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Kingdom Hearts Codes part 24

Wow, how long has it been XD. I guess i should post the rest of the world codes (Dont know when i will appear next :O). I have been doing random things here and there so Im usually to lazy to post the codes down (sorry for the delay) This goes from beast castle to the very end of The world that never was.

Another note (edit): I found it odd that there were more 100 acre wood areas than what was listed...May be an interesting
area to look at if you have the time ^_^. It also had Japanese text, although i never played the japanese version of the game, I wonder if there were more areas in the Japanese version then the American/other counties version...(excluding, of course, final mix)

BTW, Although i keep forgetting to mention, I think Xemnas is slighly easier than Sephiroth at lvl 1...I managed to beat him again (and i havent played that game in a while >_>)

World Codes (Teleport to other worlds :)
Jokered with R2
When you pick a place and world to replace both XX and YY, go to the place you picked for XX, then move
to another room, before entering (Like a second before entering and you see the white letters
for the room name) hold R2 and run to the exit.When the screen turns black, wait a second, then let go of
R2. You should teleport to the room and world.May take a couple tries with the timing.
XX=World (Ex. Twilight Town) YY= Area (Ex. Main Island:Shore).Some areas seem to be impossible to
get to unless in the same world...maybe i am just inexperienced with jokers XD.

Press R2 to activate:
E001FDFF 0035B55C
1033E830 0000YYXX

Beast's Castle
00 - Entrance Hall
01 - Parlour
02 - Belle's Room
03 - Beast's Room
04 - Ballroom
05 - Ballroom (First Boss Area, Text Misplaced?)
06 - Courtyard
07 - The East Wing
08 - The West Hall
09 - The West Wing
0A - Dungeon
0B - Undercroft
0C - Secret Passage
0D - Bridge
0E - Ballroom (***. Text?, Where Beast and Belle Dance?)
0F - Bridge (For Xaldins Fight?)

Olympus Colisseum
01 - Collesem gates (Cant get to the lobby for some reason, Undestroyed)
02 - Collesem gates (destroyed)
03 - Underworld entrance (Triggerd a cutscene for me )
04 - Collesium foyer
05 - Valley of the dead
06 - Hades chamber
07 - Cave of the dead: Entrance
08 - Where you fight pete.
09 - The underdrome
0A - Cave of the dead: Inner chamber
0B - Underworld cavern: enterance
0C - The lock (With the meg engraving thing, reaction command to remove
lock dosent do anything)
0D - The underdrome (cutscene verstion, can go into the soul pit place.)
0E - Collesem gates (destroyed, night)
0F - Cave of the dead: Passage
10 - Underworld caverns: The lost road
11 - Underworld caverns: Atrium
12 - Collesium gates (Where you fight the multiheaded thing)
13 - Underdrome (small, for tornament fights)

00 - Agrabah
01 - Bazaar
02 - The Peddler's Shop [From first visit?]
03 - The Palace
04 - Vault
05 - Above Agrabah
06 - Palace Walls
07 - The Cave of Wonders Entrance
09 - The Cave of Wonders Stone ...
0A - The Cave of Wonders Treasure Room
0B - Ruined Chamber
0C - The Cave of Wonders Valley of Stone
0D - The Cave of Wonders Chasm of Challenges
0E - Mini Game? "Head Towards Jafars Shadow!", Jafar's Invincible.
0F - The Peddler's Shop [From second visit?]

The Land of Dragons
00 - Bamboo Grove
01 - Encampment
02 - Checkpoint
03 - Mountain Trail
04 - Village
05 - Village Cave
06 - Ridge
07 - Summit
08 - Imperial Square
09 - Palace Gate
0A - Antechamber
0B - Throne Room
0C - Village (Destroyed)
100 Acre Wood
00 - 100 Acre Wood World Selection?
01 - The Big Tree [Forgot what it's called]
02 - Pooh Bear's House
03 - Rabbit's House
04 - Piglette's House
05 - Kanga's House
06 - The Day of a Wind? (Possible Mini Game Area?, Messed up Text, Blue Screen)
07 - Eye the collection of Honey (***. Text, Possible Misspelling and Mini Game Area)
08 - Flower Fence Valley (Possible Mini Game Area?, ***. Text) (Seems like the map...not soild)
09 - The Spookey Cave

Pride lands
00 - Pride rock
02 - Kings den
03 - Long gourge place.
04 - The savana
05 - Elafant graveyard
06 - Gorge
07 - Wastelands
08 - Jungle
09 - Oasis
0A - Pride rock (restored)
0B - Oasis (Night)
0C - Overlook
0D - Peak
0E - Scar's darkness
0F - (Looks like Savana, cept it didn't have a proper title and I couldent leave the area)(Groundshaker Area?)
10 - (Where Mufasa died)
01 - Treasure Room
02 - Undersea Courtyard
03 - Submarine Open Space (***. Text?, Same as 02, Recolored)
05 - Sunken Ship
06 - Wrath of the Sea (Daytime)
07 - Seashore (Same as above, Nighttime, ***. Text?)
08 - Seashore (Same as above and 06, Evening)
09 - Wrath of the Sea (Area when you are singing with Ursula)
0A - D (Wedding Ship?)

