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That was a close call....

Well I'm breathing a sigh of relief. Monday (Aug. 25th) my dad was very pale and weak. We called EMS and they took him to the hospital. After spending over 4 hours in ER, we were told his hemoglobin was 5 out of 14. Meaning he was bleeding internal. Turns out he had an ucler in his stomach that started bleeding pretty bad. They gave him some medicine to stop it, and then did a transfusion of blood. By the next morning he was doing better. Had nice color and was even joking some. He should be able to come back home before the end of the week.

He's still weak of course, and since his last stroke, he's been total care. So this was a set back we didn't need but we'll get through it. If we hadn't taken him when we did, we would have lost him. So for the last several days, I haven't been as active, only doing the hangman game I'm running in TFFU, otherwise not doing much else. I will continue to be semi-active until things get back to normal around here.

I would like to thank my close friends who have been there for me. Jake, Reno, and Nate. Thanks guys for your support and thanks for the offer to donate blood in my dad's name, Nate.:D You are so sweet. A special thanks to my best friend, Tess who is always there for me. *hugs*

Just wanted to let ya'all know what was going on. And don't miss out on my prior blog if you haven't seen it yet.;)

Sorry for blogging again so soon.

Keep Smilin' :)

See ya in the forums again soon:D

~Shewolf aka Nel