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shewolf1961 Blog

Okay What Gives?

E3 has come and gone. Everyone has gotten their emblems but ME :twisted:

Well I did get the Sony Emblem but then it disappeared. What's up with that?

I watch all three news conferences here at GS and I guess 'glitchspot' doesn't want me to have them :(

Anyone know who I would complain too?

I didn't get day 1 if they had one. I got day 2. Day 3 is okay because I didn't watch on that day.

Just had to say something.

Keep smiling (though it's sometimes hard) ;)


Almost back :)

Wow!!!!! It's been a while.

I'm sure some of you thought I fell off the face of the Earth. Well in a way I did. :lol: Guild Wars aside (which had me hook, line, and sinker), before Christmas a house became available. What I assumed would be a simple matter turned into a three month nightmare and waiting game. Do I pack or not pack? Is the house ours or not? What's the hold up? Argh! a true nightmare. Didn't know if I was coming or going.:? Finally, we got the house and since I refused to pack another box until the papers where signed, sealed and delivered, it then became a mad rush.

See I had two weeks to get the house painted and cleaned, stuff moved in, all before May 4th. Now the old place is ours and we can take our time going through and getting the rest of the stuff. The rush was due to a friend from England coming to visit. Some of you may remember him. S_Jake aka Ark.

Yes, Jake is here, staying in my house. He got here on May 4th :) and leaves on May 21st. :( We are having a great time. Latte428 aka Tess came to visit as well. She came down on May 7th and left on May 12th. We got to celebrate, sort of, Jake's Birthday which was May 11th. :) Here's a picture of the three of together.

joy, jake, and tess

Yes, I took them to a cemetery. :lol: but if you see the view behind us you can see why. ;)

Here's a pic of Jake and I ;)

jake and I

We've been having a blast shopping, talking, and playing games of course. That when I can pry the DS out of his hands :lol: Teaching him how to play Eurche, Spades, Uno, and Skip Bo. We took him shooting this morning. Still need to set up the dart board and play a game of darts before he leaves.

Well you can see why I haven't been around lately. Hopefully in the very near future I'll be back in full force. I miss everyone, and have missed so many blogs. I'll have a lot of catching up to. :)

Til Then Keep smiling :D

Shewolf aka Nel ;)

Another Birthday happenin'...........

Okay Everyone! Another November Birthday is here, and it's my best friend Tess this time. :D

Today is her day!

~~Happy Birthday~~

birthday kitty


I meet this dear lady through a mutual friend, and we just hit it off. There isn't a day that goes by we don't talk to each other. She's always there when I need her to listen to me. As I hope I'm there for her. I can't wait to meet her in the spring. :D 

So everyone join me in wishing this lady with a big heart, a happy birthday. :D

So let the celebration began! :D

See ya in the forums and keep smilin' ;)

~Shewolf aka Nel :)

As promised....November 15th

Hi Everyone,

Well as I promised in my last blog, I said I would blog for my birthday and show you all what my best friend Tess sent me. :D Thanks again Tess, I love it.

Here's what she sent me. ;) (well not this one exactly, but one just like it!)


YES! it's Vincent........Love those eyes.........:D

My Birthday is just another day of the year to me. Just a reminder of how old I am getting. I'm a 27 year old trapped in a 47 year old body. :lol: I quit celebrating my birthday a long time ago. I wouldn't be doing this blog, if I hadn't said I would. ;)

But I'm excited that I share either the month of November with some really nice people or we have the Scorpion in common. 

Isn't that right, Maz, Jamal, Jeff, Michael, and Tess.:P

We should start a Scorpion Club. :lol:

Anyway, I'm out of here. Keep smilin'! :)

See ya in the forums :)

~Shewolf aka Nel :)

P.S. for those of you who are daring and have a strong stomach, here's a link to a picture of myself. Don't say I didn't warn you. :lol: me

Gaming Library just got larger by three games....

Hello all!

Wow, I've added three new games to my "need to play plie" :lol:

:D Yes, I finally got a copy of Final Fantasy VII !!!!!!! Woohoo! :D it's the PC version, but who the hell cares. yay! :P

Persona 3 (PS2) and Daxter (PSP) have also joined the my library. ;)

I also got my first anime. :D Wolf's Rain all 7 disk in the series. (30eps)

All thanks to my friends Tess and her brother, Mark. :D Thanks Guys. You're the best. :)

A special thanks to Tess for my early birthday present. I love it.:D I will blog about it next month. ;)

Now finding time to play and watch these new additions. :P

Guild Wars is going good. Still having a ton of fun playing it. Hmmm, here's my current stats with my main character Shewolf Sonja:

I have played this character for 714 hours 44 minutes of the past 4 months. Across all my characters, I've played for 858 hours 19 minutes over the past 4 months.

