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When the Winds came.......

Some of you may have noticed I've been absent for the last three days. Well, it's been kind of a mess around here since Sunday evening.

A close friend asked me, "Are you worried about hurricane Ike?" I laughingly said, "Nope, I live to far inland." Well, mother nature decided I needed a lesson.:?

So Sunday, here came what was left of Ike in the form a topical storm, category 1 and it went ripping through here, in Kentucky and Indiana leaving one hell of a mess.:(

My electricity when out around 4:30pm EST and as of writing this blog, it's still out.:cry:

I had been sitting in the dark for three nights, with no phone, no hot water, and no ice. The only contact I had outside my home started Monday evening when my husband got home from work, and I used his cell phone. I called my good friend Tess to let her know what was going on and that I was okay. Was able to call my family (who lives on the hill above me) to make sure everyone up there was okay. Trees were down everywhere. Still not sure what all damage was done in the area, but at least my place nettled in the holler is okay.:)

My power line is down behind my home from a tree taking it out. Everyone else around us has their power back but because the electric company didn't know about mine and my brother-in-laws place, and since we are only two houses, we have gotten rotated to the bottom of the list.

At last report they have around 10,000 more consumers to get power too. Yesterday they got around 19,000. Over 400 electrical poles snapped in half and don't know how many lines were down. But hoping they get to us today. I've heard they compared the damage to the 1974 tornadoes that ripped through this area back then. Back then we had over 170 tornadoes hit Kentucky and Indiana.:? I still remember it like it was yesterday.

My niece's in-laws have a tree in their house now.:? Luckily, no one was hurt.

Anyway, that's why I wasn't here and I'm okay.:D

See ya in the forums. Keep smilin':)

~Shewolf aka Nel ;)