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dora's last name tales of xillia ect.

wow i never knew dora the explorers last name until i happend to see the very first episode again while watching the kids. all of you can make a guess and i'll put the answer at the bottom of the journal.

as for tales of xillia besides the first 2 main characters Jude mathis drawn by fujishima and Milla maxwell by inomata they have added 2 more characters already.
alvin drawn by fujishima and leia rolando drawn by inomata.

hopefully we'll get at least 4 more characters since this is the first game in the series to do a dual lead and party split. though since alvin is likely to leave the party duh cuz he's gonna betray em i'm hoping we get 9/10 characters to even the parties out and allow at least some organization.

so far all thats known about the characters is the base weapons they use and special abilities.

jude is a fighter like senel with his special ability being that he can back step then teleport behind the enemy

milla is a swordsman but also since she's a spirit she has earth water fire and wind spells. her special is that she can turn off casting time for magic and turn them into regular attacks

alvin is a medium sized thicker sword user maybe a broad sword? and his special is lame since all he can do is charge his weapon like karol in vesperia whoopdidoo

leia uses a melee staff and her special is that it can grow to twice its length which basically means she can hit almost all the enemies on the field XD. and it will gain more reach the higher her level.hello my grade farming character

so far the only info story wise i've been able to piece together from screenshots cutscenes and character descrips is that milla is investigating the mass quanity of spirit deaths at a military research lab building and jude just happend to hear the explosion there so he offers to help her since he's a busibody. they find the weird enemies dressed kinda like team magma/rocket and chase them out of the royal city il fan sry i can't spell it right of ru rondo where they fight them and pwn them easily in a cutscene then TUTORIAL FIGHT TUTORIAL FIGHT. where they team up and use the link mode which is where you both go into overlimit and team attack together the enemy using something similiar to burst artes only they use 2 characters to activate and requires different characters for each one so far. from what i saw you need jude and milla to use one and milla and alvin to use another.

from there they leave the city he's training to be a doctor in and head to the first forest or whatever dungeon. jude obviously doesn't care about missingfinals or anything so i hope he's rich. there you pick up alvin who is a traveling mercinary that joins the party (come on bamco you already pulled that in symphonia at least try to be less obvious. you might as well have him wear a t-shirt that says not a villain) and they head to the military research base. jude looks up to the guy as a big brother obviously since he imitates the way alvin stands. may i also mention alvin is a badass looking guy much more badass than jude but the ascot totally ruins his design in my opinion. there they run into the first villain and i don't know what happens after that but they end up heading to judes home town next where leia joins up with the party since they decide to stop in town and help judes parents who run the only clinic. leia judes child hood friend who also trains to be a nurse (seriously jude this girl obviously want to jump you stop being so oblivious) while running her parents in as the beautiful mascot (sounds like yukiko frm p4) tells him that theres some weird disease thats making everyone sick and his parents can't cure it without some plot related item from a cave. so they leave the very beautiful town with a moon that looks like its about to fall out of the sky and stars out during the day time and head towards the cave. and thats the last screenshots they gave. i'm excited for the next batch of characters and such since the game looks great so far besides the squiggles and jaggles all over the screen.

as for graces bamco still hasn't updated yet but they did make an official website page at least. though theres nothing on it other than the logo for graces on a white game case with rp on it. they haven't even announced what system graces is coming here on so i'm highly suspicious they are planning a wii port with the extra content and using nintendo to pay for its localization. either that or ms for a 360 version but why the hell would they go to the trouble of making a 360 version just for the us when they already have a ps3 and wii version of the game there? also can't wait to find out who the va's will be.

now for the answer to the first question

apparently dora's last name is marquez. funny how they never say it ever again

review for p3 get ready its a very long one

first of all this game is not for you if you don't like boring repetitive gameplay.
and i mean super repetitive cuz you have to climb a tower that has over 200 plus floors and fight every stupid monster along the way.

