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Sequels. Something that really drives our gaming industry. Sequels normally make big changes to the last great game before them. They may add multiplayer, have a darker story and be generally easier. That doesnt mean the games easy though, just easier compared to the last game. Examples of easier sequels include one of two big gaming series: CoD and Halo. CoD was made easier on purpose for one: the health packs made it way too hard and Halo did it for more fast paced action. Sequels with darker stories more fall under rpgs. Right now I can only name Fable: lost chapters (expansion I know but still a darker sequel to fable 2.) andmy favorite gameMass Effect 2. Prequels tell stories behind events or characters and reveal more about them while still giving new content. They also reveal new characters, mostly villians, to the storyline. Many things from prequels are carried to sequels actually. To finish off sequels are a means to give us back something old but new and improved and are really good games ( I mean if it wasnt it probably didnt deserve a sequel in the first place). By the way this blog was REALLY old (before Mass Effect 2 old)and was on my profile and I just noticed now that it wasnt really posted as a blog (Im really noobish at this kinda stuff).

console wars

this is something that has lasted for all of console time but its also something thats getting out of hand.from nintendo to sega to the ps3 to xbox360 . the biggest fight is the xbox vs the ps3. back when the xbox was out it fought the gamecube and ps2. now the console war wasnt really a war because no console had anything to brag about they were all the same i mean : they all have hard drives, games, live support, and controller ports and wireless when the wii,360 and ps3 came out they all had thier own unique trump card that everyone argued about. the ps3 and its blueray and exclusives. the wii an its interactive gameplay. and the xbox with its somewhat dominant live and its own exclusives. with all these the console gamers have everything to point out on how thier console superior but in the end no console wins.

why do you hate halo?

ok this is something i have wondered i mean WHY do you hate halo? Think about why you think halo is so gay and noobish then think back to the early xbox days. the xbox is new and this new game called halo is new with a fresh start. you pick up the game and play. you finish the campaign frm normal and then legendary loving every step of it. then you gater 3 friends and enjoy a local game of 2v2. dont tell me any of thats gay because you know you loved it back then. halo 2 comes out and you rpeat the storyline with legenedary and whats this? skulls? another way to give you fun. you finish then spend the next 3 weeks playing halo 2 multiplayer. cod 4 and gears of war coe out an all of a sudden halo sucks. whys that? halo 3 comes out and you play it saying it really sucks after you get done with everything. tell me now after 10 years of loyalty why does this trilogy suck? you tell me