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Win some headphones!

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Hello, friends! I have this pair of Call of Duty: Ghosts headphones that I don't really need. Would you like to own them? Great!

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Let's have a little contest. I want you to post the funniest or most adorable animated GIF of a dog you can find on the Internet. You don't have to create it yourself; just find a great dog GIF and post it in the comments below. Tomorrow (November 8) at 2pm Pacific is the deadline. At that point I'll pick the winner and send them the headphones.

Here are some rules...

1. You have to be in the United States. Sorry! Shipping is just too expensive to send these headphones internationally.

2. You have to post the GIF so that it is visible in the comments, no links.

And finally, here's a how-to guide on how to embed images into comments

Okay, I think that probably does it. Have fun!

UPDATE: I'm going to start accepting external links, because our comment system is being really random about who can embed images and who can't. Sorry for the hassle, everyone!