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I can't quit you...

Hello again Warcraft. Remember me? Its been awhile, But I'm back. I hope you don't mind I'm still not raiding, you're still I video game after all not a part time job. I'll probably only see you about 5 to 7 hours a week from now on. If your not okay with that... well tough **** You don't control me any more. You are no longer my master, for I am now yours... I am the


best wishes

Khalek, BloodHoof (US) server Alliance

Well I quit Rading tonight

No more Warcraft rading for me. It was just too much and I couldn't do it anymore. Sunday - Thursday 8:30 PM till 11:30 PM, 3 hours a night, that 15 hours a week just raiding and thats not including all the other stuff I like to do in the game. And I figured I'm pretty well geared at the moment.

Woot Woot!!!

Called Microsoft again got someone new and they're sending a box my broken box :) I feel better now.

For Free by the way

I can't belive it happened for the 4th time...

That Friggin' Xbox 360 got three red rings for the 4th time over the weekend. And those @!*^%($# !!!!! over at Microsoft won't fix it again without me paying them. WTF I payed $100 the first time to get it fixed (only 4 month after I got it on launch day) I was pissed then.

Then it broke a second and third time, called up got them to fix it for free. They also said I would be getting a refund of my first $100... never got that.

They told me because it has been over 2 years since I got it I have to pay to fix it this time. I hung up on the guy after that. I'm really mad right right now... really mad. I'm going to give it another shot tomorrow and see if I don't get another total idiot

/end rant

Friggin' computer problem

The Title says it all. Just 4 months ago I had to replace my motherboard and the CPU because they both when bad at the same time. And now here we're 4 monuths later and the same thing happends again... What are the odds that that would happen again not long after the first. Luckly they were both still under warranty.

This would be the third time I had to get it fixed. Are all customs builds this hard to maintain??? lol

On another note because of this I'm am now 3 weeks sober from my world of warcraft addictation. And from what I have heard of what they did to the Hunters in the latest patch its probably a good thing.

Update on the "I hate you Home Depo" blog post

Just to start off I still hate Homo Depo. In my last blog post I said how the people that I care take for kind of shafted me in loosing $130. But Yeasterday I went to visit them for the first time since the Home Depo thing. And She gave me a a $1500 christmas bonus !!! Its not at joke guys. These people must be uber rich if they can afford to give a guy they have known for less than a year $1500. I think I'm going to start building a new Quad core computer :D

I hate you Home Depo !!!!!!

I'm a care taker for these nice people that have a second home up here in Vermont. So the home owner called me last night and said that Home Depo were going to delive her new washer and dryer Today (Dec. 24th). So I said "Okay, what time do I have to be up there ?" And she said "They said they will be there between 6:00AM and 1:00PM" Thats 7 friggin' hours !!!!. So like a good care taker I get up there at 6:30Am 9give me a break I haven't been up that early in like..... ever) Shovled the half a foot of snow we got last night, and started the waiting game.

The time is now 8:30 and I'm sick of walking around in the cold shoveling snow. Its been two hours I figures they would be here soon. But as you probably have realized by the title of this blog post ... they weren't.

The time is now 12:30 and I have just spent 4 hours playing Trivial Pursuit by myself... I now know lots of stuff about Nixon and Regan lol

They finally got there at 12:45-ish . It took them 10 minutes to bring it in and set it up..... And Susan ( the home owner) left $100 for a tip. I get payed $100 a month to being care taker, but I lost $130 by missing a full day of work with my father.

So I hate you Home Depo !!!

Level 35 and other stuff.....

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I also just got my $50 Best Buys gift card from GameSpot for answering their question in a video blog.  Speaking of video blogs I'll have another one up this week, so you that come to my profile page will have another zany blog to read lol .  I'll also be uploading some Call Of Duty 2 speed runs, so look out for that.
One last thing before I go, I think that it BS that Halo 3 got a 9.5... And I don't care what anyone else thinks

Where is my refund Micro$oft !?!?!?!?!?!????

I'm getting pissed off now microsoft. Its been almost a full year since I was told I would be receving a refund of $130.00 for getting my 360 fixed. I still don't have it. I waited in line for it for almost 18 hours on launch day. And it broke only 1 month after the warrenty ends. I've been patient waiting for it, but now its getting ridiculous. I'm sick and tired of waiting. I better get my refund in the next 2 to 3 months or I'm going to go ape ****.
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