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Heath Ledger and Brandon Lee Comparisons

I'm sure that by the time you read this, you have already know that Heath Ledger has passed away at the age of 28.

I'm a big Batman fan in high anticipation of watching the new movie "The Dark Knight", which comes out on July 18 this year. Now because of Ledger's death, it could be pushed back because of posthumous post-production.

This sort of reminded me of Brandon Lee when he was accidentally shot on the set of his final movie "The Crow" in 1994, when Lee was also a rising star and about the same age as Ledger when he died. The producers were in conflict if the movie would be distributed at all because of this. In the end, of course, the movie came out and it received universal acclaim, and not because of Brandon's death (although the end of the film was realistically symbolic) but because it was a damn good movie.

I'm sure the same can be said about "The Dark Knight." If Ledger's character of the Joker were to die in the film, it would also be a grim reality ending of a life to one of Hollywood's finest stars. I'm sure the writers, actors, editors, and Christopher Nolan are coping with Ledger's death as well as trying to find out on how the movie would finally be distributed without "sensationalizing" his demise. I'm sure that the prospected death of the Joker would give audiences somber eyes just like the way Brandon Lee's character died in "The Crow." I also hope that the writers stick to the way the movie would come out had Ledger not died.

I for one will see "The Dark Knight" but with a much somber attitude because we now know that this was Heath Ledger's final film, and I'm sure all of us will be clapping and cheering the moment the screen says "In memory of Heath Ledger."

RIP Heath Ledger