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Magnetic fishing or magnet fishing is gradually establishing itself among fishing enthusiasts but also among activists who use this method to clean the basins from scrap or artificial left in the water that can still fish and therefore kill aquatic fauna. There are also many who use this technique to go in search of coins or commonly used objects that can still have a value in the used market.

Today there are several Neodymium magnets for sale,much more powerful than classic magnets and certainly less dangerous.

What do you fish with the magnet?
In general, fishing with the magnet allows to recover scraps, coins, but also gold and silver in case you use the Neodymium magnet
What exactly is Neodymium

Neodymium is a metal that is part of the lanthanide better known as rare earths. Silvery color neodymium is used for the manufacture of permanent magnets.

magnet fishing

How to fish with magnet?
Fishing is very simple and allows physical movement and fun especially when withdrawing the magnet and finding a metal object. The fishing is quite simple, the magnet is tied to a rope, once it spins the magnet it throws into the water and recovers slowly until you hear the weight of the magnet increase. Then our magnet will have "hooked" something. Just pull the rope at us to find out what we caught.

The danger of weapons or explosive items
Magnet fishing is highly criticized for the danger of objects that can be fished such as weapons or bombs. Think that during the two world wars thousands of mines or other remnants of war have been hidden in Italian territory that could be potentially still active. For this reason it is recommended to pull the magnet rope slowly and bring out the object carefully. If you do not recognize the object do not touch it with your hands but rather leave it to the magnet and alert the authorities.