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Back into gaming business^^

Hi all. Today I wrote my last test. Those two last weeks where like a hell on earth. I had two write Bio, Chemisty, Physic, native language and foregin language test. I had to do my best because my entire future depends on those results. Now for the fun part: It's ovvveeeeer:) Gaming time ihaaaa:) 

I bought myself a PS2 with God of War, memory card and Action Replay Max 2. I purchased ARM2 mainly for saves. Now I can backup data from memory card on a pendrive and then on PC HDD. I'm a save's freak:) I'm having lots of fun with GoW. This game is past gen but it proves that game graphics isn't what counts the most.

Now I have entire 4,5 months of free time. Gaming plan for 1st week: Beating GoW on Spartan and God difficulty, unlocking all Pinata dances in viva pinata, beating condemend, and comepleting Chaos Theory ( I got 2 lvls left and I can't beat them with 100% rating. Though luck:P)

Take care all. My summer vacations are finaly here!