Disney Castle
00 - Audience Chamber
01 - Library
02 - Colonnade
03 - Courtyard
04 - The Hall of the Cornerstone (With Thorns)
05 - The Hall of the Cornerstone
06 - Gummi Hanger

Timeless River
00 - Cornerstone Hill
01 - Pier
02 - Waterway
03 - Wharf
04 - Lilliput
05 - Building Site
06 - Scene of the Fire
07 - Mickey's House
08 - Villians Vale (Black & White)

Halloween Town
00- Town Square
01 - Dr. Finkelstein's Lab
02 - Graveyard
03 - Curly Hill
04 - Hinterlands
05 - Yuletide Hill
06 - Candy Cane Lane
07 - Christmas Tree Plaza
08 - Santa's House
09 - Toy Factory: Shipping and Receiving
0A - Toy Factory: The Wrapping Room

World Map
00 - World Map
Port Royal
00 - Rampart
01 - Harbor
02 - Town
03 - Interceptor (Can't go below)
04 - Interceptor: Ships Hold
05 - Black Pearl (Interceptor next to pearl)
06 - Black Pearl: Captain's Stateroom
07 - Intercepter (No Exit at all)
08 - Isla De Muerta: Rock Face (w/ Interceptor)
09 - Isla De Muerta: Cave Mouth (Can't go to the Ship)
0A - Isla De Muerta: Treasure Heap
0B - Ship Graveyard: The Interceptor's Hold
0C - Isla De Muerta: Powder Store
0D - Isla De Muerta: Moonlight Nook
0E - Ship Graveyard: Seadrift Keep
0F - Ship Graveyard: Seadrift Row
10 - Isla De Muerta: Rock Face (w/ Black Pearl)
11 - Isla De Muerta: Treasure Heap (No Exit)
12 - Black Pearl (Start on the lower part of the deck)
13 - Black Pearl (Start next to the stearing wheel)
15 - Interceptor (Can't go below)
16 - Interceptor (Can't go below and you start next to the wheel)
17 - Black Pearl: Captain's Stateroom (No Exit)
18 - Harbor (No Exits)
19 - Isla De Muerta: Rock Face (No Exits)

Space Paranoids
00 - Pit Cell
01 - The Canyon
02 - Game Grid
03 - Data Space
04 - I/O Tower
05 - I/O Tower: Communications Tower
06 - Simulation Hanger
07 - Solar Sailor Simulation
08 - Central Computer
09 - Central Computer Core
0A - Solar Sailor Simulation

The World That Never Was
00 - Where Nothing Gathers
01 - Alley to Between
02 - Fragment Crossing
03 - Memorys Skyscraper
04 - The Brink of Despair
05 - The Soundless Prison
06 - Nothings Call
07 - Lower Crooked Ascention
08 - Upper Crooked Ascention
09 - Naught's View
0A - Lower Hall of Empty Melodies
0B - Upper Hall of Empty Melodies
0C - Naughts Skyway
0D - Proof of Existence
0E - Havocs Divide
0F - Where Nothing Gathers
10 - Naughts Approach
11 - Ruin and Creations Passage
12 - The Altar of Naught
13 - Memory's Contortion
14 - The World of Nothing
15 - Station of Serenity (Where you fight Roxas)
16 - Station of Awakening (Where you fight Xemnas' Dragon)
17 - In the middle of the fight with Chair Xemnas 2 (Freezes within 5 seconds)
18 - Chair Xemnas 1's Throne
19 - At the Dragon's Core (Freezes when barrier comes up)
1A - Dragon's Laser Barrels as they are exploding (Second RC freezes game)
1B - Path to Xemnas' Dragon that had rising/falling buildings
1C - Second half of 1B, cannot go back
1D - The Altar of Naught (No Kingdom Hearts) (Blocked Exit)

KH Codes Part 23

Heh....more codes. Looking on the internet, i found some more codes :D. Here are some world codes...I should post all of it...since who knows when i will write more codes...but i wont XD.

