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Gaming Library just got larger by three games....

Hello all!

Wow, I've added three new games to my "need to play plie" :lol:

:D Yes, I finally got a copy of Final Fantasy VII !!!!!!! Woohoo! :D it's the PC version, but who the hell cares. yay! :P

Persona 3 (PS2) and Daxter (PSP) have also joined the my library. ;)

I also got my first anime. :D Wolf's Rain all 7 disk in the series. (30eps)

All thanks to my friends Tess and her brother, Mark. :D Thanks Guys. You're the best. :)

A special thanks to Tess for my early birthday present. I love it.:D I will blog about it next month. ;)

Now finding time to play and watch these new additions. :P

Guild Wars is going good. Still having a ton of fun playing it. Hmmm, here's my current stats with my main character Shewolf Sonja:

I have played this character for 714 hours 44 minutes of the past 4 months. Across all my characters, I've played for 858 hours 19 minutes over the past 4 months.

I have died 923 times. :lol:

my current full HP/MP is Health 516, Energy 70

Well that's it for this blog.:D

See ya in the forums and keep smilin' :)

~Shewolf aka: Nel :)

[Edit: My Birthday is the 15th of November ;) ]