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My FFX-3 Vision

My idea for FFX-3. Warning to anyone who has never played FFX or FFX-2 or is in the process of playing them as I make referrences to the games which could be spoilers.

Final Fantasy X-3 project

Special Notes: any and all parts subject to change

Main objectives of the game:

1. seal up all the chambers of the fayth that are still open.

2. defeat Seymour and Vegnagun. Then remove Vegnagun from the farplanes and tear apart.

3. Free the Aeons and remove the machine from them.

4. Ask the fayths if they could restore Macalania woods. The fayth tells them that they will rest under the woods and therefore the woods will live forever.

5. ending credits

6. attend a triple wedding of Tidus and Yuna, Rikku and Gippal, and Paine and Nooj.

Battle System: A combo from both games. Fighting like in FFX-2 but instead of dress spheres back to the sphere grid from FFX. Dress Spheres could be for costume changes only and/or maybe different overdrives could be attached. But not as many. A 360 degree camera angle would be great also with maybe the fighting more like FFXII. Would also like to see the random fights disappear, lets see the fiends and choose to either fight or avoid them.

Party while in Spria: Rikku, Gippal, Tidus, Yuna, Paine, and Nooj.

Party while in Old Zanarkand: Rikku, Gippal, Tidus, Yuna, Paine, Nooj, Shuyin, and Lenne.

Rikku is now a little more serious than in the prior games.

Ancient Aeons: a possible list. One could be a Mystic Aeon, like Cerberus(found by locating special spheres or maybe a special collection of pyrefiles):

1. ? Siren

2. ? Pandemona

3. Zaon is Odin in present and past Zanarkard (at his statue)

4. ? Diablos

5. ? Eden

6. ? Leviathan

7. ? Cerberus

8. ? Carbuncle

9. ? Alexander

(special note about the aeons: Seymour has trapped them to aid him except anime who refuses to help him. His mother doesn't approve of what he's doing, but will also not fight against him either. So she is no help, but Jysal has no problem helping to stop his son.)

Clasko is still in the calm lands monster arena breeding and training Chocobos. He has since married Calli. Calli having given up on Brother. Now there are baby Chocobos running around.

Shrina and a new character invent new weapons for each character. Each weapon has special magic properties. Gippal gets his first at the start of the game. A new type of GunBlade.

To defeat Seymour, once and for all, Shrina and a new character invent a part machine, part magic device that is a prison for spirits. Rikku has to use this device to imprison Seymour. The new character is female, from Bevelle and is versed in all types of magic. She could be about the same age as Shrina, another whiz kid. Rikku also has to mix two special ingredients to freeze Seymour before the device can be used. This is just one of many ideas.

At the end, in Luca, a triple wedding takes place performed by Baralai. Tidus marries Yuna (finally), Rikku marries Gippal, and Paine marries Nooj.

The Story line:

6 months later (after end of FFX-2)

The scene opens near Baaj Temple, where the Al Bhed are raising yet another airship. Gippal is the one who will get this airship once it is operational later in the game.

On the bridge of the Celisus

Rikku is trying to get Brother to take her to Yunie and Tidus' wedding in Besaid, which will take place in about six hours. Brother refuses because he is jealous of Tidus. (which is creepy because Yuna's his first cousin for heaven's sake.)

Gippal has entered and listens to their exchange. He tells Rikku he will take her. Gippal has found he has a thing for Cid's fearless, reckless, headstrong daughter, and leaps at a chance to be alone with her to pursue her.

Just as they are about to leave, a communication from Shrina, stops them. An Al Bhed has escaped from the expedition into the Far Plane and reports that Cid and all the other Al Bhed have been taken prisoner. By whom, he doesn't know.

Gippal, the leader of the Machine Fraction, asks Brother to head to their headquarters in Djose Temple. The wedding forgotten, Brother and Rikku are now joined in concern over their father.

Rikku looks to Gippal for an explanation as to why Cid would lead a party into the Far Plane. Gippal just stares at her because he has been sworn to secrecy by Cid. It then hits Rikku, Cid is trying to salvage Vegnagun. That could be the only answer.

Once at Djose Temple: Rikku, Gippal, Brother, and Buddy meet up with Shrina and they talk with the Al Bhed who got away. After learning not much more. Rikku comes up with a plan to learn more.

Rikku tells Gippal that since they both have been in the Far Plane before that they should lead a very small team as a search party to learn about what has happened to Cid and the others.

