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The Guys Room

so i created a user created board

its basically a place for guys to gather for a little chit, a little chat. chicks are invited as well if they want, but be warne there probably will be an excess of testosterone there. so any female joining, beware.

just felt like having a union without all the hassle of union crap. so check it out here: The Guys Room

Total Access

so i decided to upgrade from free basic to Total Access

only $6 a month, and i feel i can afford that with my job and gettin payed alot

so yeah

ive got total access

new car

this here is the car im buying picking it up on tuesday these are the pics that the owner posted on the add

thoguhst about Metal Slime...

so i know i havnt been real active up here in a long ass time, so i know that leveling up here would take a while

but ive been stuck at damn Metal Slime for about 4-5 months

come on Gamespot, do reall think that is right

get off your asses and fix that glitch, if thats even what it is

and if you dont understand that, understand this:

rapido fixo el problem-o el **** now-o!!!

hasta luego

Need for Speed Carbon: Collectors Edition

so i went ahead and paid the extra 10 bucks for the special edition of Carbon and ordered it online

why you ask?

cause i can and i figure the extra bonus features such a bonus car, tracks, and races along with a DVD ill probably look at once are worth the extra 10 bucks

but thats just me

im back

did u read the title, if so then u should know that im back

if u didnt read it then i suggest u get off your ass and go read it