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Hello my friends. :D

Yup! I have an addiction problem. Not to drugs or drink, but to a game.:D

Besides Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, and Xenosaga being my favorite RPG series, a new has come along and is taking over.

Thanks to my good friend Maz who talked me into getting the game, and now I'm hooked. I play at least two or more hours each night and on the weekends, well it's almost an all day event. What makes this game so awesome you wonder? Well, the story is good, the graphics are killer for an older game, and the gameplay itself is great. But all of that is shadowed by the great time I have playing it with my GS friends. Like Tess, Mark, Vincent, Mr. Valentine, Kris, and some new friends I have meet through the game itself.:D Looking forward to playing with others as soon as they get the game, like Jake, Reno, and Locke.:D

The most awesome part is once you purchase the game, the online gameplay is FREE, no monthly fees.:D

Some of you already know how addicted I've become to this game.:lol:

What game is it, some of you might be wondering? Guild Wars!

As in a prior blog I purchased a combo package which included Prophecies and Factions together. The first character I created was a ranger/warrior. I chose Ranger because they can charm animals for pets, and I wanted a wolf.:D Then in factions, I created a character that is an Elemenlist/ranger. Which turns out to be my favorite charcter at this point. My best friend Tess, got me a great deal on Eye of the North, so have that one now as well. Thanks Tess!. Now all I need is Nightfall and the new missions expansion pack.:D Then I'll be waiting for GW2 to come out.;)

I have not only a pet wolf, but I have four heroes so far, and each of them have a pet. three wolves and an eagle. :D When me and Tess quest now, our party is 16 strong. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with them all. But with eight pets, it looks like a zoo following us. :lol: (Tess has a polar bear, 2 tigers, eagle, lynx)

I, with the help of Maz, formed a guild called 'Clan of Wolves' then with Tess and Mark we have our Guild Hall, which we just added a Chest and Merchant. :D

So my GS friends, if you have this game and would like to join us, let me or Tess know.:D If you are thinking about getting it, what are you waiting for?;)

Come join the fun or re-live the fun with me and my GS pals. Maz, Tess, and Mark are officers in the guild and can invite any of you in the Clan.:D While some of you already have your own Guild. Working on forming alliances with them.

Well that's it for this blog. Then the next one, take care.:)

See ya in the forums and keep smilin' :D


Raging Creek!


Wednesday, June 4, where I live a got a really nasty little storm. Over 4 inches of rain within an hour, with wind and hail. Electric was out for over an hour.

I live under a hill, so when it rains like this, water comes off the hill in a wall sometimes down the creeks. I have two on behind my trailer and the one in this video.

The bridge is a part of my driveway. The large limb you can see laying in the driveway, I watched it hit the bridge and flip into the air and land where you can see it.

It's not often the creek rages like this, but when it does, it's pretty awesome to watch.

Mother Nature at her worst!

Keep smilin' and see ya in the forums.:D

~Shewolf aka Nel:)

Lastest Gaming and other news

Hi There my friends:D

Well, thought I would do another blog.:P

Yup! We got our rebate check. So Yesterday and Today, did a little shopping.:D


Went to Wal-mart and finally got me a hard carrying case for my PSP. Now I feel better about protecting the screen.:D

I also picked up two CDs, both Celtic music.:D One it titled Celtic Serenity which is very soft music. The other is titled Piper's Dance which is up beat and makes you tap your foot.

After leaving this store, I went to my local gamestop to see what I might pick up.:P A very good friend had suggested I find a copy of Chaos Legion. I looked at it here on GS and read his review and thought, why not, I really liked DMC and it is silimar so that's what I got. Haven't started it.:P My 'games to play' pile is getting larger.:lol: Thanks Maz for the recommendation;)

I also came across a little something that reminded of a good friend, and I couldn't resist getting it. I'm not saying 'for who' or what it is, don't want to spoil the surprise.;) but will get it in the mail tomorrow.:P


I had to go back to Wal-mart because I forgot sometime.:( but while there, I thought I would look at for a CD I wanted, but it had already sold out:( so looked at DVDs instead....pick-uped a copy of Labyrinth. I love this movie. It stars David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. Now I need to get a copy of Legend.

I was also looking for a CGI movie I had seen on HBO (watched it 3 times:P) because I wanted a copy of it too. When I told Latte about it, she offered to order it from for me and that I could pay her back. So now I have a copy of Ark coming. She also purchased a copy for herself.:P If you haven't seen it, click on the link and check it out. If you liked Final Fantasy: Spirits Within then you'll really like this movie. It may even be better.:P

Thanks Latte. The check will be in the mail tomorrow:)

And since this time my son was with me, he wanted to go to gamestop.:lol: He had just gotten GH3 a couple of nights ago:P Which he loves. He still had the b-day money from me and his daddy to spend so, in we went. He got GT5 and Fear. I had to help a bit, but what the heck. I also found two more games that was on my wishlist. So, I grabbed them. I got Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2.:D Just had to make that 'need to play' pile bigger.:lol:

