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I pick Umaga, he should be pretty cheap too...
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Ugh I don't won't Monty on my WWE. Let me break this down, Monty is not a could technical wrestler, he's a good "big guy". Basically ever ypromotion needs that one guy who looks like he can flat out kick people's ass, TNA has monty Brown, the WWE however has dozens of them Brown would get lost in the mix so easily. He has nothing unique to offer, the WWE has all that Brown is in so many better packages. Hell if I'm bored of Brown on TNA, he will get torn to shreds on the WWE. As of right now the only people I think that have a future in the WWE would be Eric Young, Alex Shelly, and (if he works on his crappy mic skills or get's a manager) Samoa Joe. Personally if I was running a promothion I would take Young and Shelly before I took Joe, he only has one part of a multi-talented business down.
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Yeah, maybe. I thought the interview was great though because it basically adressed all the fans were gossiping about, that's not typical WWE style. There also was a hilarious interview with Tommy Dreamer, he told a story about how he but a brownie in his ass and told CW Anderson that his back hurt then exlcaimed, "Uh-oh, I think I just crapped myself." He then pulled his underwear down and ate the brownie, it made CW puke, then Lou E. Dangerously ate some of the brownie which made CW puke again and made Dreamer feel sick becasue afterall it was up his ass.
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I just got the new WWE Magazine (the first one I've recieved, which is frustrating because my subscriptio carried over from RAW and Smackdown! magazines), anyways I really like the style. The style caters to smarks becasue none of it is in kayfabe and they actually talk about the rumors rather then building the WWE up, it's also very adult oriented too. I was shocked at a copuple of interviews they had with the divas they talk about alot "interesting" things. Anyways the interview I thought I would share a little with you about is the Orton one,it was really good.

-Orton says the reason he got suspended is because he got caught smoking a joint, and that coupled with is his behavior led to the suspension.

-Orton seems bitter at who ever ratted him out that he was smoking a joing, and he says "you know who you are"

-Orton denies ever crapping in that divas bag, he says he just put ointment and stuff in her purse.

-Orton claims he destroyed her bag because she wasn't very knowledgable aobut wreslting and was brushing everyone the wrong way.

-He was fined $8,000 for that incident to help pay for damages because the bag was Louie Vatan(sp?)

-Orton was fined $17,000 for his 60 day suspension.

-The anger managment clininc Orton went to was in Atlanta, he had to live "on campus" (whatever he meant by that, maybe Georgia Tech) and he had to pay $4,500 a week for it.

-His immediate thoughts about the anger management classes was that he would do whatever he needed to to get by, he then realized how he handled alot of situations wrong.

- Orton admits that being so young and getting all that he did  made his head big, he thoguht he could do no wrong.

-Orton maintains that he's changed now.

- Ortons says he enjoyed being in Evolution during non-televised event because they would get girls to flash them.

That's the general gist, there are alot of interviews like this in the magazine so just ask me if you want anymore re-caps.

Sorry for all the typos, I'm a bit drugged up right now because I have an infection from a dental surgery.

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LMAO Van Dam is clearly nervous as hell (I would be too)... But some classic lines in this one.

"What's your name boss? Sabuuuu?"

"Do you always drive without your shirt on?"

"Ok can you explain to me why your car smells like dope?"

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I'll be the first to talk aobut how up until 1999 WCW was one of the best promotions ever, but I'll also be the first to admit they had some of the most retarded ideas ever. I'm still shaking with laughter after watching this clip...

*Removed illegal youtube link*

Edited by Link256: It is illegal to post any video from that is longer than 30 seconds in length on gamespot...

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By this time next week I'm sure the Junior Division will be back and Octagoncito will be the number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.
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Things will get more interesting when it's revealed the baby actually is... A HAND! McMahon is left frustrated as he was hoping for a douche bag.
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1) Do you like ECW? No, not really. I've always had strong opinions on the product and why it's so reveredin  the wrestling community but for the most part now I'm pretty indifferent about it. Although I will say while I don't then the new ECW is a good representation of ECW, it's a good show that's just panned mostly because of it's WWE ties. See I could go on forevera bout my disdain for alot of ECW fan's and the product but I won't.

2) When did you become a fan of ECW? (i.e. During it's run? After it was over? Recently because of One Night Stand? etc.) I remember watching a little bit whne it was on TNN on Friday nights, was it entertaining? Yeah I'll admit I was entertained at the time but I was younger so basically anything with some T&A would captivate me. Later on I would catch the abysmal product they were turning out before there fold, not even being a smark then I could Justin Credible was not a good champion.

*Note* Please answer honestly. For example: I didn't become a real fan of ECW until a couple years ago with the Rise and Fall of ECW dvd.

3) Do you wish ECW would have stayed alive? Not really, personally I found alot the matches to be not wrestling, just beat the crap out of each other with ridiculous weapons. I'm I say not really because a part of me did enjoy those few technical matches they put on, and the occasional hardcore match is entertaining. But the things guys like New Jack would do weren't entertaining they were sad and disgusting. But like I laways say, more wrestling on TV the better so I wouldn't mind(maybe my opinion has changed somewhat if a I saw an actual show 6 years later). Although I will say this WCW in in the 90's was greater then any product ECW ever put out.

4) If you had the chance now to go see an ECW show, would you go? Eh, money is short now, plus the product doesn't appeal too much to me and lastly I wouldn't want to rub shoulders with the fans there. Just look a ONS or some of the older shows, those are some sad, sad, people. I never thought a JBL promo would be dead on but the fans do look like they've come out of their mom's basement for this night. Plus they're unneccesarily rabid "You ****ed up" chants are pretty low, among other things, these guys seem to forget this is a show, it's entertainment not real life.

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[QUOTE="JML897"]Things you can spend $40 on:

A lot of things that are better than this.
No, I won't be watching.

20 - 2 Dollar Hookers

40 double cheeseburgers from McDonald's

400 mini reeses cups

and my personal favorite, trade it in for 4,000 pennies and then throw them at cars while riding in a moving vehicle.


seriously tho, buy 2 ROH dvds for that price....or i think Lita will do anything for 40 dollars

Actually I'll let you guys in on a little secret, if you buy DVD's from it's crazy cheap. Like I'm going to college where I most likely won't be able to watch wreslting so I'm going to stock up on wreslting DVD's, I knew I needed essentials like Ric Flairs collection and Mick Foley's Cheap Knocks but they were about 30 each every where I looked, on half I've found them new for $14 and most PPV's are like $8.