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shewolf1961 Blog

I Got Tagged!

Yup! I got tagged. Thanks legend_cloud.;):lol:

Okay per the rules of this new game. I have to say 5 things about myself. Well, be prepared to be bored then.:lol:

1. I use to bite my nails! Yes, I was a nail biter!:lol:

2. let's see, hmmm........I like all kinds of music. Anything from C.lassicial to Metal Rock. Except country, most of it I can live without.

3. I like doing cross stitch, beading, well making beaded ornament covers.

4. I love winter. It's my favorite season.

5. One more thing. Aw! the pain of having to think.:P I don't like getting tagged!:lol: Does this count? No, Aw!:( hmmm.....I love living in the country. I don't like living in cities.

:twisted: Now who will I tag. I know some of you are going not me while others are saying pick me. Looks through friends list.

Ipodhero176 (Cecil)

N8A (Shadow)

emo_rocker_89 (this is my niece, she needs some friends.)

Macgyver (Mac)



There I could have done more, but I'm limited to 5.:P

OMG! I've blogged twice in one day!

Well, it's been an exciting day! and I can't believe I'm doing two blogs in one day.:lol:

First, my son deleted MSN messenger from my dino computer and when I went to re-download it, it saying I have to have an OS newer than Win98SE.:( Therefore, until I can figure that out. I'm stuck with limited time on MSN which will be following times when I'm on my other computer.

Monday - 8am to 3:30PM EST

Tuesday and Friday the same. Thursday 12PM to 3:30PM if at all.

There could be some weekends, but that's not often. Therefore, I'll be on when I'm on.

So to my two teammates (Vivi and Steiner), the time we connected today will be the best time for me right now.:)

Okay now for the real reason for a double blog.

I went shopping this evening and GOT MY PSP! WooHoo!

Went to Gamestop first, which always kills me (money wise:lol: ). Sad news, no Shadow Hearts:cry:, but they told me to check in once a week as they get it often. We'll see.:P But I didn't walk out empty handed which is one of my bad habits.:lol: Before I tell what I did walk out with, I did go ahead and pre-order Crisis Core.:D I also join gamestop so now I'll be getting GameInformer!:D

Okay for the games I got: I got myself two and the son two. I got Jeanne D'Arc for the PSP and Drakengard for the PS2. I'm going to check out Drakengard first to see if I'll like. If I don't think I will then I have 5 days to take it back. I know I'm going to like Jeanne D'Arc, I've already watched the opening. Awesome so far.:D The story has already got my attention which is a very good sign.:D

I got the son Devil May Cry, the first game. We have 2, 3, & 4, just didn't have the first one. Then I got him Soulcalibur Legends for the Wii. He's planning on pre-ordering Soulcalibur 4 and GTA4.

Then it was off to our local Walmart and that's where I got my PSP, and I couldn't help myself I also got Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Roses(Lions- corrected:P ). Now I'll get to know Ramza better.:P I didn't forget to pick up a memory stick either.:lol:

So now I'm busted. Well, I still have the money for Crisis Core, but that's it. But my pile of games to play just grew a little larger so maybe it will keep me busy until FFXIII comes out.:D

Well, that's all folks!

See ya in the forums and keep smilin'

~Shewolf aka Nel

Wii and MSN update!

Hi Everyone!

This one is too all my Wii buddies!:D

I just got SSBB and my Wi-if Brawl # is 0688-5120-5881 nickname: Nel

And this one is to anyone who is interested.:lol:

I also finally brokedown and got msn messenger going.

My id for that is

That's it for this blog!:P

See ya in the forums and keep smilin':D

~Shewolf aka Nel

Gaming Update #2

Yup, It's time I give ya'll an update.

