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Oshiro Miwa

here is the latest signature i made. i'm currently using it and really like it. it's nothing too fancy, just a simple photo manip that wasn't that hard.

My New Dog, Hunter

this is my new dog, Hunter.

he's a black and tan chihuahua and he's 4 months old. we got him on April Fool's day.

when we got him he was 2 lbs. and now he's just over 3 lbs.

(the first picture makes him look like a ghost...i have no idea why it turned out like this)

My Personal Wrestling Mission Statement (Please Read!)

Recently on the ROH forum there was a letter from a forumite that was featured in 411 or another wrestling website, but I'm pretty sure it was 411. This person inspired me to write this and get his message out to anyone that can read this.

Before reading ahead, please answer these questions: (Please write down your answers in your post)

1) Do you like ECW?

2) When did you become a fan of ECW? (i.e. During it's run? After it was over? Recently because of One Night Stand? etc.)

*Note* Please answer honestly. For example: I didn't become a real fan of ECW until a couple years ago with the Rise and Fall of ECW dvd.

3) Do you wish ECW would have stayed alive?

4) If you had the chance now to go see an ECW show, would you go?

Ok thank you for answering those honestly.

Did you know that ECW was around for almost 8 years? Today it is considered one of the most innovative promotions ever and is revered by fans and fans alike. ECW is more popular these last 2 or 3 years because of several wonderful documentaries based on it. Let me restate that..."ECW is more popular NOW than it was when it was still alive." What do you think of that?

I bet many of you wish you could have been at One Night Stand. Or at the very last ppv, Guilty as Charged, to see the very last match ever in ECW, RVD vs. Jerry Lynn. Or when Shane Douglas threw down the NWA title belt and proclaimed himself the Extreme Championship Wrestling world champion. Or when New Jack almost killed Mass Transit. Or when Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko put on one of the best series of matches ever.

Well what I'm trying to say is this: If you have the chance to see an independent show, do it. Right now, one independent promotion is better than the WWE and TNA combined. I'm talking about Ring of Honor. Recently a WWEv member said this about ROH: "A crappy indy fed with crappy storylines, crappy "wrestlers" and matches in front of a 200 people crowd in a high school gym," doesn't that sound close minded? I happen to know this member is a Kurt Angle fan. Obviously since he said the beforementioned comment, I'm sure he hasn't ever heard of Bryan Danielson. I'm sure he never will unless he goes to WWE or TNA. Well let's say Bryan Danielson doesn't go to WWE or TNA ever, then that person has missed out on one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the world (and since he's young, he'll probably be considered the greatest wrestler of all time by the time he retires), but that person won't ever know why.

I know I sound like a broken record all the time, along with several other members, talking about ROH all the time and praising it for being amazing. But it's because we are out there experiencing new promotions that we really do get a general sense of where wrestling is today and how WWE is behind in it's ways. The WWE style wrestler is outdated, the idea that "gimmicks" get you over is old fashioned. Promotions like ROH that give the fans real wrestling AND entertainment at the same time are the future. Now I know some of you watch WWE for the Entertainment like backstage stuff and promos and skits, but it's not like ROH, PWG, CZW, Chikara, etc. doesn't have that stuff. And if you would be willing to read why I consider any comedy thing Colt Cabana does from "Good Times, Great Memories" to his list of "People I want to have a 3 way with" is better than anything Entertainment-wise that the WWE or TNA puts on, then you would understand too.

In about 3 weeks I will be travelling to Chicago to see my first ROH shows. I've never been more excited about anything in my life before. ROH just had there 4th year anniversary. 4 years....that's half of the lifespan of ECW. What if ROH went out of business in a month? Won't you get into ROH like most people have with ECW since it went out of business. What if there was an ROH: One Night Stand? What if you became a fan and a diehard lover of ROH in a few years? Won't you be ticked off that when you had the chance to see this itty bitty independent promotion or had the chance to buy one of their dvds while the company was still alive, you didn't because of the stereotypes of independent shows or non-WWE wrestling.

So please, I beg of you. Go out of your way to find out if there are any wrestling shows (national or independent) and take a chance and go see them! Even if every match is terrible, at least you can say you were there. Is experiencing one night of seeing wrestling live worse than staying home on a Saturday and talking about wrestling on the internet?

Here is a good source for finding out what wrestling is in your area.

I hope I changed your view a little bit.

For anyone that cares, here is what inspired me.

