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These comparisons are stupid. I can't believe gamespot keeps churning out these multi-platform game image comparisons. Does anyone really care? In the end it's the game that counts and gameplay-wise they are exactly the same.Oh "the textures are better" or "there is slightly more detail." Give it a rest. Look... Game developers who create multi-platform games focus on the 360 because the DVD format and the overall framework for the 360 is what the developers are used to and are skilled at making games for. So when they transfer over to PS3 it usually is slightly worse unless developers take lots of time making them the same. What people fail to understand is that there are so many developers who are passionate about a console and want to squeeze the absolute best out of the system they develop exclusively for. Devolpers like Naughty Dog and Bungee, for example. This is why exclusives, more often than not, are better quality than multi-platform games. If you want to see what console is best at graphics compare exclusive games. Compare Killzone 2 with Gears of War 2 for example. Or Uncharted 2 with Halo 3. These developers care about the system and really know how to show a console at its true potential.