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Strike is OVER!

I am so excited! That means Gossip Girl is coming back soon!

10 days until the one year anniversary of the O.C. =(

Endurance: I watched it on Saturday Night, and green won again. Ugh Blue needs to pull out a victory or they are going home!


Endurance: Fiji

So, this weekend the brand new season of Endurance came on (in Fiji) and it was amazing. I love Will, Leslie, Hannah, and Caleb.I hate Cinnoman (THANNK GAWD SHES GONE).

Briana looks like a wannabe cealey. there will only be one cealey, as there will only be one nicole.


This Week on TV

hey everyone, here's my take on this week's shows. (SPOILERS BELOW)


Rock of Love- Bret chose Jes! Heather was better for him. Whatever they deserve each other.


The Hills- Elodie got Heidi back! Haha. Lauren & Brody are cute together. Just get together =)


nothing onn =)


ANTM- Kimberly went home. Bianca should of. I hope her hair gets shaved off next episode.

Gossip Girl- I HATE BLAIR! That was SO mean to do to Serena, but it was cute how they made up at the end.

Newport Harbor- Amazing. Chase was stupid not to go to college, though. BRING THIS BACK FOR A SECOND SEASON, MTV. Way better than Laguna Beach, IMO.


hmm. the o.c. is SUPPOSED to be on now. =(


Friday Night Lights- AMAZING =) so glad they brought it back.

It's Finally Here!

Okay, so I've been slacking. Here's the California Girls Pilot (if you need a refresher on the characters, just go to my previous blog post:

Scene: Scans over Huntington Beach, California. Ends on Huntington Beach Day School, where Cristina, Lindi, Zoe, Rachel, and Crystal are having lunch.

Cristina: I'm so excited for Homecoming tonight!

Lindi: Ugh, don't remind me, I have too much to do today.

Zoe: That comes with the territory of being student body president.

( Melenie and Paige approach the table )

Melenie: Hey girls. Lindi, we have some planning to do for tonight.

Lindi: Oh, yeah, sorry Mel, I forgot. Catch up with you guys later.

( Exit Melenie, Paige, and Lindi )

Crystal: I'm gonna go to the nurse, I'm not feeling well.

Rachel: Crys, you CAN'T miss the homecoming dance. You're going with Luke, aka the best boyfriend in the earth! Unless...

(Cuts off Rachel) Cristina: Nothings wrong between you too, right?

Crystal: Yes, EVERYTHING's fine with us, with me, I'm going to go home, take a nap, and I'll meet you guys at Paige's house for tonight.

Rachel: Whats her deal?

( Cuts to main office where Jazmin is sitting )

Jazmin: Hi, I'm Jazmin, I'm just moved here from Laguna.

Melissa: Hey, I'm Melissa, I'm a student aide in the office. And, I'll be your shadow today.

Jazmin: Cool, so do you like it around here?

Melissa: Uh...I get by.

Jazmin: So I heard homecoming was tonight, are you going.

Melissa: Sadly, yes, I'm treasurer on the student counsel and it's mandatory that I go. You should come too.

Jazmin: I don't have a ticket or a dress.

Melissa: I can get you a ticket, and you can borrow one of my dresses, people like me around here. (bumps into Girl)

Girl: Watch it freak!

Jazmin: Like you?

Melissa: Tolerate me.

(Cuts to store, Cloud9Clothing, where Tatiana and Lana are trying on dresses)

Tatiana: Do you like this one? ( Twirls in dress )

Lana: This wasn't worth skipping school for. All these dresses are the same, and ugly.

Tatiana: Lana, I want to impress Luke. I can't impress Luke in somefreshmen dress. I'm a sophmore now. I want Luke to know I'm more mature.

Lana: Look, Luke's a junior, and your still like a child to him, and he has a girlfriend, Crystal, remember?

Tatiana: Crystal's nothing compared to me.

( Cuts to Melenie's house. Paige & Her are getting ready for homecoming )

Paige: Melenie, you look great!

Melenie: You too, P. I just realized, this is our chance.

Paige: Our chance?

Melenie: To change our image.

Paige: How would we do that? Come in a revealing dress?

Melenie: No. I broke into my dad's drinking cabinet.

Paige: Mel, if were caught, we'll get expelled.

Melenie: The better the rep, then.

(Cuts to homecoming)

Cristina: Oh my gawd, Lindi, it looks amazing.

Lindi: Thanks, Cris.

John Andrew: There's my beautiful girlfriend (hugs Lindi)

Luke: Where's Crystal?

Cristina: She should be here soon.

Lindi: John, want to dance?

John: I'd love to.

( Cuts to Melenie & Paige with some senior guys completly drunk )

Melenie: This is way better than the dance.

Paige: And being good.

Mrs. Randolf: What is going on here? (senior guys run away)

Melenie: Uh-Oh.

Mrs. Randolf: My office. Now.

(cuts to Lindi & John)

John: Have I ever told you that I love you?

Lindi: Yes, you tell me every day.