Enchanted Arms:

I finished it!:D WooHoo! I finished at level 52 with just a little over 66 hours.:P Now with a cleared game, I can go and get all the golems and defeat the Holy Beast Shrine.:P

Some of you know, I'm not very good with doing reviews on games, so I'm not going to try.:P But I would give this game a 9.1 out of 10. I really enjoyed it. Loved the story. The characters:

Atsuma: the hero of the story: He reminded me so much of Tidus from FFX, even sounded like Tidus at times.

Toya: Atsuma's friend.

Makoto: Well, he's just funny. You'll have to play the game to see what I mean. He's different that's for sure.:P

Karin: Leading lady.

Raiger: Karin's body guard. A really cool guy. I liked him alot.:D

Yuki: She reminds me of mix of other characters. A bit of Rikku (FFX) and Yuffie (FFVII) mix with Jr.(Xenosaga) weird huh!:lol:


Still working on this one. Now that I have finished Enchanted Arms, I have vowed to finish this one before starting Rogue Galaxy.

Zelda Twlight Princess:

Still working on this one. I'm now to the point where I can change from Link to the wolf whenever I want.:D When I get to play this one, I'm having a blast.

Rogue Galaxy:

It's up next, when I finish Folklore.:D

Dragon Quest Sword:

It's up next, when I finish Zelda TP.:D

Well now on to other things. I have finally decided that as soon as I have the money saved up or when the tax return comes in, I'm going to get a PSP.:D I have tolled over this, trying to decide between the PSP and DS. The PSP won out because of several games that are coming out, I just don't want to miss out on, like FFVII: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy: Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, just to name the top three that help me with my final decision.

Well that's it for this time.

See ya in the forums and Keep Smilin' :D

~Shewolf aka Nel

Some of My Art Work

Hey, I finally decided to upload some of my art work from High School. Along with some of my doodlings. These are pencil drawings, so some may be kind of hard to see.

I've also took a picture of my only surviving painting from High School. Plus a little painting I did way back in 1977 on paper canvas.

All my drawings are from looking at pictures, but they are my own and done free hand. My doodlings are from my head. I had intention of finishing them, but then never did.:P

On to gaming news: I picked up Dragon Quest Swords for the Wii today. Once I finish Zelda TP, I'll start that one.:D


See Ya in the forums and keep smilin' :D

~Shewolf aka Nel ;)

Gaming Update #1

Hello Everyone!:D

I thought I would do a little update on the games I currently playing.

Enchanted Arms:

I'm a little over 50% thru it. So far, I'm really enjoying it. It's a good SRPG. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes SRPGs or would like to try this genre.:D

Sim2: Castaway:

Probably 3/4 done with it.:D

Zelda: Twilight Princess:

The last three nights I've gotten some serious play time on this one. I'm up to over 30 hours.:D

I'm at the point of saving the Zora Prince. Still a lot of things to do and see I'm sure. Having loads of fun with it.

Folklore: :oops:

Haven't been playing this one. All I need to do is beat the last boss. I tried a couple of times, and think I'll have to level up a bit. So maybe one day soon, I'll get back into to this. I'm just having too much fun with Enchanted Arms right now.

Well that about does it for this time.

See ya in the forums and keep smilin':D

~Shewolf aka Nel:)

Got a New Game!

I just picked up a new PC game that I'm getting ready to start.

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst.

It's a "find the hidden items" and "picture riddles"

Hey Shadow have you played this one? I know you like puzzle games.:P

Quick blog

This is a quick blog to let everyone know why my forum signatures are the way they are. This is just temporary.

Since I'm leader of a team in the SEE Team Battle Arena, I wanted to host our team's banner.:D

Once this Ultimate Hurt and Heal is over, I'm sigs will return to what they were before.:D

I will also continue my duties as officers at TFFU.:D so don't worry.:D

If you aren't a member of either of these unions or the ones I have listed above, then you should be. All these are great unions and loads of fun.:D

Anyone who would like to join in and be a mercenary, come on over to SEE and join in the fun.:D

There is also a lot of fun games going on in all these unions. The TFFU is getting ready for a new game

starting March 1st. Don't miss out.:D

Okay Teammates "To Battle!":twisted: We have teams to beat up on!:lol:

Keep smilin':D

See ya in the forums.:P

~Shewolf aka Nel :)

Random Rambling!

