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Hello there, long time no see. Just a quick message to everyone who still has me on their friends list.

Giant Bomb totally exploded, and I made an account there.

I will be posting stuff there from now on. I havn't posted here in ages, but I came back to see if anyone was making accounts and such. I have added those of you that I found have made profiles. Those who I havn't added, add me. So yeah, this is nothing more than a needy guy looking for friends post, I feel so dirty... =P

I Guess This Is Goodbye Then

For the longest time I have been looking for a reason to move from GameSpot to, but it just made no sense. My friends were here, I had a laugh with the unions, and I liked to blog (though that has gone downhill recently). After all of this "Gerstman-Gate" fiasco, however, I think it's finally time.

See, I have been listening to the 1UP Network Podcasts for ages, and loving them. They make me laugh, they provide good, honest opinions and above all, I still respect them. The HotSpot is still funny, but not in a way that these podcasts are. In the same way I grew to know the different editors of GS, I have begun to recognise the familiar voices over at 1UP.

As such, this is goodbye. I am cancelling my subscription, and leaving this account here to wallow in the mound of blogs, reviews and forum posts that I have dedicated to it. I am taking my caravan and following the dusty trail over to

If anyone ever joins me, or is perhaps already there, my username is Shasam (YAY! No 712!). Although I may check this account from time to time to see comments, friends blogs and updates, the majority of my future in online game perusing is going to be done at 1UP.

It's been real, and for that I thank you, but for the last time...

Sam "Shasam712" Earl, Gamerscore - 40048.

See you around, GameSpot ol' buddy.

Rock Band DLC, the "It'll rock your socks" edition

I am in a half conscious state while writing this, this list has kind of knocked me for six. Without further ado, I present to thee, Rock Band Downloadable Content.

The Police pack:
"Synchronicity II"
"Can't Stand Losing You"

Queens of the Stone Age pack:
"3s and 7s"
"Sick Sick Sick"
"Little Sister"

Metallica pack:
Three or six songs, none announced yet

Black Sabbath pack:
"N.I.B." (cover)
"Sweet Leaf" (cover)
"War Pigs" (cover)

David Bowie pack:
"Moonage Dream"
"Queen B***h"

Punk pack:
"Ever Fallen in Love" by Buzzcocks (cover)
"I Fought the Law" by The Clash
"Rockaway Beach" by The Ramones

Single Songs:
"Fortunate Son" by Credence Clearwater Revival
"Juke Box Hero" by Foreigner
"My Sharona" by The Knack
"Cherry Bomb" by The Runaways
"Bang a Gong" by T-Rex
"Joker and the Thief" by Wolfmother
"Brass in a Pocket" by Pretenders
"My Iron Lung" by Radiohead
"Buddy Holly" by Weezer

I feel like I should be typing something like "Awsome" or "Rad", or whatever buzz words are cool these days, followed by a random combination of !'s, 1's, the words one, eleven and onehundredandeleven, and maybe a two for good measure, but I can't be bothered. I don't dance to your tune internets! Unless you tell me things like this news, then I'm all yours.

PS, no word on pricing or in what order these are going to be released, but I would bet good money that the packs cost the same as the Guitar Hero ones. I just hope they price single songs slightly less.

I'm talking about Rock Band again...

I know that by this point I sound like a broken record, continuously babbling on about this single game, but to be honest there's nothing else that's just around the corner which is exciting me this much. My excitement reached a peak earlier this week as they announced the remaining songs from the "main set list". In short, I'm a 70's music freak and I'm getting my fix whilst having to deal with too much Fall Out Boy (which is, by the way, any Fall Out Boy).

It's a bit disappointing that there're only 58 songs on the disc. I know that sounds like splitting hairs, such as complaining about the number of maps in shooters and such, but I was hoping for just a few more. I suppose that with Rock Band having so much (alleged ) DLC coming so regularly they have saved a few surprises for that, or at least hope so.

Despite all of that though, I still hold the Rock Band list leagues above the Guitar Hero III List. I know a lot of people don't agree with that, but it all comes down to taste. You can't really argue with peoples taste, but most of us will give it a try. As previously mentioned, I love the 70's when it comes to music, and the 13 70's songs in Rock Band are generally pretty awsome. It also helps that The Who are my favourite band of all time and Rock Band comes with lashings of them.

It's still a long way off though, over here in the UK. Guitar Hero III, however, is right around the corner. 20 days, I can't wait. I have been playing the demo a lot and generally like it, but there are a few weird Hammer On/Pull Off issues which come from the way they decide which notes should or shouldn't be HOs/POs. Apart from that the game play seems great, but the character models are some of the ugliest models I have ever seen and the loading screens have changed from sometimes hilarious lessons in rock to random fabricated quotes that take those rock lessons from the previous games and put them in a the mouth of a band member. At the moment, those loading screens are not doing it for me.

That's pretty much all I came to talk about, although I am really excited for COD4 next week and then Mass Effect shortly after. It's also good to have done a blog for this thing, it's been a while. On a parting note, a few random bands I want for Rock Band DLC, most of these aren't huge hits or anything but they are a few of my more recent favourite songs that I think would be awsome.