I have died 923 times. :lol:

my current full HP/MP is Health 516, Energy 70

Well that's it for this blog.:D

See ya in the forums and keep smilin' :)

~Shewolf aka: Nel :)

[Edit: My Birthday is the 15th of November ;) ]

It's almost over.......

Hello my friends,

I started an epic journey in 1997 and finally the end is near. Wow, 11 years of stops and goes, waiting to continue my journey that started in the Westland region of the New World. So what journey could I be talking about you may be wondering? Well, some of you have also taken this journey or like me nearing the end of it. While others have never heard of it, or some might just be beginning their own journey. So what exactly am I talking about? Well.....

***The Sword of Truth series***

by Terry Goodkind

image 1

Sometime in 1997, while in a bookstore, (my home away from home;) ) I came across this title Blood of the Fold. Picking it up and reading the back of the book and looking just inside the jacket, I seen it was the third book in a series called The Sword of Truth. I was in luck that the bookstore was still carrying both the 1st book Wizard's First Rule and the 2nd book Stone of Tears. I purchased all three that day.

I embarked on my journey with Richard Cypher and his grandfather Zeddicus Zu'l Zornader (otherwise known as simply 'Zedd'). Along the way the main characters in which the story is created around become known: Kahlan, Nathan, Anne, Addie, Cara, Nicci, Chase, Emperor Jagang to name a few plus a host of secondary characters. While the story is about Richard and Kahlan, my favorite character is Cara. I really like her attitude.;)

Year of release:

Wizard's first Rule, 1995; Stone of Tears, 1996; Blood of the Fold, 1997; Temple of the Winds, 1998; Soul of the Fire, 1999; Faith of the Fallen, 2001; The Pillars of Creation, 2001; Naked Empire, 2003; Chainfire, 2005; Phantom, 2006 and finally...

image 2

November 2007 hardcover

newly released in paperback 2008.

Since I started this series in paperback form, the wait between each book was extended, of course.:P In 2001, Debt of Bones was released as a prequel to the series which is the story of Zedd that gives a little more about Zedd's background.

Two long years of waiting to see how this story will end, and now I'm on the brink of learning all the answers. Another exciting event will be starting Nov. 1st The Legend of the Seeker...

[BURBANK, Calif. Disney & ABC Domestic Television is bringing a new first-run, live-action weekly series to the syndication marketplace for a Fall 2008 launch, it was announced today by Janice Marinelli, president, Disney's & ABC Domestic Television. From Executive Producer Sam Raimi ("Spider-Man," "Spider-Man 2," "Spider-Man 3" and "The Evil Dead"), the one-hour weekly series is based on Terry Goodkind's bestselling epic fantasy series The Sword of Truth...] source: Terry Goodkinds website.

This new TV series (22 eps.) will cover Wizard's First Rule. I'm hoping they do the book justice, and since Terry Goodkind had his hands in the making of the series, I'm more hopeful it will be good.:)

Want to learn more? then check out these websites.:D

Terry Goodkind Official Website

Wikipedia: Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind

Legend of the Seeker: TV series

So what is next after I finish this series you may wonder? The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan which was recommended by my good friend Nate ;)

If you like fantasy books, I highly recommend this series, but be warned a couple of the books in the middle can be hard to get through and has turned many away from the series. :( I suggest though you push through them as the story does pick back up and is worth the effort.:)

Now I'm going back to "Confessor" ;)

Keep smilin' :D and see ya in the forums :P

~Shewolf aka Nel :)

What am I playing now...........?

Ha! got ya. :lol: You thought I was done with Guild Wars didn't ya.;) Well, I'm over half way done. The first two games are complete, Prophecies and Factions. Working on Nightfall now, then finally Eye of the North.:D

Here's a few more images for your enjoyment.:P

Kurzicks side

This is the inside of Kurzick de House. Yes, my guild sided with the Vampires.:P Anyone who knows me, knows I love vampires.;) as well as Wolves.

GW pets

Oooo what's this? Well one of my heroes now has the exclusive pet, The Phoenix.:D Which I was able to get after completing Factions. yay! got one!

The next two pictures are my newest and was taken yesterday evening as my team entered a new area of the game. It's in EotN, we were playing in this area, because it was bonus weekend, and we earned double EotN points.;)

The area is Riven Earth and it is just beautiful.

waterfall in Riven Earth area

EotN GW River Earth

on the home front: Dad is doing good. I have my power back. So life is good.:D

Hope you enjoyed. Til next time, keep smilin':D

~Shewolf aka Nel :)

When the Winds came.......

Some of you may have noticed I've been absent for the last three days. Well, it's been kind of a mess around here since Sunday evening.

A close friend asked me, "Are you worried about hurricane Ike?" I laughingly said, "Nope, I live to far inland." Well, mother nature decided I needed a lesson.:?

So Sunday, here came what was left of Ike in the form a topical storm, category 1 and it went ripping through here, in Kentucky and Indiana leaving one hell of a mess.:(

My electricity when out around 4:30pm EST and as of writing this blog, it's still out.:cry:

I had been sitting in the dark for three nights, with no phone, no hot water, and no ice. The only contact I had outside my home started Monday evening when my husband got home from work, and I used his cell phone. I called my good friend Tess to let her know what was going on and that I was okay. Was able to call my family (who lives on the hill above me) to make sure everyone up there was okay. Trees were down everywhere. Still not sure what all damage was done in the area, but at least my place nettled in the holler is okay.:)

My power line is down behind my home from a tree taking it out. Everyone else around us has their power back but because the electric company didn't know about mine and my brother-in-laws place, and since we are only two houses, we have gotten rotated to the bottom of the list.

At last report they have around 10,000 more consumers to get power too. Yesterday they got around 19,000. Over 400 electrical poles snapped in half and don't know how many lines were down. But hoping they get to us today. I've heard they compared the damage to the 1974 tornadoes that ripped through this area back then. Back then we had over 170 tornadoes hit Kentucky and Indiana.:? I still remember it like it was yesterday.

My niece's in-laws have a tree in their house now.:? Luckily, no one was hurt.

Anyway, that's why I wasn't here and I'm okay.:D

See ya in the forums. Keep smilin':)

~Shewolf aka Nel ;)

That was a close call....

Well I'm breathing a sigh of relief. Monday (Aug. 25th) my dad was very pale and weak. We called EMS and they took him to the hospital. After spending over 4 hours in ER, we were told his hemoglobin was 5 out of 14. Meaning he was bleeding internal. Turns out he had an ucler in his stomach that started bleeding pretty bad. They gave him some medicine to stop it, and then did a transfusion of blood. By the next morning he was doing better. Had nice color and was even joking some. He should be able to come back home before the end of the week.

He's still weak of course, and since his last stroke, he's been total care. So this was a set back we didn't need but we'll get through it. If we hadn't taken him when we did, we would have lost him. So for the last several days, I haven't been as active, only doing the hangman game I'm running in TFFU, otherwise not doing much else. I will continue to be semi-active until things get back to normal around here.

I would like to thank my close friends who have been there for me. Jake, Reno, and Nate. Thanks guys for your support and thanks for the offer to donate blood in my dad's name, Nate.:D You are so sweet. A special thanks to my best friend, Tess who is always there for me. *hugs*

Just wanted to let ya'all know what was going on. And don't miss out on my prior blog if you haven't seen it yet.;)

Sorry for blogging again so soon.

Keep Smilin' :)

See ya in the forums again soon:D

~Shewolf aka Nel

Inside My World of Guild Wars

I know it's been awhile since I've done a blog. Well, I don't like to blog unless I want to share something that I think my friends will enjoy.:D Therefore since I'm still into Guild Wars, (stop rolling those eyes some of you:P) I thought I would give you an inside personal view of what I have been playing.;)

shewolf Nel

This is the first Character I created when I first started the game. She is a Ranger/Warrior and has a Wolf for a pet who fights along side her. Her current level is 14. This is from the Prophecies game, the first in the series. Her name is Shewolf Nel (above).

Since creating my second character, Shewolf Sonja (below), this one has become the main character I play with. She was created in the second game, Factions. She is at max lvl20 and is an Elementalist/Ranger. She has a Snow Wolf as a pet and can travel in any of the four games now. Her main magic is Fire and second in water/ice elements.

Shewolf Sonja

Both images are screen shots from the Character Creation area of the game.

guild hall

If you remember from my previous blog, my guild is 'Clan of Wolves' well this is my character standing in the Guild Hall. Only members of the guild are allowed in here.:P

Tess and Me

And finally this is Tess and me. These are our newest characters we created in Prophecies that we use to help our friends here at GS with what is called the 'pre-searing'. It's a giant of a tutorial with alots of quests. These characters are still young in levels.:)

Well, that's it. A peep into my world of Guild Wars.:D Hope to see of new faces join soon and for those just starting and needing a little help, just give a holler.:P

Till the next blog, see ya in the forums.

Keep Smiling!:D

~Shewolf aka Nel;)