Now with the son having three new games, and he's still very active with playing CoD4 online, I'll never get the PS3 to play my games:cry: Well I still have my PSP;) Still fighting FFT:WotL:P when I finish it then it's on to Jeanne A'rc :D

Well this turned out long than I thought it would, sorry:P

Til Next time, Keep Smilin' :D and see ya in the Forums.;)

~Shewolf aka Nel

A Special Thanks

I want to send a Special Thanks to a really good friend.:D

I haven't really known her long in real time, but we have become close friends in a very short time. It's still amazing how much we have in common with our likes and dislikes. Our way of thinking about life and the world around us. She is going through a really tough time right now, but is getting better.:D Most of the time she doesn't see it, but I can, so hang in there, friend.;)

What I would really like to say is Thank You for Mario Kart, Teresa (Latte428 aka Vaan), and for your friendship.:D

Once your hand heals we will have fun playing online together with both Brawl and Mario Kart.:D

I also want to thank everyone for wishing my son a Happy Birthday. He was amazed that I would first blog about it and then with all the warm wishes.:)

Well that's it for this time.:D

See ya in the forums and Keep Smilin':D

~Shewolf aka Nel

Another Birthday Boy!

Yup! I'm celebrating another Birthday in my Blog today.

My son is 17 today. Man, I feel old.:P

Some of you may remember him when he was active at GS. SKakaStreetKing. At SEE he was known as Squall to many of you and was a part of the 1st winning Team in SEE Team Battles. Jenova Witnesses lead by Starnerd67 who at the time was Kadaj but is now Zack;)

So what has he been going since leaving GS? Working with his dad and Uncle. Playing his games on the PS3 he got for Christmas.

He finished Assassin's Creed and a few others. He's currently been playing Call of Duty 4 online a lot, and is working on GTA4. If you play CoD4 online and have seen GammerPro, then that's my boy.;)

That's about it for an update on him. He's doing good and loves his new puppy which I blogged about.:P

Happy Birthday Son! I love you.:D

Well that's it for this one.

See Ya in the forums and keep smilin':D

~Shewolf aka. Nel.:)

British Fuzzy Pant.....Part 1

Greeting my friends to a very special blog.:D

I wish to talk a little about someone who I've known here at GS for about a year now. Throughout this past year, I have gotten to know him really well. He has become a very dear friend to me. We have been through a lot together. Well, Sunday, May 11th is a very Special day for him:D

:lol::P:D;)Happy Birthday Jake;):D:P:lol:

I'm not going to say how old you are, we'll leave everyone wondering about that one;)

For those of you who don't know S_Jake: He's a very funny guy, and fun to talk to. Especially at MSN, where we have a blast.;)

I first time I met Jake was not at GS but at another website. Please take a look at where our friendship started:D Click Here

Everyone join me in wishing my dear friend a Happy Birthday.:D

British Fuzzy Pants-Part 2


I want to formally Thank darkcloud6 for the awesome banner he made and let me have for my profile. Thanks Balither it is totally awesome.:D

Well that is for this time.

Keep Smilin' and see ya in the forums:D

~Shewolf aka Nel;)

Finally got my emblem......

I logged on today and got a very cool surprise. I got my 'artist genius emblem'. WooHoo! finally.:P

So now two game profile's sport a banner I made for them:D How cool is that?:D

If you would like to see them, here are the links to the two that made.

Enchanted Arms PS3

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

I want to thank all those at GGBU and other friends who supported me. A Special thanks to StanleyL, Rohver, Carstairs, and G_Max, and to Macgyver and capedbear for your words of encouragement. And Congratulation's to all the winners.:D

Now I have to get working on more.;)

I'm sorry I haven't been as active lately. This past month has been very tiring. But hopefully I'm past all that and will be more active. I have so much to catch up on. Especially in TFFU.:D I'm back Cecil. So after your done with your test. Get ready.;) Thanks Shadow for taking up the lack for me.:D

I also want to thank four special people for listening to me and allowing me into their lives at MSN. Thanks Latte, Jake, Mazzy and Angelbless. Friends forever.:D And Darkcloud glad to have you at MSN too.;)

To all my friends. I'm sorry if I've missed your blogs. I'll try to get to them soon.:D

Well that about covers everything right now.

So see ya in the forums and keep smilin'

~Shewolf aka Nel:)

New Addition to my Family

Hi there my friends,

Well I got some great news I wanted to share with you. Like the title says, my son had added a little one to our family.:D Now that some of you have your mouths hanging opening.....hehehe......I'm not a grandma yet. :lol:

He finally got to bring home his new puppy. Some of you may remember when I blogged we lost our beloved "Beast". He was part rot and part lab and lived to be 15 year olds. He had lived a full happy life. But life so on. In his younger days, Beast had gotten out of the fenced in area on occasion. During a couple of these times, he had well, let's just say, his bloodline didn't died out.:P

Now having said that. This puppies mama is a little brown terrier type mutt, and the one everyone thought was the daddy of all the puppies is a small white terrier type mutt also. The day arrived and the puppies were born. All of them, looked like their dad, white and all females. All but one little puppy. The only male in the litter. What made him stand out? He doesn't look like either parents, which means yes, another daddy is in the mix.:P Now is it an offspring from Beast, we will never know for sure, because there have been other Rots in the neighborhood, but this puppy has already shown signs that Beast did as a puppy. Son and puppy already have very strong bond.