World Codes (Teleport to other worlds :)
Jokered with R2
When you pick a place and world to replace both XX and YY, go to the place you picked for XX, then move
to another room, before entering (Like a second before entering and you see the white letters
for the room name) hold R2 and run to the exit.When the screen turns black, wait a second, then let go of
R2. You should teleport to the room and world.May take a couple tries with the timing.
XX=World (Ex. Twilight Town) YY= Area (Ex. Main Island:Shore).Some areas seem to be impossible to
get to unless in the same world...

Press R2 to activate:
E001FDFF 0035B55C
1033E830 0000YYXX
XX - World
01 - World of Darkness
02 - Twilight Town
03 - Destiny Islands
04 - Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion
05 - Beast's Castle
06 - Olympus Colisseum
07 - Agrabah
08 - Land of Dragons
09 - 100 Acre Wood
0A - Pride Lands
0B - Atlantica
0C - Disney Castle
0D - Timeless River
0E - Halloween Town
0F - World Map
10 - Port Royal
11 - Space Paranoids
12 - The World That Never Was
13 - Insta-Freeze
YY - Room Digits
World of Darkness
00 - Twilight Beach
01 - "Loop Demo"
Twilight Town
00 - The Empty Realm
01 - Roxas' Room
02 - The Usual Spot
03 - Back Alley
04 - Sandlot
05 - Sandlot during Struggle Tournament
06 - Market Street: Station Heights
07 - Market Street: Tram Common
08 - Station Plaza
09 - Central Station
0A - Sunset Terrace
0B - Sunset Station
0C - Sunset Hill
0D - The Woods
0E - The Old Mansion
0F - Mansion: Foyer
10 - Mansion: Dining Room
11 - Mansion: Library
12 - Mansion: The White Room
13 - Mansion: Basement Hall
14 - Mansion: Basement Hall (Axel's Ring of Fire)
15 - Mansion: Computer Room
16 - Mansion: Basement Corridor
17 - Mansion: Pod Room
18 - On the Train
19 - The Tower
1A - Tower: Entryway
1B - Tower: Sorcerers Loft
1C - Tower: Wardrobe
1D - Tower: Star Chamber
1E - Tower: Moon Chamber
1F - Tower: Wayward Stairs 1
20 - Station of Serenity
21 - Station of Calling
22 - Station of Awakening
23 - The Magical Train
24 - Tunnelway
25 - Underground Concourse
26 - Tower: Wayward Stairs 2
27 - Tower: Wayward Stairs (Final)
28 - Betwixt and Between
29 - The Old Mansion (Barriers Up)

Destiny Islands
00 - Door to Darkness
01 - The Main Road
02 - Main Island: Shore (Looks all 2D XD)(Its like walking into pooh's storybook XD)

Hollow Bastion
00 - Villains Vale (Not 100% solid)
01 - The Dark Depths (With Heartless Army)
02 - The Great Maw
03 - Crystal Fissure
04 - Castle Gate
05 - Ansems Study
06 - Castle Postern
07 - Restoration Site (Before Destruction)
08 - Bailey (Before Destruction)
09 - Borough
0A - Marketplace
0B - Castle Corridors
0C - Heartless Manufactory
0D - Merlin's House
0E - Castle Oblivion (Not 100% solid)
0F - Ansems Study before Xehanort took over (Not 100% solid)
10 - Ravine Trail
11 - The Great Maw (1000 Heartless Fight)(Need 1000 heartless code to activate the fight...)
12 - Restoration Site (After Destruction)
13 - Bailey (After Destruction)
14 - Castle Corridors during Nobody and Heartless fight (Sealed)

There will be more...

To entertain you as your having fun going to destiny can play as Riku :D. However, I dont think a damage code is in it...

11CFA3FC 0000089B - Play as Riku :D
01CDCE77 0000002E
21CDCE78 7465736D
21CDCE7C 00000000
21CDCE80 00000000
01CDCE96 00000023
01C88E64 00000005
10340E60 000001C6
10340E66 00000001
11CDCE9E 00000002
20340CE4 00021000

I think this is the code...

KH Codes Part 22

Here are some battle level codes...I havent tried any, but supposively it changes something.,...

20340E8C 0012FFFE - Battle LVl Bahamut (Really difficult...supposively)

20340E8C AA13FFFD - Battle LVl Prince (Slightly less difficult from Bahamut, but harder than Light Bahamut)

20340E8C 1A12FFFE - Battle Lvl Light Bahamut (Less difficult than Prince, harder than Proud)

20340E8C 0012FEFA - Battle Lvl God (Extreme Mode) Same difficulty as Prince, harder than proud)

20340E8C 1A12FFEF - Battle Lvl Easy (Newb mode) Easier than probably standard)

20340E8C 001BFFFE - Battle Lvl Queen (Supposively easy, but impossible to beat...not sure why...)

