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Bring it on 2008!

I know Christmas was just a week ago, and we're all busy playing the new games we got. In between playing those new games, we take a break to see whose doing what at GS.:D

The Year 2007 was a great year for gamers, and 2008 looks like it might be even better, especially for PS3 owners. Though don't count out Wii or 360, as I'm sure there are great games yet to be heard about.:D

I've seen and commented in several blogs now about what games are coming in 2008. Not counting the yet to be released game titles that we know nothing about yet. Here's my, "I'm excited, hope to get" list so far..........

PS3 games

Burnout Paradise

Devil May Cry 4

Last Remnant

White Knight Story

Soul Calibur IV

Wii games

Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: The Labyrinth of Lost Time

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearer

If these are released in 2008, then add:

Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy vs XIII, Star Ocean 4.

Hoping 2008 sees the release of these games in the US.

Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+

Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System

Well, that's what I'm looking forward to in 2008! If I get a 360 then add Lost Odyssey to the list. Not to mention I'd get Blue Dragon, and Eternal Sonata. Then there's still all the games in my wish list that are out, I just haven't been able to get yet.

Having said all that, guess I have to leave GS and get a great paying job to afford all this.:? Nah! just kidding! Well, I might have to get a job if I want all this, but I'm not leaving GS.;) No way, no how!:lol:

:lol:See ya in the forums, and keep smilin':D


Back to Everyday.....

First I would like to say I'm sorry to anyone, I missed posting in their blog, wishing a Merry Christmas. Just know that I was wishing you a very Merry Christmas in my heart. There was too many, to get them all.:P The ones of you who have over 100 friends, I don't see how you do it, but you probably didn't get all of them of either. So I don't feel so bad.;)

As for the "After Christmas" blogs, don't know how many of those I'll get to, either. So if I miss you, sorry.:P I'm not going to do a "Here's what I got for Christmas" blog. I will say I got 4 games and they are the top four in my "Playing now list".

Instead I want to do a little reflection:

Another Christmas as come and gone. The Decorations are all put away to await til next year.

My side of the family gets together Christmas Eve and celebrate.

The best Christmas present of all was just being with my family. We had a lot of fun. Our youngest niece, Tabitha, gave my hubby a box of rocks. The look on his face was priceless, and she just giggled liked crazy.:P (We like playing pranks on each other, mom's the best at it!:lol: ) Our (Johnny (that's the hubby) and me) nephew-in-law, Clifton, kept getting kitchen items, so we all started calling him "Mr. Mom":lol: The fun part is watching the kids open what we got them was heart warming. Again, Tabitha got all excited when she opened her CD of Avril Lavinge. Got lots of kisses for that one. Our great nephew, Gavin, wasn't feeling good, poor thing. He's 2 and was sick. Luckily, he probably won't remember this Christmas when he gets older.:(

The visit from my 1st cousin and his family was special also as it always is.:) It's a shame we only get together once a year.:(

On Johnny's side of the family we get together Christmas Evening.

Our newest littlest great niece, Jenna, is so cute, and she'll look so cute in the little outfit we got her. Our two rough neck, great nephews were a riot. Brady, Jenna's brother, with a pair of play sissors in hands, decided my back was hairy and in much need of cutting.:lol: Of course, it was just my hair, and since it hangs down my back to my butt.:P well you get the picture. There was two times, he would look at me and say, "Hey, there are two of you!" because I was walking around he would see me in one place, then in another. Remember is only 3.:lol: Brody, the other great nephew is just plain rotten, he's 3 also. With Johnny's side, the adults draw names each year. The food was great. Our niece, Cindy came in and it's always nice to see her. I had to laugh at her, she was talking about how one minute she was hot and the next cold. I asked her, "How old are you now?" She said "41" I laughed and said, "Well, dear I think you've started menopause!":lol: Had to laugh at her expression.:lol:

Anyway, I had a really good Christmas, as always.:D I hope everyone had a great Christmas too.

NOW! Time to play those games I got, but wait, shoot, I'll have to wait til the son get done with his.:lol: Maybe I can talk him into taking turns.:D Oh man! and then there's the hubby with his game wanting a turn. This might get interesting.:P:lol:

See ya in the forums and keep smilin'!:D


P.S. Back on Dec. 10th, I uploaded a music vid I did. A couple of you have already watched it. Thanks! It's 'Savin' Me' by Nickelback. I used clips from Final Fantasy XII. Give it a watch, if you want.:P

Almost Done!

Well, here I am again. I told you that December was a busy month for me.

