu it stalls for like 2 minutes, and this was in vanilla mode! No mods even. So I think something must be wrong with the install, so I need to try reinstalling.

My ADD brain then jumped over to Fallout: New Vegas. I'm really enjoying it, and after being out for a while the majority of bugs are gone. After playing for a couple of hours and being reminded of all the Bethesda idiosyncancies that I find suboptimal, it was time to mod it up fierce. So now there's some instabilities, but I've got a dozen mods that make it a helluva lot more fun and beautiful to play. Best part? I picked it up, and all DLC, off Steam last summer for like $8. Speaking of which...

Steam summer camp sale should start up in the next ten days! I think it was around June 20th last year. Going to be a whole lotta games purchased! Here's hoping for <$10 Divinity!


I'm waist-deep in Torchlight now, just delved into floor 33. It's an enjoyable little romp, and I only payed $4 for it so I can't complain. Once that is done, I don't know. What I do know is that Steam's summer camp sale is looming, and I am going to burn some money on that, and with this summer shaping up to be a really hot and muggy one, I will be hiding in the basement for a long time.

5 years later - S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

As I continue to catch up on PC games I never got a chance to play, I'm in the middle of playingS.T.A.L.K.E.R., Shadow of Chernobyl. It was a slow start, mostly because of the difficulty and me dying all the time. But I'm finally to the point where I can survive and even control a firefight, which basically means I found a scope. I'm playing it with the 2009 Complete mod, which makes it look beautiful but does slow down the load time. It's probably because of the max settings and the new HD texture packs, but it does bother me. It's the kind of thing that genuinely makes me wish I had a second monitor just so I can do something else while it loads (and alt-tabbing doesn't really tell me when it's ready). At least it looks great, so if they could just optimize the engine it would be perfect. Too bad I hearS.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is now essentially dead.

a rant: always-online DRM

Just to get it out there: I'm not buying Diablo 3. Not now, not ever. This always-online DRM is bad news and I refuse to support it.

To me, the primary issue is ownership. It's like you don't really own the game. You have to prove you're you and your copy is authentic to play it. Plus, it forces you to have (good) internet. It sure is nice to live in the city, where your internet is as reliable as the sunrise. However, I still get back to my rural roots on the western half of the USA from time to time, and internet is still really spotty out there. From Blizzard's point of view, those states are too sparsely populated to worry about (who cares if we anger the rednecks in Idaho?). I know people who literally cannot get internet where they live without accepting dial-up (no, seriously, it's still around in 2012) or buying into one of those overpriced and ineffective plans from the wireless companies. Or how about this - I move to another town/city/state/country and I don't have internet for awhile. I apparently am now allowed to play the game I payed real cash money for until I get my internet back up. To me, that smells like collusion between Blizzard and Comcast.

Putting on the tinfoil hat now: this is not a one-off event. Blizzard is still getting mondo sales from D3, and other publishers are noticing. So we've basically greenlighted the whole industry to do this. You think EA will be able to resist? You think the consoles are safe from this? The rumors about the PS4 and used games basically confirm Sony is going to do this.