My son instantly fell in love with this little pup, because the puppy is the spittin' image of our Beast. And yup, the puppy has been named "Little Beastie".:D

Here's three pictures of our "Little Beastie":D

little beastie2

little beastie 1

little beastie3

That's it this time! See Ya in the Forums:D

Keep Smilin':D

~Shewolf aka Nel :)

Gaming update #3

Okay time for my Gaming update blog............

But first what do you think of my new banner I made.:D I also have three banners in the Semi-finals at GGBU.:P Enchanted Arms, Chocobo Mystery Dungeons and Dissidia: Final Fantasy.:D I hope they get chosen.:)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Finished it! Love it. Now will replay it to get a 100%.:D I'm so glad this game made me purchase a PSP.:P

I haven't played FFVII but I know alot about it from what I have read and watched. I'm glad though that I played CC first. I was really surprised by a lot of things in the story and I was drawn into this story no differently than in any other FF game.

I loved the characters, Zack and Angeal being at the top. Sephiroth was a total surprise to me. I liked him. And Genesis well he's strange, but it's weird, I could almost relate to him in a way. He reminds of something, I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe someone else will feel the same way and know what I'm talking about.:D

I've even already downloaded all the cutscenes onto my computer.:D

Zelda: Twilight Princess

Still playing it.:P I can't find the time to get this one done. Whenever I'm around the Wii and can play, I'm playing Brawl instead.:lol:

Super Smash Brother's Brawl

I'm loving this online play. It's all I've played of it so far. I played last night with Locke and Chris. I want to say thanks guys. I had a ball. I didn't win and they beat my butt off bad, but I still had a blast.:lol: I've played a couple of times with Angelbless and he beats me up too.:P But we have tons of fun. Thanks to everyone who has let me play with them. This includes you two also, Celes and Reno.:D

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

I've just started this game. Took me three days to figure out how to set up a party.:P I know, I know, I should have read the manual, but didn't.:lol: I kept going into the first battle with just Ramza and getting killed of course.:P Thanks to a hint Shadow gave me, I soon realize what a dummy I was.:lol: It's okay to laugh, I did. I was beginning to think the developers were sadist. Until I realize, I'm the one who needs "FF for Dummies".:lol: Anyway, I going with it now.:D Therefore I'm not very far yet, so I don't even have any first impressions yet.:P

Well that's for this gaming update.:D

Keep Smilin' and see ya in the forums,

~Shewolf aka Nel:)

The last 48 hours

Some of you know and some may be wondering where I've been for the last 48 hours. Well, I was sick.:( I caught a virus that came with a nice little temp. Today, I feel fine.:D I made myself check in on a couple of things within that 48 hours, but that was all I did. Now I'm going be doing 'catch up' on all my unions and friends blogs.:( It's amazing how far behind you can get with everything that is going on here at GS in just two days.:?

1. I will be catching up on everything at TFFU first. Since this is my main union of interest it's gets top priority.:D

2. I've been keeping track of the Colossuem battle at FFFansU. Couldn't let my team mates down.:P

3. Then I really need to get a tut finish I started setting up in DIT which is another union I'm really interested in.:D

4. Then it will be all my friends blogs and other unions I'm with. If I miss a blog, I'm sorry. I will try very hard not to miss anyone, but I won't make promises. Wish there were more hours in a day.:P

5. As for being tagged. Sorry the tagging stops here!:( If you really want to know more about me, then check out the friendship ring at TFFU.:P

I have played Crisis Core alot. The first day of my illness, I slept more than anything, but yesterday, I made up for lost time on this game. I have over 30 hours, and I'm finding the game very good. Not sure I like the KH battle system in an FF game, but I'm coping. The story, of course, it the high point, and it is really engaging.:)

Apirl 1st is coming up quickly which may see me not online for 24 hours periods at a time. I have a denial appointment, and will get some teeth pulled. I'm finally at that age and stage in life, that unfortunately, I'm going to have to get false teeth.:oops: The uppers anyway. So I'll be going through a series of denial appointments to see this through. The problem for me is that I've been on a blood thinner for 16 years, so no common denist will touch me. I have to go through a specialist (oral surgeon) in order to have my teeth removed.:cry: Which of course cost more.:evil: But that's the beast of the animal. Luckily, the first tooth to go will be the one I chipped that has been giving me the most problems. Anyway, the next month you'll see me come and go.

Well, that's about it. I think I've told more than 5 things about myself.:lol: And I'm not tagging anyone else.:D

Take Care my friends and see ya in the forums.

Keep Smilin':D

~Shewolf aka Nel :)