Biffy Clyro
The Cribs
The Darkness
Kings of Leon
...and most importantly, any Dragonforce, I know GHIII has Through The Fire and Flames, but Rock Band needs their stuff more, because drums and vocals are fun too Red Octane.

With that, I'm done.

TimeSplitters 4!

It's finally official. After a few rumours and speculation over what Free Radical would be doing after Haze is released later this year, they have gone and confirmed that they are indeed working on the 4th TimeSplitters game.

I have talked about this before...a lot, but TS2 is my favourite game of all time. I have played it to death and could still go and play it some more now. The third one was great, though it didn't top 2, and with the 4th now officially on it's way I am going to hyped from now until it comes out.

So, keeping this short and sweet, I can't wait. The TimeSplitters gameplay, comedy, aesthetic, I love everything about those games. Here's hoping that this one's great and comes to the 360! Also, the fact that the can blatantly parody Halo so soon after it's release is fantastic, wonder how long they were planning that one for.

Always Greener on the Other Side?

How much do I want this game? The answer to that would be more than any other SingStar game ever, as they usually provide a mix of legendary songs, god awful poppy tunes and songs that just don't fit with the title of that particular installment. My point being, this is the best track list for a SingStar game I have ever seen, and it's only in the US!

Ironic? That the series that has prospered in PAL territories now sees what I would consider it's best track list in the US. Can I move just for this game?

Maybe I'll just wait for Rock Band, that's going to be just as good, and more songs too. I am back to Uni next week, which means work and, more importantly, money. Expect me to ramble on about Halo 3 and Skate for a long, long time. Next week is going to be sweet.

Who's responsible for this!?!?!?!

Who the hell made the decision to take Clive Winston out of Guitar Hero 3??? I want to meet them and beat them over the head with a stick of rock...

He's my character, and I always thought he was one of the more popular ones. I am not a happy bunny.

The Calm Before the Storm

At the minute it's all doom and gloom for Rock Band. The release for AU and the EU seems to be up in the air (unlike you lucky North Americans, damn you :P), Guitar Hero 3 is actually doing a good job of beating Harmonix over the head with their track list and the price of the game is flying up and down like nobody's business.

I am hoping that this is just a phase we're passing through and that later this month or next, hopefully around PAX time, Harmonix are going to unleash hell with a really good track list, some great downloadable content and confirm price and release world wide. At the minute, Guitar Hero 3 is looking like a really good option because they have some absolutely amazing tracks.

Either way, I'm getting both, so I don't have to arduous task of choosing which is better. I am still pulling for Rock Band, for the drum factor, but I will definitely have to get GH3 for some of those songs. RCHP's, Maiden, QOTSA and Dragonforce F.T.W!

In other news, Sonic Rush is the best Sonic game ever, My Chemical Romance is GH2 absolutely rule, the Bioshock demo was one of the best demos ever and I need that game now. I have no money till next month but I have nothing to buy so it's all good. GRAW 2 is great, god knows why I am playing it now and not when I bought it, I finished the R6V story on the realistic difficulty and I have finally started the Splinter Cell story, rounding out the Ubisoft Trilogy. I can't wait for the next 3 months...

Rock Band Wins.

Just the other day it wasn't this clear cut, but now it's obvious. Rock Band is going to absolutely pummel Guitar Hero 3. Maybe not in sales, as GH3 will still sell, but in popularity and (and this a tentative prediction) review scores it definitely will. Like night and day, the differences are obvious, and Rock Band has become an essential purchase, while GH3 has fallen in to the "I'll buy it if the songs are good" category.

This E3, Guitar Hero announces that it has Slash as a playable character and "boss". Fair enough I guess, each to their own, but the thought off playing a bunch of covers as Slash is a little weird. I much prefer to original characters. That was effectively their E3, they announced a couple more songs, Rock You Like A Hurricane was new I think, and Welcome To The Jungle. Rock Band has overshadowed that by a long way.

  1. Rock Band is going to have downloadable songs every single week from the day it launches
  2. They have set up a "Rock Council" to help them pick which songs to go in the game.
  3. The confirmed Metallica - Enter Sandman for the game and hinted at more songs by them.
  4. The downloadable content comes as single songs, song packs, and entire albums from artists. The first of which is going to be The Who - Who's Next. if Metallica wasn't enough to get every metal-nerd on the planet excited, but the way their DLC is lining up makes Guitar Hero 2's look like a joke. Plus, THE WHO! I love The Who...who doesn't, and that album is good, and it will be great for Rock Band. I can say I will definitely be downloading that, even if it does mean giving them another £10...or whatever it ends up costing.

Rock Band has proven that it has more over Guitar Hero than simply drums and singing, but the fact that it has support for the GH2 360 guitar means I can buy the game with the drum kit and still be able to play Rhythm, Bass, Lead and Drums, even if I will probably buy the Strat too. This also doesn't mean that I'm not going to buy GH3, because I will, but for me the winner has already been decided. Rock Band F!T!W!