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Snakes on a Plane pre screening

Just got back from seeing SOAP. I'm not saying this because of all the hype it got or because of how much you guys want me to say this, but this movie OWNS!!!!!! And BTW: I am in no way biased. I was going into it thinking it was going to be somewhat stupid but good (even though I was completely hoping it would be amazing). My hopes came true. Sure there were some cheesy/corny parts, but aren't there in most movies? Everyone in the theater cheered when Sam Jackson said "I've had it with these mother****ing snakes on this mother****ing plane!!!!!". I must admit, I cheered too. There is plenty of action and violence to sustain you for the rest of your life. Seriously, everyone go see this movie 9.6/10 I would post some minor spoilers if you guys don't care. Of course, I would put a spoiler warning for people who don't want to read them.

The Descent pre screening review

I saw it on thursday. All I'm going to say is that this movie owns!!!! It's so good. I'm not saying anything else because I think you should go see it. 9/10 but only because I don't like to give things perfect scores.

This game owns

I know it's "old" now, but Guitar Hero OWNS!!!! Just got it today. Thought you should know. Bye. I"m going to play some guitar hero.

Lady in the Water pre screening

So, I got to see it last night. All I have to say is it's a very odd movie. I didn't like it a lot. Wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but DEFINITELY not the best I've seen ever. I was upset with the movies we got in this week. LitW, Monster House, and My Super Ex Girlfriend. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! No Clerks 2????? I know it won't be as good as the first but it would still be better than LitW. If you want to know more details of Lady in the Water, PM me. I don't feel like ruining it for people who don't want it ruined. Rating: 6/10 I don't think I'll be changing this rating unless I bump it down.

Pirates of the Caribbean pre screening

 As you may or may not know, I work at a movie theater. It's actually not a bad job, just bad pay. Well last night at 10:30, we had a pre-screening of Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest for the employees. We got to bring 2 guests each. We all got to see it for free. :D I'm just here to tell you guys that it isn't as good as the first one. Don't get me wrong, it was still a great movie. ******SPOILERS: DO NOT CONTINUE READING IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING (I don't think these are spoilers at all but some people may rather just find out by themselves)****** It starts out kinda slow. It feels like the story doesn't progress as much as you would like it. IMO, great CGI and make-up. I enjoyed watching it, but not as much as the first one. I left the theater disappointed about the ending. I'm sorry for being so vague about everything. I just don't want to give anything away. Overall, I would give this movie a 8.5-9/10 I think it's worth seeing. Overall, it was a decent film

I got the job.

I just called the manager of the theater to check on the work permit I turned in. He said he makes the schedules on Monday and told me to come in and get my schedule for next week. Finally, my mom can't nag me about getting a job anymore. I can't wait to be getting the money either. Thanks for all your support. Feel free to go and look at my previous blog posts. Can't wait to talk to you all later.

I think I got a job.

I went to an interview today. I didn't have to do much speaking. At the end, the guy told me to get a work permit. I think he wouldn't have made me go do that if he wasn't going to hire me. Well the job isn't at my first choice. Actually, it is more towards the bottom of the list of places I would have liked to work, but it's alright. At least I'm getting a job. The job is at the local movie theater. I'll update you when the guy tells me for sure whether I got the job or not. Thanks you guys. I'll talk to you later.

SCHOOL'S OUT!! (I'm so excited)

Today is ****ing awesome. School let out (I did pretty bad on my final today). I'M OFFICIALLY A SEINOR!!!! My sister is coming home for the summer today. She goes to college in San Diego. I haven't seen her in months and I miss her. One thing I have to complain about is I may get my first C ever in any class. That final that I mentioned was for Honors Chem and I think I needed an 86% to raise my grade to a B. I don't think I did that well. It was the only final that I did poorly on (of course it's the one I needed to do well on). Oh well, my GPA is still relatively high. Even if I get a C, I'll still be in the top 10 percentile. Now I have to get a job because my parents are making me. I already applied at 5-6 places and haven't gotten so much as a phone call saying sorry, but I'm not what they're looking for. That pisses me off. Well, I hope everyone's summer is great. Talk to you all later.