I got most of the decorating done, but because I was sick, didn't get it all out. Just didn't feel like it this year. I'm still fighting a cough and stuffyness. It's been over two week now.:( Tomorrow is baking cookies day, and Wednesday too. Thursday is grocery shopping day, and Friday is Laundry day. Today was house cleaning day. This Saturday, my mom's nephew (my cousin) and his family are coming in from out of town to celebrate. We only get to see them once a year, but since his parents passed away, we are the closest family he has left. Luckily, his wife's family lives in the next county over from us, so they do a double when the come in.:)

Got all my shopping done expect for my mom. I will probably get her either a Wii points card or some historical romance books. All the wrapping is done, expect for three, mom's and two others that haven't come in yet.:)

I did so good this year, I bought myself an early Christmas present. I got Enchanted Arms.:P

Hubby and I got the son a PS3 for Christmas, (so woohoo! now I get to play my new game), and we also got the son, Assassin's Creed, Need For Speed: Prostreet and Madden 08.

I know one thing my mom is getting me, but I have to act surprised when I open it. We were at the store and she said, "I still need to get you one more thing. Any ideas." Well, we were standing in the videogame area. I smiled sweetly and pointed to Rouge Galaxy. WooHoo on scoring number 2.:D Well, actually if I count the son getting AC that would 3, because I want to play that one too.:P

Next week looks to be just as busy and then of course it will be Christmas. I'm behind on reading and commenting on all my dear friends blogs which I will try to get caught on tomorrow while the cookies are in the oven. Which means I'll be up and down alot, good exerise though.:P

Well I'll say bye for now, Keep Smilin' :)


Decked My Halls....

Well as you can see I decorated my Profile up for Christmas.:P

My seasonal banner even host reflections from my favorite RPG series, Final Fantasy characters.:D

I love decorating for Christmas, I start Dec. 1st and it takes me two weeks to get everything out and up.

Yes, when I deck the halls I do it big!

My Christmas Wish List includes:

PS3 (which I won't get):(

for games look at my wish list in my games section. Some I know I won't get, like FFVII, because they are no longer available.:(

There are several books on my list. A couple of movies.

But whatever my family gets me will make me happy.:)

I'm more excited about going shopping and getting presents for everyone else. Especially the kids. Their more fun to watch.

Well can't think of anything else to say, so see ya in forums and keep smilin':)

~Nel (singing, "Let it Snow")

My Gaming History

Okay this is a blog I'm been thinking about doing, but had to do a little research first plus ask questions of the family.:)

Growing up in a family who are gaming freaks was great! Of course, back in the late 60s and early 70s videogaming was still someone else dream. My parents from as long as I can remember have always played games with us kids. (there were three of us. Me being the oldest, my sister, the middle, and my brother, youngest.) Mom and Dad should have had stock in the gaming companies with the number of games they have purchased thoughout the years.:lol: Board games, card games, kids games, etc. Games like Mouse Trap, Ants in the Pants, Don't Break the Ice, Kerplunk, Battleship, Monopoly, Life, Scrabble, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Stockmarket, Name the Presidents, Trivial Pursuit (plus all the editions), Rook, Pit, Uno and Skip-Bo. To name a few. Way to many to list all of them. Regular playing cards: canasta, rummy, spades, and euchre. Needless to say, I could probably make a shorter list of games I haven't played.:lol:

The very first videogame mom and dad got was the home verison of "Pong". It was just a black box with two paddle like controllers with a round control on top that you turned to move the line up and down on the TV screen.

In October 1977, Atari advertised their Atari 2600 model. Sometime in 1978, mom and dad purchased one.

Then around 1982, the Commodore64 was purchased. It was on the C64 when I played my first rpg which was Heroes of Might and Magic.

In 1985, when Nintendo came out with the NES, Santa left one under the tree for the whole family. I hadn't been married long to hubby, and I spent quite a few days at my folks house, just to play games on this new system.

In 1997, mom and dad purchased the N64 when it came out. The following year, hubby got me one so I could stay home and play games.:lol:

Finally in 2002, I bought a PS2 for the son for Christmas. He was 11 at the time and had beening playing the older systems at Grandma's and my N64. The rest they say is history.:lol:

Now my parents own a Wii, which I will use for rpgs and hoping in the near future to get a PS3. I also have my PC, and I may breakdown and get a 360. I might just wait though and see what Mistwalkers do in the future. Blue Dragon looks great, and I played a little of the Demo in the store, but there are only two rpgs and one on the way that I'm interested in. Maybe when more rpgs come out for the 360, then I'll break.

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it...:lol:

Keep Smiling and see ya in the forums:)



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I'm thankful for all my wonderful GS friends who make coming to GS a lot of fun.

Thanks to you all.



Well, I have two new family members. The first being my great niece. She was born on November 1st weight: 8 lbs 12 ozs 22inches long. Her name is Jenna. She is my first great niece. I already had three great nephews, Brody, Brady, and Gavin.:) No, Brody and Brady are not twins. Both of my nieces were pregant at the same time, and both delivered the same day. Because of that, one was named Brody and the other nicknamed Brady, short for Brandon.

The second addition is a pretty little solid white kitty. Someone dropped her where my hubby works. She has long hair and a very fluffy tail. Since we already had a solid black male cat, whose name is Demon, yes, we name her Angel.:lol: What's funny is he is more of an angel, and she is more of a demon.:lol: They are still getting use to each other, but they are coming along.

