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Inside My World of Guild Wars

I know it's been awhile since I've done a blog. Well, I don't like to blog unless I want to share something that I think my friends will enjoy.:D Therefore since I'm still into Guild Wars, (stop rolling those eyes some of you:P) I thought I would give you an inside personal view of what I have been playing.;)

shewolf Nel

This is the first Character I created when I first started the game. She is a Ranger/Warrior and has a Wolf for a pet who fights along side her. Her current level is 14. This is from the Prophecies game, the first in the series. Her name is Shewolf Nel (above).

Since creating my second character, Shewolf Sonja (below), this one has become the main character I play with. She was created in the second game, Factions. She is at max lvl20 and is an Elementalist/Ranger. She has a Snow Wolf as a pet and can travel in any of the four games now. Her main magic is Fire and second in water/ice elements.

Shewolf Sonja

Both images are screen shots from the Character Creation area of the game.

guild hall

If you remember from my previous blog, my guild is 'Clan of Wolves' well this is my character standing in the Guild Hall. Only members of the guild are allowed in here.:P

Tess and Me

And finally this is Tess and me. These are our newest characters we created in Prophecies that we use to help our friends here at GS with what is called the 'pre-searing'. It's a giant of a tutorial with alots of quests. These characters are still young in levels.:)

Well, that's it. A peep into my world of Guild Wars.:D Hope to see of new faces join soon and for those just starting and needing a little help, just give a holler.:P

Till the next blog, see ya in the forums.

Keep Smiling!:D

~Shewolf aka Nel;)