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Back into gaming business^^

Hi all. Today I wrote my last test. Those two last weeks where like a hell on earth. I had two write Bio, Chemisty, Physic, native language and foregin language test. I had to do my best because my entire future depends on those results. Now for the fun part: It's ovvveeeeer:) Gaming time ihaaaa:) 

I bought myself a PS2 with God of War, memory card and Action Replay Max 2. I purchased ARM2 mainly for saves. Now I can backup data from memory card on a pendrive and then on PC HDD. I'm a save's freak:) I'm having lots of fun with GoW. This game is past gen but it proves that game graphics isn't what counts the most.

Now I have entire 4,5 months of free time. Gaming plan for 1st week: Beating GoW on Spartan and God difficulty, unlocking all Pinata dances in viva pinata, beating condemend, and comepleting Chaos Theory ( I got 2 lvls left and I can't beat them with 100% rating. Though luck:P)

Take care all. My summer vacations are finaly here!

Don't fear Delta Squad is here. Republic Commando review.

Hi I just finished Republic Commando review. It's my first review writed in 1st person. For me It was a great experience. Hope you will like it. Click I would be grateful for feedback.

                                                May The Force be with You.


I feel I'm going to get flamed (TES IV Oblivion review)

Couple of minutes ago I have finished righting Oblivion review. Here it is . It's funny but I have given it a 6.7 The rest of reviewers didn't give less than 9.0 Imho Oblivion isn't that good. It's no near of AAA level. Are people so easily hyped up?

My 1st gamespot aniversary & PDZ LE

Yes that is right I have first time signed up in gamespot pricesly one year ago. Heh now I have lvl 19 and I finaly start to use wise all site functions( blogs, tags, friends). The more I do it, the more I become aware of great genius in the way this portal was build. I wonder if next year I will be somewhere near lvl 30. Ippon is a beautiful name. Several days ago I managed to hunt down Perfect Dark Zero Limited Edition. Moreover the deal was a real bargain. I paid 35$ for this game. I still don't have the x360 back so I could only examine the box , instruction, comic. The box is exellent. It's heavy, made of tin, pleasant cold in touch. All x360 box should be like that, not only LEs. Instruction is well written but nothin special. But comic book.... it's a little pice of art. Too little if you ask met (it's a bit to short). The draw lines are fascinating. Joanna Dark looks like a teenager and it's amazing. I think that the story line of comic is a preludium to the game story plot. It's a bit harsh considering that not everyone will get the LE. Oh and there is also a bouns disc. It can be only played on x360. I don't know who camed up with this Idea but it isn't good.

My firs blog entery. Unfortunately a very sad one.

My first x360... I bought it six months ago. Yesterday I got 3 lights of dead. I couldn't do anything. Repluging cables and HDD didn't bring any effects. Today I send x360 back to Microsoft. I'm waiting for new one. This is going to be one looong month. I hope that my new console will be better. 19/05/2006- 26/12/2006 1st x360 R.I.P.