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Play as Super Axel on SOR3 Sonic Ultimate Collection PS3 version

To play as Super Axel you must first change your control settings to turbo via the select button menu. Next, select 1 or 2 player mode and then select Axel with X. As soon as you selectAxel, hold down thesquare button and startrotating the D-pad counter-clockwise.While still holding down X and rotating the D-pad counter-clockwise, press start to fast forward past the opening scene. Still holding down X and rotating the D-pad counter-clockwise,(Axel should be performinga rapid melee combo and enemies should be on the screentoo) continue to do this for at least 10 revolutions. Afterwards, release and press triangle. If Axel performs a super duper spinning, screen shaking power move, then viola! You've just unlocked Super Axel.

Note: For those who know ofhowsuper the oldSuper Axel of the Genesis version was you will notice that the PS3 Super Axel isn't quite as super :-(. He only has his super duper spinning, screen shaking power move but this move is really really useful and will definitely make the game a whole lot easier and funner. Though his turbo punch doesn't punch quite as fast and doesn't NEARLY take off as much energy, it is still useful. Well that's pretty much enjoy!