first off the voice acting. besides the main stupid character who only does idiotic shouting and grunting noises during battle the voice cast for this game is well above average. unlike p4 p3 has a well known and likable cast and a much better script. none of the voices come off as overly excited or aren't emoting properly. there are few if any voices if any in this game that will make you want to mute the tv or want to change the language.

now we move on the main dish game battle mechanics. the most notably biggest weakness of this game are it battle mechanics. when you enter a battle you are only able to control the main character and the rest of your party are stuck on auto pilot. this is a fatal flaw for the game since you can only issue some commands to your party but you can't control what they do in battle. this game is plagued by the most stupid and worst ai. the battle system has nine elements to exploit ice wind lightning fire are the basic 4 elements then theres light and dark which are much rarer. then theres physical attack elements slash for sword knives hammers ect piercing for bullets and arrows and strike for punches. each enemy on each floor will always possess a single weakness which can be a blessing or a curse depending on whether you have a persona that has that move. sometimes you'll only be helping the enemy though like for example mitsuru always ALWAYS uses ice moves to attack with unless you set the team to bum rush the enemy. even if they heal the enemy she always uses that type of move to attack. the ai in this gmae can kill your chance at victory. your party members are complete and total idiots 70% of the time in battle and rarely feel like healing you or other party members. lucky for us the game devs give you plume of dusk which you can choose to use to revive your character otherwise if you character is ko'd during battle its game over baby and have to start where you last saved.
now on to persona XD

persona are monsters that you catch fuze and equip throughout the game. basically its like pokemon. gotta catch'em all XD. each persona will usually only learn one elemental attack at the start of the game. persona can olny hold 4 moves at a time and will learn more as they level up. like pokemon they only level up if they were in battle unless you have the move equipped where they gain exp outside of battle :P. the only thing to hate about persona is that you cant really control what moves they learn and when they learn a new move they will randomly delete one of their other moves if they have 4 already. which means lets say your persona already has one fire spell agi one attack move bash a healing move and a atk stat booster. you leveled him up and now he wants to learn a new move. you have no idea what this new move does but decide to teach him it anyway. sadly he deletes his fire spell for a useless move like a fear inducer. now you've lost the only element atk you had and you'll have to go and get your persona again. luckily every time to get a persona you can register them with elizabeth (she's such a god send) and can re synthesize it the way it was when you registerd it last.

The dungeon you have to climb tarturus is next DX.
your best and only option is to level up as you climb through the massive tower of hell tarturus which going to drive you crazy with teh constant interuptions like your characters getting tired and you have to leave and go to sleep. or the games strongest boss death the grim reaper coming with little warning (you'll hear chains draging when he approches but sadly the games annoying as hell music usually covers it up DX) and you either have to get off the floor your on go back to the entrance or your screwed cuz if he catched ya and your not above level 70 your dead. you have to climb to the top to beat the game sadly and you can only climb so high before your forced to turn back since they lock floors until you get further along in the game making the task even more difficult. once every few floors theres a floor boss who's usually pretty easy to defeat. after you defeat him you can claim the golden treasure chest which has something nice for ya and theres an elevator you can activate which you can use to return to the floor you on any other elevator you've activated and the first floor. which is a god send since the floors change everytime you leave the dungeon except for the ones with elevators and it would be a huge pain to have to climb all the way back to where you left off. the floor designs and monsters that run about change once in a while some nice and some that drive you crazy with the god awful color schemes (disco floor uggh my eyes they burn) but their not as bad as say the bgm which is up next :).

