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Achievement help for HALO 3 Mythic

Hello all I was wondering if you could help me with the HALO3 Mythic achievements they can be obtained in SOCIAL MATCHES so if you wanna help send me a messege on my Gamertag Sho565 or comment the blog any way.I wil help you first if you think your gonna get screwed over.

Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed ya heard.I seen a video of it and I loved yea I said it loved not liked LOVED.I think Sonic Unleashed is gonna be the Best game ever made.I might find the video I saw and edit this Blog.Oh I have a favor since Gamespot doe'nt get the quick news I need ya to keep me updated on SONIC UNLEASHED.If you feel like it could ya go on other sites send me a text on GAMESPOT,post a comment or send me a Xbox Live Messege my Tag is Sho565.This is the list that you can contact me:


Thats pretty much it.Thank you.Bye!


Yes Spring Break is finally here thank GOD no more homework,no more study n no more putting up with MATH for a week now I can finally hang out even later and play XBOX LIVE for a while.

By all have a nice time over Easter.

Sho565 can make anything all gravy

Yea thats right I can.I got access to computers and the laptops in my house at any-time now so now bring on the union invites messeges anything im here and active once again.

I don't have too many bad things to say about SAINTS ROW now because im so close to KINGPIN and all the achievements.

Oh and Outsider99 your SAINTS ROW gang is B.S. yea I said it i'll take you and your gang members on any time any day but my weapons this time.Dont you dare try to standby me when we are in a custom either.

Well the HSA is coming up I dont know about everyone else but its about to start in a little while this test is important so good luck and good luck with those in college!!!!!!!!

Devil May Cry4 is a must have!I have seen the new styling combos and the crystel clear graphics.I think it might win game of the year.

I kept changing the subject in this blog woops!!!!!!

Saints Row is B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saints Row is pure bulls*** now.Everytime I play somebody always cheating and teammkilling........Stop Cheatin b****** a** n****s its not cool and its not funny I know ya reading this I'll play anybody any day any time 1v1 2v2 its whatever.Ya suck.Alls ya do is cheat why is cheating in ya blood?!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lets see let me explain why Saints Row is bullcraping.

You got these:A-tapping,Rocket glitching,Standbying,Lag running,and noobs that have no life.About 5 months ago I guess I made a mistake by putting Da Row on my Gamercard.What else you ask sure if I had a camera I would show you.Heres what makes lots of users mad the people with trueskill of 50 (highest trueskill) dont even play the s*** on top of that I know they did'nt do good some users like me did.Protect Tha Pimp:#1 Deaner.Pimp Kills 2.Normal kills 33 trueskill 50 this motherf***** is scared to play Protect Tha Pimp now he had to playing when it was released.Here comes the huge bulls*** I need trueskill of 31 for Kingpin and currently Trueskill is on 27-28 here comes unexperinced players Xbox Live matched me up with when you the matchmaking should be like Halo you know like skill range.

Oh yeah I forgot about you boosters thats all ya do but when somebody wanna play you 1 on 1 ya Block Communications.Hmph.......

Yesterday me n ??????????? played these cheaters in Team Gangsta Brawl (Team Deathmatch)2 of us vs 3 of them.My partner gets a Rampage(10 kills in a row).I scraped them.They A-tapped they had mics we did'nt.The opposite team only scored lets see 8 points what we score 31.We played by thier setting thier rules thier weapons and their map and they still lost!!!!!!!!!!Wanna know what the losers said that we suck.The only times I died was when they stuck togather and shot me at once on top of that they still could kill me fast takes em 10 slow seconds.We played Legit through the whole thing.

A-tapping causes the target health to decrease faster.

Rocket Glitch unlimited ammo.

Standbying causes everyone to stop except the person who did it.Standbying can be used for many things lagging people outta the match,Kill from the grave like HALO3 but better.And running through walls.

Boosting omg!!89% of the users does this we all know what Boosting means if you dont know then it can inflate your rank leading to Kingpin in a faster way.

If you do the 4 things above you have no skill.

N me im just 100% pure Legit.

I just want Saints Row 2 to be clean no cheating.If Xbox Live ever catch a glitch on Saints Row2 I hope they kick the user from SR2.

1 more thing stop hacking things people want thier accounts n some of us actually wanna earn achievements instead of hacking them.

End of 2007

Well its the last day of 2007 and I have met plenty of new people over the Internet and plus I started Xbox Live and my profile remains unhacked.Well almost see somebody got my password thats all then I reseted it in December it was hacked around Augest and Septemeber.I wish you all good luck and beging the new Journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

A freind over Xbox Live told me happy richs if your reading this then back to ya...also to all who s reading this.

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im not going no where.

Yup yp I got the Single Perfect and 5 solo Dark Agent missions and its all 100% Legit.Now 3 more missions so I can get this onea beaty eh?!!!I know and I am about to get that next month its gonna be hard these are the missions I gotta complete Missions 4,9,and 11 if you wish to see these missions then I'll show ya.

Not even the best could do all 3 smoothly and thats Craft I call em PDZ Legend hes gamerscore is well known through out the Internet and he still remains un hacked im talking underground.Anyways its my Birthday so today I played Prostreet and took the Drag King car the Drag King was Karol Monroe but now Ryan Cooper + my car but its kinda slow.I used a Ford Mustand Shelby GT500 (I think thats right) against her 06 Mustang.It was my 687 Bhp against her 568 Bhp.In 3 events Wheelie Competition,1/4 mile darg,and a 1/2 mile drag she was behind me thats all I can say.I have helped out may people in Prostreet so if you wanna share your blueprints thats not a problem.If my good freind SUSSIT is reading this then thank you so much for the Lamborginigh I have upgraded it and its unbeatable online and offline.On Saints Row I got kicked out of my gang and reasoned with the owner and he let me back in.Who ever thinks they got what it takes to join the Empire talk to me.#75 we get out rank back to #72 today.Kingpin coming soon in 2 months.Hope you all had a good holiday.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost forgot look at my Gamespot level yeah 20 I got 20 levels in 12 months.

I would play Live but.........................

My controller is acting funny it keeps showing a ring every time I plug it up.A green ring I guess its no big deal.I would go get another controller but those regular Xbox 360 controllers are to big for my hands I want a new Joytech or a small one.Something happend today when I left the house this morning I started to think about alot of things and I turned back around and went home it was terrible.Well II might not have access to this computer later so Im saying Happy Holidays early Merry Christmas I hope you all have fun with family and freinds.My uncle is gonna let me barrow some of hes games Gears Of War,Rainbow Six Vegas,and whatever I want.


Stay Fit ladies n gentlemen

Yup just like the title says its important most of us know if we dont keep our bodies in good condition we will start to get ill believe me it has happen to me yesterday.I have'nt been working out for 20 days straight and my body started to get weak on me and I got sick bad but heres the good part I started to work out again today.Before I got back on it I had stomach aches,weak body,and a terriable headache.Simple facts and to know if you just lay on your lazy all day long your muscles will begin to lock up and that leads to bad news because once they get locked up you will have a weak stomach which means anything you eat or drink will come out of your mouth later no joke.I have stopped lacking and started to work out again im so happy plus I feel much better.This is just a reminder of something important.

If I have'nt commented on blogs that means I gotta catch up later.