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Top 25 Futurama Characters Please Comment :)

IcountdownMy favorite characters from the 31st century

25.Hedonismbot:First Apperance: Crimes Of The Hot

24.Robot Devil: First Apperance: Hell Is Other Robots

23.Leo And Inez Wong: First Apperance:A Flight To Remember

22.Robot Santa: First Apperance: Xmas Story

21. Dr.Wernstrom: First Apperance: A Big Piece Of Garbage

20. Mom And Son's: First Apperance: A Fishful Of Dollars

19.The Waterfall Family: First Apperance: The Problem With Popplers

18.Hypnotoad: First Apperance: The Day The Earth Stood Stupid

17.Elzar: First Apperance: My Three Suns

16.Sal: First Apperance: The Series Has Landed

15.Morbo: First Apperance:A Big Piece Of Garbage

14.Nibbler: First Apperance: Love's Labours Lost In Space

13. Lrrr: First Apperance: When Aliens Attack

12. Richard Nickson: First Apperance: Space Pilot 3000

11.Scruffy: First Apperance: A Fishful Of Dollars

10.Calculon: First Apperance: I,Roommate

9.Hermes: First Apperance: The Series Has Landed

8.Kif: First Apperance: Love's Labours Lost In Space

7.Amy: First Apperance: The Series Has Landed

6.Leela: First Apperance: Space Pilot 3000

5. Professor Farnsworth:FirstApperance:Space Pilot 3000

4.Zoidburg: First Apperance: The Series Has Landed

3.Zapp Brannigan: First Apperance: Love's Labours Lost In Space

2.Bender:First Apperance: Space Pilot 3000

1.Fry: First Apperance: Space Pilot 3000

turning off a game and forgetting to save

ok so u wait in line all day to get a new game that comes out u finally get it go home play it for 6 hours until u go to sleep but as soon as u turn it off u relize u didint save,now i dont know about anyone else but am i the only one who has done this more then once? and once u relize u did it u dont freak out u just sit down and watch tv or do somthing else to forget about it

comment if uve done this :)

top 7 games of april :)

i havent made a blog for a while so i think ill start doing this once a month i only made 7 cause i couldint really think of 10 good ones

7. dead to rights retribution

Dead to Rights: Retribution Boxshot


NIER Boxshot

5. 2010 fifa world cup: south africa

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Boxshot

4. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Boxshot

3. Super Street Fighter 4

Super Street Fighter IV Boxshot

2. Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City Boxshot

and the number 1 game of april is...

1. Monster Hunter: Tri

Monster Hunter Tri Boxshot

hope you like the list :)

commando 2 and should i get a 360 or ps3

ok first of all if u havent played comando 2 yet u have to go to and find it its the best flash game ever and also i dont know if i should get a ps3 or a 360 im kinda leaning on ps3 cause it has free internet but if anyone can give me any other reasons to get eather one please do :)

games im really pumped for this year!

well first of all tatsonko v.s capcom is going to be amazing just because of the hype and the characters next is no more heros 2 i already own and beat number 1 so im really looking forward to number 2 and theres red stell 2 ive never played number 1 but i heard is was pretty good AND monster hunter tri now ive never played any of the monster hunter game but damn it looks fun theres also epic mickey that looks...epic and im hoping they will relese mario galazy 2 but im not sure if there going to

christmas was awsome!

for christmas i got the new super mraio bros for wii i will be writing a review for it soon but so far its one of my favoriote games of all time so far im just starting world 5 and its actully pretty hard for a mario game theres alout of diffrent power ups like the propeller suit,the ice flower, the mini mushroom and my personal favorite the penguin sute and theres of course the old time items like the mushroom,the fire flower and the star. theres 8 reguler worlds and 1 secreat world the boss of each world is i think i brother of bowser junior but there still pretty hard. the other game i got was gutar hero metallica i really wanted this game cause metallica is my favorite band and so far its rally good the career modes pretty fun and then theres quckplay mode which is really just the same as career. but i have to say that all the songs are amazing the customizable options are really good so far i havent gotten a gutar battle i am hoping there is one bu im already 70% threw and no batle yet the day after christmas my aunt gave me offroad extreme and a wii wheel so i tryed out the game and theres about 10 vehicles a bunch of tracks but why would u want to unlcok them?! the controls are sooo bad and the graphics are bad for the n64 the tracks are impossble to beat cause u cant control them so u cant unlock anything ill have a review on this game soon to but other then that game my christmas was pretty awsome

OK THIS is the real list comment please :)

ok the last two cut me off for some reason but this is gonna be the real thing hear we go

20.mortal combat 2

19.donkey kong counrty 2:diddy kongs quest

18.super mario kart fox

16.donkey kong country

15.super mario world 2: yoshis island

14.contra 3:the alien wars


12.secreat of mana

11.super castlevania 4

10.street fighter 2 turbo:hyper fighting

9.earthbound fantasy 2

7.mega man x

6.chrono trigger

5.super mario rpg: legend of the seven stars

4.super mario world phantasy 3

2.super metroid

and the best snes game ever made is

1.zelda link to the past

and that is my list of the top 20 snes games of all time :)

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