About shawn7324

I'm a former hardcore gamer. I still play, but I stick with being one console generation behind as it is cheaper this way. Like I said I still play myself, but I play a lot of games with my son whom is 6 years old. We haven't had much luck though with co op games he can play easily but we have had several that we have enjoyed. Were pretty much down to the expensive PS3 co op games that we want like Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Were about to start playing Disney Universe, Cartoon Network Punch Explosion XL, and Ratchet & Clank All For One. I really wish still had our Xbox 360 (died} instead for many reasons. Better kids games selection is first reason. Also games are cheaper, the same game most times for PS3 is $4 to $5 higher than Xbox 360. Last reason is I have never been much for Call of Duty, but rather into Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. Well their are still large amount of online players for these older games of the series on Xbox and as for PS3 its usually dead.