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The Way i Manage my Gaming and Exams

This is my first Blog post, and it is about how I manage my gaming and Exam life that I have at the moment. I got, 5 100%'s in my GCSE Science exams, and one 90% grade in all the papers (GCSE's are related to the SAT tests in America, but we take them here in Britain).This is aimed at people who are aged from 13+, but if you are still studying, it could be for you.

However, I still game 2-3 hours every day.

Sometimes i get angry, if I get a grade lower than what i am expecting:

Linux-Babies-Angry.jpg angry baby image by rusydi27

Here's what you do to manage your gaming and study life(it worked for me!)

Preparation (2-4 Weeks before deadline/examination)

The first thing that you kinda do, is to have a timetable. It doesn't have to be a written one, it can be totally in your head, if you prefer.

Let's say that you arrive back from school at 4.00 pm. Here's what you do on a normal day:

  • Play X gaming machine until 6/7.00 pm.
  • Finish off any work/ revise until 9.00 pm.
  • Rest/Relax, do something else, then sleep.

Then, when it is 2-4 weeks, depending on difficulty, before the Exam, you ditch the machine entirely. Don't go on it whatsoever, as it will ruin your concentration, and lower any intended grades that you are going to get. This really helps, as you are now focused on the study, and will max out on intended grades. I know it is quite scary, but Gaming actually does not really matter in the end as a serious thing (Sorry System Wars), but as a past-time, and it will be like that when you go into work.

Just relax on the exam days, and check your answers. Then have a mammoth gaming session afterwards!