ok now for the bgm. there are only 18 pieces of music for the game that you get on a lovely cd when you purchase XD (thanks atlus) but they are only used during certain parts of the game and in certain areas/situations. the battle theme is usually whatever the bgm is in the area your in with the exception of the final battle which is a sorta remix of the op. the op and ending remains where it is and you sadly wont hear it in game though if you did it's probably make you hate it. the bgm is contantly playing on a loop in whatever area you are in and will drive you nuts to the point you mute the tv after a while since you will spend lots of time in each of them. the second bgm on the disc aria of the soul will only be in the velvet room joyfully since its the longest bgm. you will spend quite a large ammount of time there making and fusing persona or doing side quests for elizabeth (she's just a true god send for this game) and the large nosed egor who's always helping out he's like the cid of persona series (cid is a character in the final fantasy series game that helps you out) by fuzing persona for ya.

the game is fun to a certain extent but all the boss battles besides the grim reaper and the final boss are patheically easy to beat some only take 4 turns and thats with your stupid party members. i wouldn't reccomend this game to you if this is your first one out of the series. you should try p4 first since its a little easier to play and gives you control of your party members. the reason why i gave it a 5 was because the social links are annoying since most of the characters you wont even like so why should i have to build atalk with them? they could of made much better npc's to talk with. and the battle system was pretty bad and persona are akward to train without a proper guide for the game. their main components for the game and were very difficult ot use without a guide.

there is something far worse than naruto getting cancelled

according to the ann (anime news network)

disney has purchased the license for naruto shippuuden and will be airing it on disney XD starting next month. it is sure to be edited to hell and they might probably fire all the original va's and replace them with their own DX.
may god have mercy upon our pitiful souls

wow snowed in at work/super smash brothers brawl out tomarrow

woohoo its gonna be out tomarrow


the only problem is theres nowhere to get it at since all the stores are closed due to the blizzard.

oh well I guess I'll just have to wait :cry:

also we got prettymuch snowed in at walmart and we closed at 7.

almost everyone called off and I'm so calling off tomarrow.

pic of the dayPlease Take Back Navi

omg i totally agree with his pic lol

annoying fairy

ems ems ems ems Listen

DX they need a kill switch on the fairy

only like 5 days till the kca polls are open for avatar

Remember to vote for avatar the last airbbender. we need to beat the sh!t out of that evil gay sponge this year.

We must prevail if were lucky people will be too distracted with super smash brothers brawl to vote.

we must use it to our advantage.

meanwhile randomness of this video equals epic win

Random Avatar Clips by dooickouski

Azula she's freaky and she knows it

OMG HEADBAND turbonick SPOILERS dont read if yur watching the ep friday SPOILERS

Katara and aang danced and the moves were perfect Cerography sp?

they make a pretty cute couple but that girl that had the bf i think suits him better XD

Aang now has a new ship YAY lol

Zuko and mai were all lovey dovey until azula interupted them mai seemed pi$$ed XD scary

:| Zuko hired theassassin with the weird tatoowho like iroh didn't say a word

Once again I'm mad no ty lee at all in this ep :cry::cry::cry::cry:

I can't believe that so many kids look like aang. One of them had green eyes :shock:

I guess they have a few from the collonies besides aang. I wonder what mai's and ty lee's houses look like since their loaded XD Plus Mai has the place to her self which means if she invites zuko over .... evil thoughts muhahahah

I swear their not having iroh and the assassin talk ot save money augggghhh

Also loved all the unique character designs they had. In older eps they never bothered to draw different faces so this was SUPER COOL They made this ep with a DON XD

This ep shoulda been the first one


no good eps of naruto onepiece or bleach missed code lyoko avatar dissapointed

Avatar season 3 ep one i'll give a 4/10 It could of been better. Katara once again was on her period yay 4 her. I like the I never leave anyone behind katara better. Aangs a mini zuko yay

azula was slipped truth serum

mai kissed zuko yay for maiko

ty lee and iroh were not in this whole ep :cry:

toph had few lines and was treated as a side character same ofr sokka

and the serphent just conviently appeared to save them when they had supposedly travelled far away from there.

no good eps of naruto for at least until halloween i think

bleach has a filler today

onepiece finally restarts the 29th yay

missed codelyoko not like it matters i'll just catch it on youtube on wednesday