John: And what do you say?

Lindi: I love you, too.

(Crystal enters wearing sweats)

Lindi: Crystal, your not dressed!

John: Yeah, Crys, Luke was looking for you.

Crystal: Oh, well I'm not staying, I just really need to talk to Lindi.

John: I get the hint.

( exit John while Crystal whispers in Lindi's ear )

(Cuts to Cristina sleeping and the phone rings)

Cristina: Hello?

( cuts to black and you hear sobbing )

Next episode of California Girls : COMING SOON !

Gossip Girl - You Know You Loved It

So, the premiere of Gossip Girl was this week. & I LOVED IT!!! Not as much as the O.C., but that's my passion. I liked it. I've read the books, and it was different, but that's okay with me. I like Serena/Dan relationship, and Idislike Blair. I don't know why, I just do. What were your thoughts?

P.S. I just got it on iTunes =)

Pilot Episode : Coming Soon !

original: The pilot episode for 'California Girls' is coming soon. By Friday!

edit// Hey guys.. I'm so sorry it's not up yet =( I've been busy. I promise I will put it up at least by Saturday night.

California Girls

Hi. I have decided to make a mini-series in my blog that you guys can read every week. If it is a success, I will continue it, If it's not, I won't. It's called California Girls, and it's like The O.C, but it's different. It's scripted and a drama. It take's place in Huntington Beach, California. Comment if you like the idea : )

Show Summary

Everyone in Huntington Beach has the perfect life, until a horrible tradgedy occurs which breaks up friendships, relationships, and leaves the people with the so-called perfect lives picking up the pieces and discovering who they really are.

Character Summaries

LindiThomas (16)- Beautiful, smart, and determined, Lindi seems she has the perfect life. She's class president, is madly in love with her boyfriend, John Andrew, and has the best friends a girl could ask for- Cristina, Zoe, Crystal, and Rachel. But, her life is not picture perfect underneath the surface.

Cristina Nelson (16)- The sweetheart of the town and loyal best friend to Lindi, she has it all, but, she notices Lindi isn't the same and would do anything to keep their picture-perfect clique together.

Jazmin Reed (16)- The new girl everyone hates, she is determined to make people like her and her best friend Melissa.

Melissa McGregor (16)- She's one of the smartest girls in the school, but her life is far from perfect. After she befriends the outgoing Jazmin, this once shy girl is going to be popular.

Crystal Cole (16)- Everyone looks up to her, because she's the dictionary definition of perfect. She has the best friends, the best boyfriend (Luke), and everything else she could want. But, this girl is going to do something drastic to change life in Huntington Beach for the better.

Zoe Woodend (16)- She's shy, beautiful, and reserved which makes everyone question if she has something to hide.

Rachel O'Neil (16)- She's loud, in your face, and knows everything about everyone.

Melanie Corkin (16)- This good girl and her best friend, Paige, want to reform their images to prove they're more than just the girl next door.

Paige Daniels (16)-She's spoiled and manipulating, but somehow she's regarded as the good girl. Her and her best friend, Melanie, want to change their images to be known as completly different people.

Layne Tree (16)- She's not girlie like most girls in Huntington Beach, and wants it to be known. Layne's more underground than most.

Dawn Clifford (16)- Huntington Beach's own activist, she's nice to every animal there is, but not nice to the 'popular' girls in the school.

John Andrew Sheppard (16)- He's the typical perfect Californian boy, he's popular, and everyone thinks he's the perfect boyfriend to his girlfriend, Lindi, but what happens when he's starts going down the wrong path?

Luke De (16)- He's a good guy, best friend of John Andrew, and boyfriend of Crystal, he has everything going for him...until something changes his life forever.

Matt Jones (16)- He hangs out with Layne and isn't on the radar of the popular girls. Even thoughhe has a huge crush on Lindi.

Tatiana Nelson (15)- Only a sophmore, she's Huntington Beach's resident bad girl who treats her best friend, Lana, horribly and wants everyone else's boyfriend.

Lana Collins (15)- Tatiana's smart and timid best friend, she often has to make amends for Tatiana.

Longtime, No Update

Wow. I have been on here a couple times the course of the summer, but I totally forgot about the whole blog thing. Well here'smy opinion on the summer tv scene. IT SUCKS. I can't wait until the fall when brand new shows and episodes come (i'm especially looking forward to gossip girl). But, this is the first year where there will be no O.C. coming back on :( I am very sad. But, I have been thinking lately that TV was a whole lot better in it's good old days. when saved by the bell, boy meets world, and my personal favorite rugrats were on :) now its just stupid shows. there are some exceptions of course (like degrassi or antm) but whatever. i barely watch tv anymore.

comment loves.

xo ss4ex3

TV is Going DH.

TV is going downhill. I'm sorry but seriously. WHY IS HANNAH MONTANA #7 ON THE MOST POPULAR SHOWS ON TV.COM. It's stupid. People have majorly lowered their standards on intelligent TV and saying that being 'DUMB' is the best. Comments.
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