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Back kinda :]

Do people still blog here? is anyone reading this? and it looks like no one does video blogs anymore that sucks lol.

Proper blogs soon maybe?

Last blog here guys!

I used to love blogging here but things got well boring a long time ago. I cant get into giantbomb either so Ive decided to just make videos from time to time here ( I hope that at least some of you guys are still active to enough to do me the favour of subscribing? :]

Im also looking to write or make content for a website so if anyone knows of any positions going let me know!

I'll leave you with all my contact details:

Xfire: Scotty993

Steam: Scotty993


cya guys!


PC gaming

Hello all!

That still read this anyways... lol just a short update for you!

Got myself a new pc for games. My old pc keeped me happy for years by always at least just about being able to do everything that I wanted from it until the last few months like all things its got old and cant get upgraded anymore. It also made L4D2 look so ugly I couldnt stand to play it.

So I went to PC world as I wasnt in the mood to put effort into building a PC.

I asked the first staff member I saw if I could get a computer capable of running L4D2 and the new Call of Duty and other new games deccently. I was pointed a computer in the gaming section and told this computer was amazing and only £400. I expected to pay more so was very happy. Bought the computer got home and found it couldnt even run L4D2 half as well as my old computer and that really couldnt run it as mentioned before. This made me ANGRY so I went back and demanded something be done. They upgraded the Graphics card and power supply for a nice price making me happy.

Now thats more like it! dont trust PC World people!!!

I played a bit of Left For Dead to only get bored rarer fast no idea why just dosnt do what the first one did for me shame. Played alot of Company of heros thought love it at full spec!

Cant wait to get some new pc games :] and Windows 7 I really enjoy using looks great.

incase your wandering here are my specs:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.5GHz

Memory: 4096MB RAM

Hard drive: 311 GB

Video card: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series

Thats right off Xfire Im pretty sure its not amazing but it does what I want it to so Im happy.

What are some must have PC games guys?

see you soon! gotta make a update abotu the games I got for christmas :O

2 new games...

So I got 2 new games:

Battlefield 1943:


Got a month of gold just to play this and its been worth it really enjoyed it. I hope they bring out a few more intresting maps in the future though as Ive got bored of the 3 you get.

Harvest Moon DS:


Played a day of this always loved Harvest moon and this one is great. Only thing that annoys me is the touchscreen stuff can be a bit fiddly.

oh and I also got Rome imperal glory? I think off stream where you like build that game is great! and cheap.

also everyone check me out on youtube im on there much more than this Im affraid

Cheers guys!

I am back!

Hey everyone!

Been just under a freaking year :O

Ive been busy and in parts not intrested in games but lately Ive got back into it so here I am. Hope people are still tracking me if at all :D

lets talk about the year Ive been away:

-Nearly done with a college cource of ICT... its been boring and hard but Ive done pretty well

-Im doing hairdressing in college next year haha as I want to be a barbour

-I cut my long horrible hair off haha I look pretty differet heres a pic

- I now spend too much money on clothes haha so not as many games

hmm Ive got 2 games lately to note GTA: chinatown which is pretty sweet to put it simple I love the touch screen stuff. Left for dead on the pc it was fun for a while but got boring fast.

atm Im renting Brothers in arms hells highway awsome game everyone should try it.

well thats about it thanks for reading please comment.

Sorry for not posting too much...

My bad...been pretty busy with the whole exam thing. But I'm done and done with school YAY! but I'm sure I did horrible at the exams:S but at least I now have a fat holiday to enjoy! and theres my prom!

Haven't bought any games related stuff lately I'm not interested in anything and I don't at all have the money...err money such an annoying thing.... I'm thinking I'm going to have to probably get my first proper job soon for the summer since my money tastes have gone up lately.Going out, Games, dvd's, music and now clothes since I suddenly really want perfect clothes:P all adds up £££

Gaming? hmm I havent gamed at all really to be honest no time but I'm going to have to get some new ones for those boring days in the Summer. I'm thinking a long RPG any suggestions?

that's about it cya all!

Random: Best hat EVER? XD


Sorry but was on my mindXD got this yeasterday for £2!!! and man I love it:P

Mainly because it reminds me of something the lead singer of the band Hadouken would wear and I love that band!

anyways CYA!

GTA is getting better...

but not by alot to be honest the missions are getting better in terms of story but what you do in them seems to remain the same! I'm about half way through the game.

I'm also still not very happy with the way driving feels it feels so slow and is much harder to master I mean in the earlier GTA's I found it much easier and funner.

Shooting is much much better! I love it but I do find the shotgun can be damn over powering in the hands of AI.

The story is very good but i would not call it as epic as some people talk about it.

To put it simple I dont think it should of got a top score on Gamespot.


P.S all exams and no play make Scott go mad!