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Wanted to Come Back

Been nearly a year since I said I was done with this site. I still don't like the new look but I see you can edit and delete blogs were features I wanted back. I just missed everyone. Said I would try to delete it & made a request a few weeks ago but changed my mind. Haven't got a response back anyways.I never did get many comments and I don't plan to come here all the time. Right now I'm mainly on Twitter/Deviantart. I don't know if we can have links to our other sites displayed on our profile. I'm @serpentseed on Twitter & Sebetai on Deviantart. If you want you can follow on either of those sites and I'll follow you back. Just tell me your from GameSpot.

So what have I been doing? Like everyone I am writing a novel.... writing. I now have 62 platinum trophies. Been playing Pokemon Shuffle. captured everyone in main & extra except Genesect. Need some more S-Ranks. I wish they would add some more main stages. I'm in the top 15,000 for the Lucarionite so I should be getting it. I've been reading The Sorcerer's Ring. It's a 17 book series & I just finished book 9. I love it. It does drag out a lot but I like it. I've been getting them with money from Google Rewards and Amazon gift cards I get from Bing Rewards. Sometimes their free but usually after I already have them.

So... it's nice to be back. Like I said you can find me on Twitter, Deviantart, or PSN. I'll try to get back to the site.

Likely my last

This is likely going to be my last blog here. I knew this day would come but I've been using this site since I still have one friend left here. I would love if I could delete this blog but I can't even delete posts. Wonder if it gets deleted if I get banned. But this is it. If anyone wants to keep in touch with me... I have Twitter, Tumblr, and I'm thinking of making a Wordpress blog (hopefully posts can be deleted). I got some others too but everything Is pretty much connected. Just send me a private message.

Goodbye GameSpot. I'll see about deleting this next month.

Tumblr Blog

I just signed up for Tumblr. It's a blog site I assume like this. I'm going to try and use it and see if if it's better than Gamespot or not. If so I may be leaving. I also have Twitter, same name as Tumblr. Follow me if you want and i'll follow back.

Managed to get 3 $5 Amazon gift cards by using Bing. I ordered 2 Megadeth albums from Amazon (Hidden Treasures & United Abominations). Shipping cost the most. Glad I'll get those albums, free of course since I use points from Bing. Free is free, just got to use the search engine.

I Got A New Phone

On Tuesday I got a new phone and my first touchscreen one. I got it for free from my brother in law who started working at some kind of phone service company. It's an LG Optimus Elite that runs Android 2.3.7 and it was free. I have unlimited talk, text, and data for $60 a month and the phone works great. My favorite thing to do on it is maps. I believe it's Google Maps but I love the navigation, which I think it says beta but it's still amazing. When I went to my nieces graduation I used it t get us to the building. It reroutes super fast too. I plan to use it often until I can find these places myself. Another app I like is Jota+ which is a word Processor. Great for writing stuff down. Getting used to downloading website apps to see them better.

There is a referral promotion that if I can refer 5 people to the service I can get free phone service. I've shown many people in my family and some have old me how good it is so I just have to wait. It's Lightyear Wireless and it uses Sprint. If your interested tell me.

I hope one day I can get one of those giant cell phones they make now. With Android of course. Since mine is 2.3.7 I can't download mailbox and get that extra 1GB from Dropbox. They are making a beta for Mac I believe so maybe Windows one day.

Went skating for my nieces birthday

On Saturday I went skating for my nieces birthday. It was $5 to rent the skates, 2 more for rollerblades but that would have been insane. I don't think I ever skated before and it showed. I had to move slowly because I feared falling. Also had my camera and 3DS in my pocket so there as that. Another of my nieces tried to help but i ended up falling on my butt hard. Felt it Sunday. I got a video of my sister and a niece skating but not much else since I was trying to skate but kept going to hold on to something. Lots of people fell mainly children. My youngest niece fell a lot and cried once. I dared not to get on the rink but did it once but held onto the sides. It was a fun night though. Everything was overpriced. The pop had stuff $2 dollars including Gatorade and Diet Mountain Dew. Crazy. Also the lockers required you to put 50 cents in it to open so my sister didn't shut it so I didn't want to put my stuff in it.

Tomorrow night I'm going to go to another of my nieces (I got 6 of 'em) high school graduation. Going to record it. Love doing that.

On another note; I use Dropbox, OneDrive, & Bing rewards which all have referral programs. Sign someone up using your referral and both get something. Dropbox and OneDrive give both people an extra 500 MB of storage space. Bing rewards needs the other person to reach silver status before you get your 500 extra points. If you have another computer than you can use it to sign up using your referral to get extra space and reach silver status. It's the only way I got my referrals to work so far. If anyone is interested I can post a link to any of mine so we can all get something extra.

