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First Week

Have we met yet? Hi, my name's Shaun McInnis. I'm the new guy around these parts. As far as job titles go, you can call me the Community Coordinator, but I much prefer to go by... Community Coordinator. Okay, so I've yet to think of a catchy alternate title for my new job. Can you blame me? It's only been a week.

But what a week it's been! I'll admit there were some nerves on the first day. Despite coming over from another pretty well-known gaming site, I was completely awe-struck by the size of the GameSpot offices. It felt a bit like that first day of high school when you show up to a huge new place and don't know a single person. But everyone I've met this week has been incredibly kind and welcoming, and more than willing to answer any and all questions I've had. The exception to that being the office's afternoon Mario Kart break where anything remotely resembling mercy is thrown out the window in favor of trash-talking and generous amounts of post-victory gloating. But really -- is Mario Kart meant to be played any other way?

I'm really excited to see what the upcoming weeks and months will offer. Most of my time this week has been spent familiarizing myself with the site's community aspects like the forums, blogs and chats, but soon we're going to be entering tournament season. The Community team's job is to make sure these events offer as much excitement as physically possible, while still making sure everything flows as smoothly as can be. I'm ready to jump in and do just that.

Well, I should probably get going. In the next few days I'll be sure to offer up a few thoughts on the game I've been playing the most lately, Skate. And after that? Who knows! Tournament reports, office banter, casserole recipes... we'll find out soon enough. Thanks for reading!