Brother and Buddy refuse to be left behind. So Gippal leaves Shrina in charge of the Machine Fraction. (Shrina is Gippal's second in command anyway)

The Party of four goes to the Chamber of the Fayth and jumps into the hole, landing in the field of flowers. Rikku and party walk around looking for clues, signs, anything. The door to Vegnagun (in FFX-2) is closed. Finding none, Rikku screams in frustration.

After a few minutes the Fayth of Bahamut appears before them and says that all other fayths have been captured and are being used by Seymour Guado.

Flashback: a couple of days prior.

The Fayth shows the party what has taken place from Cid's memory.

Cid and the other Al Bheds are both worried that since the fayth statues had been removed leaving holes in all the temple's Chambers of the fayth and direct access to the Far Planes is still possible. Which would allow anyone with the desire to retrieve Vegnagun for their own dark purpose, they decide that they should go and disassemble the machine and salvage it's parts.

A team is led by Cid and they find the defeated machine. Cid then leads the party to start taking it apart when Seymour appears with all the "Dark" aeons (Valefor, Ifrit, Shiva, Bahamut, Ixion, Yojimbo, and Magus Sisters. These Aeons are still merged with machina). The aeons are ordered to capture Cid and his party, but not to kill them because they are needed alive. Only one Al Bhed, who is hiding at the entrance escapes, not staying around to get caught himself. This Al Bhed has no idea who Seymour is.

Seymour tells Cid to fix Vegnagun or he'll kill his crew members one at a time. Cid agrees to fix the machine, but tells Seymour it will take sometime because the machine was badly damaged. Plus, they will need parts from Spria. Cid hopes he can stall long enough, knowing his children will come to the rescue.

Back to the Present: Far Plane

Brother is ready to go fight Seymour, but Rikku stops him. She tells him that she has help fight Seymour before and that Seymour is too powerful for just them to face right now. They need more help and a plan.

Rikku then turns to the fayth and asks how he escaped Seymour (with suspicions). He tells them he's will power was stronger than Seymour's plus he had some help from an unlikely source. Lord Zaon which Rikku shows surprise.

Gippal then ask how they can help. The fayth tells them that Seymour has used the other fayths to re-create the dream Zanarkand and is hiding Vegnagun within the city.

The fayth then tells them they will need the help of a summoner and "the dream" before they can enter the dream Zanarkand. (the summoner being Yuna, and "the dream" being Tidus)

He further tells them that the summoner must find and collect the powers of the ancient aeons. That these ancient aeons cannot be found in the temples.

The fayth then tells them they need to leave that it is dangerous to stay any longer. Before fading away, he states "Seal up all the holes in the "chambers of the fayth that you can get to" and "then go to Lord Zaon".

Rikku suddenly then remembers the wedding which will be in a couple of hours or less. She recommends they leave and head for Besaid.

Back in Djose Temple:

Gippal ask Brother and Buddy to keep the Celisus close by in case Shrina and therefore Cid have use for his airship. Gippal then says he will take Cid's airship and Rikku to Besaid. Before leaving Shrina gives Gippal a prototype GunBlade.

Rikku and Gippal arrive in Besaid just as the wedding is getting started.

Besaid Island:

Yuna is in a hut with Lulu and Paine. She is pacing worried about why Rikku is late. She feels something is wrong.

Tidus is in Wakka's hut with Wakka and Kimahri. He's lounged on Wakka's bed, with Wakka is pacing acting like he's the nervous groom. Kimahri is Kimahri, standing with arms folded saying nothing.

Tidus jumps up and says it time and heads for the door, with Wakka and Kimahri following. They head to the slight rise in front of the Besaid Temple. The whole village is out and some guest had arrived to watch the High Summoner get married. Lucil and Elam, Yaibal, Clasko and Calli, Shelinda, Tromell, are all there.

The three musicians Bayra, Pukutak, Donga are there playing Yuna's theme. When the music starts, Lulu tells Yuna it's time. Paine leaves the hut first, followed by Lulu. Yuna pauses peeking out of the hut door curtain. Finally seeing Tidus, she smiles.

She walks out of the hut and toward Tidus through all the people who have formed a tunnel for her to walk through. She gets half way there when she sees the airship fly low over the temple. She continues toward Tidus when Rikku and Gippal appear. Yuna whispers to Tidus that's she been having a bad feeling all day about Rikku. Rikku is running toward her calling Yunie's name. The wedding stops at their arrival.

Rikku and Gippal join Yuna and Tidus and ask to speak with them alone. Of course, Lulu, Wakka, Kimahri, and Paine want to join them as well to find out what is going on, too. Rikku doesn't object of course. Everyone goes into the temple. Rikku and Gippal fill them all in on what has happened.