Dueling Network

Anyone play Yu-Gi-Oh on Dueling Network? It's free and has all the card released so far. Not sure how they will handle Pendulum summoning. Anyways I enjoy it since we haven't gotten any new Yu-Gi-Oh games in awhile. I think Duel Carnival is coming but E-Shop exclusive in NA.

Since I hadn't played in awhile when I started I was using a burn deck around Nurse Reficule and people hated me for it. I just wanted to see how people were dueling since it had been a long time for me. I later made this dragon deck that had 60 cards. People kept telling me to use less cards but I was really use to using 60. I decided to try Harpie's next since I used some of them back in High School. The deck was pretty good but not much in drawing power. It has 40 cards so it's at the minimum. Right now I am using a Blackwing deck that I love using. Haven't been winning much lately though. I treid making decks for Mermail's, Gravekeeper's, and Traptrix but deleted all but Gravekeeper's. It's an ok deck. I've seen tons of really broken decks but don't really like them. People often complain about me using Kalut but I sometimes can't even keep up with what their doing.

Right now I have no other games to play since I finished everything on PS3, nearly everything just some trophies left.

My Little Pony Season 4 Finale (Spoilers)

The season 4 finale of MLP was awesome. The final minutes were like DBZ with Twilight and Tirek shooting giant lasers, Twilight getting speared through a mountain, her library destroyed, and then a epic rainbow blast.It was amazing. The Mane 6 got some kind of super saiyan rainbow mega forms from the box in the season opener and whooped Tirek. They sent him back to Tartarus but i would have been awesome if they obliterated him with that blast to really get the DBZ down. Once again the other princess' were useless especially Celestia who thought Tirek wouldn't be able to find Twilight since he didn't know there was a 4th princess (How old is Cadence?) even though he had Discord and Twilight had a glass pane in her castle. Sad to see Twilight lose her library but she got a new one that's like a castle and saved Owlicious so that turned out good.

Season has been awesome. I plan to rewatch the whole season and maybe the entire series. Didn't do a top shows of 2013 but MLP would have been number 1. Season 5 is coming around 2015 and will have another 26 episodes bringing the series 117. I think 7 episodes in we'll have episode 100.

Here's a gif of the fight scene I was talking about

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Here's meme I like

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and here is everyone rainbowed power

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Got these from Cheezburger and Equatria Daily.

Platinum #57 - Ni No Kuni - Wrath of the White Witch

Took me a week but I finally got my 57th platinum. Just had to do some grinding for items to alchemize. RPG's always make you farm insanely rare items for stuff. So this is 57 down 43 to go. What will come first? Me reaching 100 platinum trophies or PS4 being $200 (with a game or two)?

Had a lot of fun with NNK but I have a lot of complaints. The taming system wasn't that great. You had to beat the monster and hope it stayed with a heart over it's head and then you had to switch to Esther and serenade it. Your partners would hit it while it was like this except if they do a miracle move or arena hitting move. Also it might mess you up when anyone does a cut scene move. That stops you from doing what you were doing. Trying to serenade with Esther or steal with Swaine and then constant cut scenes.It was annoying. Feels like Pokemon with the taming but lots of games do this like DQ. Pokemon has done the catching monsters the best. Just throw a ball at them. Shame games can't figure out another way.

I skipped the whole story but I may read about it, I do that sometimes. It was pretty fun all in all. Just the constant grinding wore me out. The last thing I needed to do was alchemize an axe for a quest and found out the secret boss sometimes gives out the items needed. After over 20 long battles with i I got what I needed. Happy. It took me 94 hours and 37 minutes. Now I'm done with all my games for now. Although I did download Soulcalibur Lost Swords. It's free like Tekken Revoltuion. Got like 8 trophies and looks easy.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Just started my last game (right now) Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. I got 5 of the 34 trophies so far. They are going to be a long grind but I can do it. Having a fun time playing but skipping the story. Figured out taming after I was able to. I was hard at first since I thought I needed to win with Esther but I just need to switch to her and use her song. I have nearly 50 tamed but need 250 for the trophy so that's something to work for. I got to do a lot of errands/bounties, alchemy, I think there is some stuff to do in a casino. A lot of stuff that can't be rushed... but you know I will.

I just want o finish this so I can return to do what I was doing. Plus I want to be done with games I haven't played yet. I got a message on PSN, a friend told me to keep at BlazBlue CS EX since all I got are some combo and challenges. I'll take that as a sign. I old myself I wasn't going to get PS4 until I got 100 platinum trophies on PS3... and it was $200... and came with a game. So to 56 and maybe 57.

Pinkie Pie is a good rapper

The newest episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic had Pinkie Pie do a rap to help Rainbow Dash study for her Wonderbolts test. Here's a video

I thought it was really good and funny. It was a reference to 90 video's with the aspect ratio and the way it looked. Pinkie Pie has been really good this season.I loved when she kept terrifying Fluttershy while trying to help.