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22 years....

Well, today is mine and hubby's 22nd wedding Anniversary. 25th is coming up fast. It been great so far!:)

We got married Sept. 10th 1985.

Also wanted to let my friends know something. So this is more of an FYI blog.

This is my basic schedule for the week as to my computer use.

I have two computers, one at home (laptop), and one at my parents (desktop).

The one at home is old. Still using Win98 on the thing. Plus still using dial-up, yep, it's a dinoasaur. I'm on it at night and on the weekends.

During the week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during the daylight hours, I'm at my folks house, I get to surf at high speed. That computer is on DSL, and the O/S is WinXP Pro. with Windows Media Center. I upgraded the graphic card in it to do music videos. So it's a much better computer.

So why don't I have it at home instead, well, my brother and I were trying to start an online business which failed after two or three years of hard work. My computer and his are Networked together along with my dad's computer and we all share the DSL with a wireless router system. It doesn't cost me anything as my dad pays for the DSL, so I deceided to leave that computer where it is for now. Plus it gives me something to do when I'm up there and when I'm not helping my mom out. I also have all my genealogy on that computer (20 years worth of hard work), and I do lookups for people for the county I live in. All my resources are stored at my folks because I don't have room for it all in my house.

My dad has had a couple of strokes in the past few years the lastest being within the 6 months. He doesn't get around very good. My brother and his family moved in to help them out.

Yes, we are a close family and will do anything for each other. I just wanted everyone to understand that on my dinoasaur computer, it won't let me do certain things on Gamespot, so I have a delay getting to certain things and sending responses. Like comments on blogs. I don't have any trouble with PMs or posting to forums though, so I'm lucky there.

I'm done boring ya now. :lol: