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Overall Gamespot Forum Community

Just gotta say there are way too many super sensitive people here at Gamespot posting in the forums. That is the nice way of putting it as I would really much rather say way too many cry baby sissies whom report you for every little thing. Please people grow up & act like you got a pair!!!

Suspended Again............

I just got off my 2nd suspension here at Gamespot. Twice I have used the word Fanboy & been unable to post for 7 days. They gotta be suspending over 100 member on a daily basis as Fanboy is contantly used in the forums. My exact message was, " Hey man, don't listen to this fanboy." I was being nice to a new member, yet I get suspended. Gamespot to me has gotten so strict, I'm getting modded for every little thing as if there is some little kid always there ready to tell on me. Sometimes I do go over the line, but most of the time it's really nothing. It's a joke & I'm currently working on moving elsewhere.

Usiing All Caps

I don't use caps very often, but I seen a guy get modded for doing it Today. Apparently they think using all caps is just the same as yelling. Yeah it is just the same except no noise is made.

Who wrote the book on this sissy crap? Oh my god you wrote all caps & yelled at me.

A Lot Of Poor Drivers In DIRT 2...........

I've been doing the majority of my online gaming in DIRT 2, great game & I really enjoy it. Now this might be the same with all racing games, however Dirt is the only one I've thoroughly invested time in the MP. There are way too many overly aggressive drivers. I mean these guys hardly ever use the break & if they get up behind you will step on it into a turn with absolutely no chance of making it themselves just to hit you. Have any of you spent $60 on a racing game knowing that you suck at it just to hit over cars & consistenly finish at the end of the pack??? I got nothing against some bumping & banging, it is off road racing, but come on there is still a limit. These guys must be having as much fun as those games whom do Team Killing in shooters, you know them people they suck so bad at the game that the only kills their ever going to get is that of their own team. My only guess is that these are kids with parents whom blindly buy them games as surely no grown man like myself with responsiblities is dropping $60 a pop for that kind of an experience.

Finally I Got An Upgrade To My Internet Speed!!!

Fast internet speed is hard to come by when you live out in the country like I do. I've been for so long now gaming & working with just 3.0 MB/s download speed, which to most here is ungodly slow. I would have to agree & have been in the waiting & hoping game that maybe my ISP would eventually upgrade the services available around here. Well all that hoping paid of a couple of weeks ago when they emailed me that 2 higher grade options were now available. Of course I chose the highest & I gotta say, WOW! Most all most likely used to what I got now or better, but us folk out here aren't. I now have been with a download speed between 9.5 & 11.5 MB/s. Sweet.

Dirt 2!!!

DIRT 2 is the best Off-Road Racing game ever. I expected it to be great, but never near perfection. If you have even the slightest bit of interest in off road racing, play Dirt 2!!! Good Gaming!!!

Broke 63,000 On My Gamer Score

I broke 63,000 on my gamer score Today, seemed like it took a really long time to get there after surpassing 62,000. Pushed it over with Call Of Duty World At War which I've been trying to play back through on Veteran difficulty. Veteran difficulty on this game has gotten me about as close as I've ever been to breaking a controller. The only thing that makes it really annoying is that they have it set up as if each enemy soldier is walking around packing 50+ grenades. I mean there have been moments where I literally spent a couple minutes just running back & forth tossing grenades back, yeah you want to make it harder but my god not stupid.

Bought Wolfenstein & Then Now Batman Arkum Asylum

I bought Wolfenstein last week after I had canceled a preorder & decided to pick up used. Don't care much for the Multiplayer yet really enjoying the Single Player Campaign. After reading reveiw of Batman Arkum Asylum I couldn't help myself when I seen it at the store Today. Going to have finish & then sell Wolfenstein before Dirt 2 releases. I also bought & downloaded Shadow Complex, however haven't even started on it yet. A lot of gaming to do, with even more to come.

I Bought Call Of Juarez, NCAA 10, But Then Sold Both...........

I found Call Of Juarez Bound In Blood used for $25 & bought NCAA 10 brand new for $56. I thought Bound In Blood was pretty good from what I played of it, I had a hard time with each quick draw I played. However, if you don't get lucky & find it cheap like I did I wouldn't recommend anything but renting it. NCAA 10 is really good, I love all the improvements & extras included, was really having a blast playing it.

Well I had been wanting to get one of those Activity Gyms & Bouncer for my little boy, but could never find any of the ones I wanted in my price range. I was down at the store & noticed that both of the one's I wanted were on sale for 3 days only. Well crap I had already burned my spending money on video games. So I ended up going home & selling both of the games I just bought. I lost $13 on NCAA 10, but made $18 with COJ. Anyways, I guess I'll just have to rent those 2 sometime as my boy is way more important than some games & being able to watch him in that bouncer is 100 times more enjoyable than any video game I could have bought to play.


I've already started trying to build up hype for this game, looks & sounds spectacular in every way. Of course it doesn't release until next year, but so does a lot of games being hyped all the time. So I got a blog & I've already put a pic of it in my Sig. If you haven't already check out HOMEFRONT!!!

Also has everyone seen that they are going to put Quake Arena on XBLA? Sweet!!!