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I can't wait till I get this system and be able to play elder scrolls 4 oblivion...and I hope that game is online.

my union cancelled

well everyone my union will not be running anytime soon because the two people I needed to start my union either deleted my invite my accident or just didn't see them either way i'm going to have to wait til the 14 days are up and start again. :evil: :cry:

I'm making a union

All right everyone I am amaking my own union called the untold legends of forgotten heroes union until catamy and sora_heart accept my invatation it will be up and running.

When will I see you

I count down the minutes till i see you. Your eyes like crystals shining in the sunlight and your hair flowing in the gental wind. You are my goddess and I am your humble warrior. I long wait to hear yoru voice to hear the angle I so long for and you giving your love to me. I will forever wait till I see you and only you.

Love You Till The End Of Time- sara

Your friends are your family you help each other in any way they can.

it may not be close to a poem title like hb's but on to my point you see i get dumped are burned by every girl i try to ask out with but i gave up on it because the keep away from me. They basicly treat me like a monster so my friend hooked me up with his girlfriend's friend and the funny thing is he said that i was going to meet sara at some point this summer and school starts tommarow.
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