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Final Fantasy invades my Sims 2 game

I've taken my Sims 2 game on the PC to the next level. I created RPG Valley neigborhood. Downloaded from Sims2 website created Final Fantasy characters. Some of which are really good. I set up the Strife household with Tifa and Cloud, and yes they are wearing their outfits from Advent Children. Tidus and Yuna live down the street as does Gippal and Rikku. Still trying to get Rinoa but Squal already has the home waiting. Paine's by herself, seems no one has done Nooj yet. Just downloaded got Ashe and Aeris. There is a really good looking Locke and his counterpart. They are all in their Final Fantasy costumes.

Now I have a whole new way of playing my Sims. I listen to my music that plays through my sims radios like Linkin Park, Nickelback, Evanescence, etc. I also like to let one character in each household get their creative point all the way up. This way they can paint pictures from Final Fantasy. Some of the cheats for Sims2 is great.

If you have never played Sims2 or you have it but it got boring and your a FF fan, give playing FF through Sims. It's fun to watch Tidus talk with Cloud or to dance with Tifa.