I can't believe a month as already gone by since my last blogging:P

Gaming update:

Still playing Zelda TP, don't get to play it as often as I would like, but I'll get it done. I had just finished and gotten past the Goron mines.

Folklore, I'm fighting the last boss. No I mean, it keeps killing me and I keep going back for more.:lol:

Started Enchanted Arms because Folk was argh! me, so needed a break from that one.:P

General Updates:

Some of you know I'm with the GGBU, and I had submitted a banner for the game profile of FFX-2. Well, I didn't make the semi-finals, so I'm sporting my hard work in my own Profile now. It's their loss, my gain.:D

I've been working really hard in the first union I ever joined after joining GS, The Final Fantasy Union. I think the union is doing great!:D We all have been working so hard to get it back on it's feet. My fellow officers and our leader are the best people to work with. Since it's my first time being an officer in any union, I'm proud to be an officer in this one.:D Thanks guys! You all make it fun and the work seem like............... WORK!:P No, just kidding, it's all WORTH it!:D I love it!:D

Well that's about it. See ya in the forums.

And keep smilin':D

~Shewolf aka Nel :D

First Impressions #1

Here's my first impressions of the new games I got for Christmas. There could be spoilers, but I'll try to limit what I say as much as possible.:D

Zelda: Twilight Princess:

I only have about 10 hours into this game so far. I don't get to play it as often as the others.:( But so far, I'm really liking it. It's true Zelda all the way. Link is as clueless as ever, but learning.:lol: What I really like about the game so far is the controllers. It's the first time I've played a game using both controller's and it is sweet with using the sword.:D So far the only disappointing thing is not having Navi to talk with or ask question's of. She just a little fairy with no purpose that I've found so far. Maybe later in the game who knows?

Sims2: Castaways:

This game is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Of course I've probably made it harder because with this first play through, I'm going it alone. I didn't create any other sims to go with me which I will on the second play through.:P The key to this game of course is survival. I spend most of the time gathering resources and food. Keeping my attributes up is no easy task either especially the socialization. I'm not going to tell you how you keep that one up. Let's just say is funny.:lol: At the beginning, it did remind of an old TV show called "Gilligan's Island".:lol: There are two main of objectives: 1 discover the secrets of the islands and 2. make it back home. You can do number 2 without doing number 1, I think, I haven't gotten that far yet, but either way I'll do #1 before #2.:D


Some of you wanted to know what this game is like. Well, it's different.:D I'm really enjoying it though. The story is a murder mystery, and I'm in chapter three. Still haven't figured it out. I'm usually pretty good at figuring things out before hand, before the answer is revealed, but this time I'm still working on the who and why part of it. The more it keeps me wondering the better.:D

The battle system is, I think, real time. It works pretty much like Devil May Cry 3, with a few differences. The new 6 axis controller plays a big part and so different from any other controller I've had my hands on. You have two playable characters, Ellen and Keats. But you can only play one at a time. You switch back and forth between them. Each revealing a little more of the story. The movie or FMV modes are short which is good. A few have voice acting, but the rest have sort of an animated comic book feel to them. That's the best way I can think of to described it.

Haven't started Enchanted Arms or Rogue Galaxy yet. My sister-in-law got Sims2 Seasons for the PC, and it's been added to my computer. I haven't gotten very far, still in summer, so it will be interesting to see winter. Maybe by then, I'll have a 'Final Fantasy Sims2 Way' update to report on.:P

I've uploaded a music vid I created using clips from FFIX to "Keep Holding On".

Well that's it for this go round.

See Ya in the forums and keep smilin':D


P.S. Anyone who would like to talk FFX meet me at TFFU: Chat Zone :D