Each person has their own reaction to the news of Seymour. Except Paine who didn't know him. (She might ask, "who is Seymour")

It's agreed by all that Barali needs to be informed of what is going on. Rikku asks Paine the whereabouts of Nooj. (He's at his headquarters at Mushroom Rock) The Youth League are still hunting spheres of Spira's past. Nooj joins the party.

They then tell all the villagers and guest that the wedding will have to be temporally postponed due to a crisis. They then seal up the hole in the chamber of the fayth. As they are getting ready to leave word comes that the airship has a major problem and it will take a few days to repair it.

Saying goodbye to Wakka, Lulu, and Vidina, Rikku, Gippal, Tidus, Yuna, and Kimahri leave the village for Besaid docks to take a boat to Kilika. Kimahri decides he needs to get back to Mt. Gagazet. On the way to Kilika, the Fayth, appears to Yuna and tells her that Seymour has unleashed terrible fiends from the temples. He also tells her that she will not be able to summon him as Seymour has almost total control, it's with Lord Zaon's help that he can communicate with her.

After arriving at Kilika, they fill Dona in on what has happened, seal the chamber, then head to Luca. (There could be a side quest in Kilika at this time also.)

On the road:

From Luca they head to Bevelle via the Mi'ihen Highroad, Mushroom rock (which they stop to see Nooj is at his headquarters), the road to the moonflow, across the moonflow, to Guadosalam, through the Thunder Plains, Macalania woods (remember the Macalania temple fell into the lake and is inaccessible, destroyed) to Bevelle. Upon arriving at Bevelle they soon learn that the way to the chamber is sealed, therefore they cannot get to it (right now anyway) (fighting fiends all along the way with maybe some short side quest or mini-games).

Calm Lands:

When they get to the Calm Lands, they are greeted by Gippal's airship crew. They now have an airship. They now can fly to the Zanarkand ruins. Which Yuna and Rikku figures that where they'll find Lord Zaon, at his statue. (or they can walk through Mt. Gagazet and the airship meet them in Zanarkand.)

Also see mini-games list.


After reaching Zanarkard ruins, Tidus, Yuna, Rikku, Gippal, Paine, and Nooj head to Lord Zaon's statue. He tells them he is here to help them. Yuna learns that he is an Ancient Aeon call "Odin" and that she can summon him. He then tells the party to stand on his statue. They get teleported to Zanarkard's past over 1000 years before the war between Bevelle and Zanarkard. (Tidus is not known here either because he is a "dream")

The search is on for the other Ancient Aeons. (Zanarkard is now available for exploration for the first time ever). Along the way, they run into Shuyin and Lenne. (There should NOT be an option to change the future of Shuyin and Lenne's together.) (Visiting the other areas of Spira in the past is an option also.) Shuyin and Lenne join the party for as long as the others are there. Once they go back to their own time, Shuyin and Lenne HAVE to stay behind. (They can't do anything to change history)

(now here is a note about Zanarkard in the past storyline:

1: Zanarkard is whole, before the war with Bevelle. Only Zanarkard is open for exploration or

all of Spira is open for exploration.

2: Part of Zanarkard is destroyed, the war with Bevelle is raging on. Only Zanarkard is open of exploration or all of Spira is open for exploration.

3: Sin has not be born yet, therefore it is learned that Bevelle did use Vegnagun on part of Zanarkard as a test site for their new weapon. Yu Yevon had family in that part of Zanarkard that was destroyed. He is looking for a way to get even with Bevelle.

(Option: maybe there could be a Mystic Aeon, found only in the Dream Zanarkard which Lord Zaon can take them to. Here everyone would know Tidus and Blitzball with the Zanarkard Abes would be a must. Yuna would finally get to see Tidus' Zanarkard. Of course this would be a closed-in area. No spira. It could be a short side trip before the party has to return to their time.)

Present Time:

The party is back. Now to find Seymour and defeat him, and complete the main objectives of the game.


Luca: Blitzball (like in FFX with being able to recruit Rikku and Yuna). Would like to see a training option to were blitz players can learn new techniques like Tidus learn Jecht shot on the ship.

and sphere break (from FFX-2) sphere break doesn't need any changes. Maybe monsters can randomly drop coins of themselves as well as the normal items. Or a special skill on the sphere grid that allows the user to learn to steal the coins.

Clam lands: Open Air and Argent games, plus now there is Chocobo racing. thanks to Clasko and Cali.

Besaid Island: Gunner's Gauntlet or maybe Gunner's Gauntlet can be moved to Mt. Gagazet.