Well, tomorrow I'll be 46 years old. Heading for that half a century mark, and will I still be playing rpgs? You bet! I won't quit playing games until my hands and eyes won't let me.:P

With the holiday season fast approaching, I'm be busy, busy, busy, but I'll make time to be on GS.

Well that's it. I haven't played Sims for over a week so nothing new to report. FFV is coming along, I just finished the with the floating landmass it in.

That's about it this time.

See ya in the forums and keep smiling.:)

Soul Nomad

I just finished a really great game. Soul Nomad and the World Eaters.

I first heard about this game from my good GS friend Larxene :P or otherwise known as Andraxal. I checked out what the game was about here at gamespot. I told my hubby about it. He and our son got the game for me as an early Birthday present. Very early. Anyway, I started playing that night.

This game is the funniest game I've ever played. I've never laughed so hard in my life at a game. The dialogue alone was worth half of what this game cost. This is the first game I have reviewed here at gamespot, so hope you read it. My review is based more on emotion, but I didn't want to get into the game too much as I would end up giving away things about it, that would be major spoilers. Let's just say, I would recommend this game to all my GS friends.

If you haven't heard of this game, then check out. I give it a 9.5 out of 10. The replay value commands it!:lol:


PS. Larxene, how about some hotpods tonight?:D


Nintendo Wii.....

Well, here I am again doing another blog on a Friday. What about the Wii? Well, my mom purchased one. She got it for my dad, who has had several strokes over the last several years. The last one being around the end of January, first of February. He is doing great since he had a pacemaker installed and had an artery in his neck cleaned out which was 90% blocked. He has a physical therapist who comes to the house three times a week. After hearing a news story on the radio, mom learned that hospital, physical therapy centers, and nursing homes are using the Wii to help older people get back into condition and with physical therapy.

Dad loves it!:D

But you know what this means? I NOW HAVE ACCESS TO A WII..........:lol:YAHOO!:lol:.......Now I have to save up some money, and I can get Zelda: Twlight Princess and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. I'm so excited. I also need to save up to get an Xbox360, oh yea. I'll wait for the PS3 to come down in price, way down, before getting it. Plus, I want to make sure I can play all my PS2 games on it first. Even though the Wii is not mine personally, I will still add what games the family gets for it in my game list, my wish list, my tracking list......:lol:

Keep Smilin':)


For those of you who haven't gotten a Wii yet, Nah, Nah, Nah Na!:P

You wouldn't believe I'm 45, would ya?:lol: But I'm young at heart!8)

Psssss, I uploaded a new vid. Check it out. Lazy Generations by the Fups using clips from NFS and Burnout games. And a new one with FFX to Far Away by Nickelback.:)

Final Fantasy Sims2 way.....

Well, I've been promising a new Blog and here it is. If you read my first blog about this then you know I downloaded from the Sims2 website, Final Fantasy Characters, from the Sims Exchange, and created my own neighborhood, just for them. Here's the lastest going ons in the Valley.

Gossip Column from RPGs Valley News.

Cloud and Tifa got married, but Tifa fears getting pregnant.:? Cloud has taken a job as a Lab Assistant. Tifa is working on her creative side by painting pictures.:D

Zell just moved into the valley. He's still single and lives next door to the Strifes. He just landed his first job as a Golf Caddy.8)

Gippal and Rikku have been married for a little bit now. Rikku is working as a campaign worker and fears getting pregnant too soon. Gippal is working as a mail-room Technician.:P

Tidus and Yuna are very happy. Married life agrees with them. Tidus supports the household by working as a Security Guard.:)

Paine got a job as Track Team Mascot. Wonder if she had to wear the Moogle costume?:lol:

Sephiroth lives with "mother". He and Jenova have jobs in the Science Career as Test Subjects. figures!:lol: They are waiting for Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz to come home soon.

Laguna and Raine have moved into together. He is ready to pop the question, but hasn't yet. Raine fears he will.:? Raine's best friend Aeris is over alot. Laguna is working as a Dish Washer in a local dive.;)

Locke and Celes are living together and are in love. I wouldn't be surprised if an engagement is in the near future. Locke is looking for job, and Celes is working on decorating the home.:)

Siefer is single and checking out the ladies.:P He and Laguna are best friends, and he hasn't found the right job yet, either.:(

Squall and Rinoa are very happy with their marriage. It started out rocky, but seems to have come around. Squall is a Recruit in the Military. Rinoa works as a Dish Washer with Laguna. Her biggest fear right now is getting pregnant.:?

Aeris and Ashe are the two newest to the Valley. They are best friends and have purchased homes next to each other. Both are still setting up their homes.:D

Well that's the lastest happening in RPG Valley. Will update again when a lot more stuffs happened. Til Then, Keep smiling.:)