Let me start off by making this statement:

If you live in the tri-state area (PA, NJ, NY), own a car, have $15 dollars in your wallet and call yourself a pro wrestling fan, then you should have been at this show. I cannot possibly think of a reason why anyone fitting the above description wouldn't be there.

Every week, I read posts on the internet with people b****ing about the WWE. Wether it be the exploitation of Eddie Guerrero, the asinine storylines, the Chris Masters-quality ringwork and the complete disrespect of the cruiserweight division, everybody has some smack to talk about the WWE...and I agree with them. But, how many of these "pro wrestling" fans actually take the time to watch one of the DOZENS of top quality indy promotions in this country? The answer: Not nearly enough of them.

I have a friend named Mike that I have to practically BEG to spend 15 measly bucks to buy himself an ROH ticket, with a free ride and no expectation to contribute any gas money. More often than not, he has some excuse on why he can't take the time out of his busy day (end sarcasm) to go see a pro wrestling show. Bear in mind that if this was a Smackdown house show at the Wachovia Arena, his ass would be waiting out in the snow for two hours just to get a decent seat. So, one day, I put the following question to him: "How many ECW shows have you been to?". I don't remember his exact answer, but it was either one or none. I then asked "Do you regret not going?", to which he enthusiastically responded "Yeah man...I wish they were still around". To this, I could only shake my head.

Maybe ECW still would be around if people like Mike supported them when they needed it. Sure, it's easy to call yourself an ECW fan now that there's only one ppv a year, promoted by the WWE, and featuring wrestlers that have a multi-million dollar media marketing campaign behind them, but where the hell were you from 1994 to 2001? Did you stay away because, at the time, you never heard of guys like Chris Beniot, Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam, Yoshihiro Tajiri and Taz? Did you stay away because you don't think you can enjoy a pro wrestling show unless storylines are force fed to you twice a week with skits where the wrestlers kiss the promoters bare ass or have simulated sex with a dead body? Or, more likely, did you stay away because it's much easier to sit behind a keyboard and whine about the state of the WWF/E than it is to get in your car and go see something better?

Ring Of Honor just celebrated it's fourth birthday with a hell of a great show. I sat in the second row with my fiance, surrounded by a bunch of awesome fans who wanted nothing more than to see a great show and to shoot the breeze with some other fans. There were no signs blocking my view of the ring. There were no 20 minute promos from the promoter or his son-in-law. There was no pyro or t-shirt cannons or goofballs trying to sell me cotton candy in the middle of a match. What was there, however, was eleven awesome matches featuring wrestlers who give a damn about the quality of their work, who weren't held back by a promoter trying to push an overpriced pay-per-view.

Will ROH suffer the same fate as ECW? Only time will tell. But if it does, you can expect the usual crop of "Sports Entertainment" fans to be telling stories about how much they loved Ring Of Honor and wished it was still around, as they make excuses as to why their pile of ticket stubs does not include the familiar green, orange or yellow that ROH fans have come to look foreward to getting in the mail. They'll buy the reunion pay-per-view, and the compilation DVD's that have been hacked to pieces by whatever greedy promoter purchases the archives, and they'll wear an ROH t-shirt with some other companies name on the label, and they'll chant ROH on Raw and Smackdown, as if they were actually a part of that magic when it was around.

I hope ROH lives a long and healthy life...long enough that I can take my son or daughter to a show to throw toilet paper at Jimmy Rave or to make fun of whatever ridiculous hairstyle Jay Lethal has that week, or to scream "Joe Is Gonna Kill You" in unison with the fans around them at whatever poor sap that will be knocked silly with a Muscle Buster that weekend. But, if for some reason that I'm not writing about the 14'th Anniversary Show a decade from now, I'm content in the knowledge that this promotion has given me awesome memories as a pro wrestling fan, and not manufactured memories from a steriod-enhanced promoter who's looking to make a buck.

And if you don't live in an area that ROH currently tours; not to worry. ROH is not the only game in town. Grab tickets to a PWG show on the west coast, or FIP in Florida, or IWA in the midwest, or ECWA, JAPW, WLW, JCW, CZW, WXW, or any NWA affiliate, or whatever indy promotion happens to be doing a show near you.

Or, you can just go to whatever message board you belong to and continue **** about whatever visual abortion Vince McMahon is pushing this week, waiting in vain for the day when he remembers what the second W in his promotion's name stands for. The choice is yours, but to paraphrase what is said every four years during the presidential elections, if you don't vote with your wallet, you have no right to complain.

- Bill Schweitzer

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