Schoeffmaster, back on?

Wow...I have been gone for quite a while XD. Its also getting harder to find more codes for the KH2 game. I have been playing some God of War 2 and finally got to play Final Fantasy 8. The endingof Final Fantasy eightwas a little disappointing. I was expecting a little something like FF9 or 10. Either he gets the girl or disappears from existance.What igot....didnt really make much sense at all XD. I was about to go to sleep after beating thelast FF8boss and then a strange thought came into my head.I cant remember it now...hmm...howdid it go again...I think it went like this;if...SPOILERS OF FF8**!!!**(If you havent played it yet...) If Squall was able to go back to the...past? and kill thatB**** (I truly hate her), would everything had changed? He would be messing up the time line if he did kill that (for a better word) witch so quite possiblyshe is eternal in a way. She passed her powerback to in essence, thiscycle would just continue indefinitly. However, they (supposively) killed the future version of reallySquall would have to growup and fight that witch.

*End ofSpoiler*And the last boss was really annoying...possibly one of the most annoyingist bosses EVAR XD.(Killing off my meteor stock WHICH was my attack power :x.) Anyways, I have a few moreKingdom Heartscodes to go...there pretty cool by the way; however, its probably a really confusing code set....its too confusing for me to figure out XD. Has something to do with movesets. Roxas with Finalform is UBER STRONG. But i have been having problems with T-stance. (Every so often he gets in it...)Sadly, I havent been playing Kingdom Hearts 2 in a couple weeks now. However I did killSephirothwith a level one Soraa couple weeks ago. I freaking owned him XD. Im currently stuck on God Of War 2 Titan mode...the ice spear boss dude...those stupid minotaurs take down half my health every time they hit me :x. I must have died by them at least a hundred times....Happy New Years everyone, Hopefully I will be back on shortly, I have a bad feeling that the KH2 board wont remember me anymore XD. I think i say a really lame phrase after this...however, its been a while,and i cant remember it anymore XD.

Codes part Twenty one

More useful codes...and they got rid of my emblem for cake...oh well..guess i only have one now...:cry: People who dont even have posts are doing better than me :cry:

200C0220 3C080080 - Slow Motion (I am not sure if this works...) (Supposively this works...however, when i tested it, it failed, i
200C0224 1D00FFFF
200C0228 2508FFFF
200C022C 03E00008
202FD80C 08030088

Last of the useful codes for stop, gummi codes :D...(Dont expect anything new...)

Codes part 20

Some more useful codes :)

203400FC 819B81AD - All Abilities (Goofy)
20340100 819E81A9
20340104 81A781A3
20340108 00CA819F
2034010C 81A401A1
20340110 819781A0
20340114 80C90196
20340118 01A28195
2034011C 0000819C

40340C9C 00130001 - No Party Members
10101000 00000000

Codes Part Nineteen

2033FF14 8052809E - All Abilities (Sora/Roxas) Yeah, its long
2033FF18 8191808A
2033FF1C 8193819B
2033FF20 01810108
2033FF24 0089010D
2033FF28 81118198
2033FF2C 01078186
2033FF30 80C6010E
2033FF34 01858192
2033FF38 01068061
2033FF3C 01820110
2033FF40 8195818C
2033FF44 81A0810A
2033FF48 010F8065
2033FF4C 81888199
2033FF50 01830109
2033FF54 00A2018A
2033FF58 810C819E
2033FF5C 819A818F
2033FF60 819C8069
2033FF64 8196010B
2033FF68 018B818D
2033FF6C 819C0184
2033FF70 8190806D
2033FF74 819D00A3
2033FF78 00A3819F
2033FF7C 818E00A2
2033FF80 818E0187
2033FF84 81970189

20340008 80A880A7 - All Abilities (Donald)
2034000C 819C80A5
20340010 01A100C7
20340014 80A68195
20340018 819881A3
2034001C 8199819A
20340020 80C881A4
20340024 81A58196
20340028 00008197

I agree, here comes the long hall....I have not used these codes, but people assure that there i trust them :D...

Codes part Eighteen

More Useful codes :D. If you want, try a level one challenge on proud. Trust me, this game all of a sudden gets more tougher and funner :).

201A0568 10000006 - No MP Charge

1033FF06 00000194 - No Experience (Note: Use at the beginning of the game, before the third day of prelude)

Codes Part Seventeen

Some more useful codes.

20340E8C 00140401 - Battle Level Default

20340e8c 001FFFFF - Battle Level Deadly (Battle levels off the chart) (This allowsyou toplay the battle level ultimate.)(Gives Infinite HP in Certain worlds to enemies)

Codes Part sixteen

Now if you read the previous blog, then you would know that i owned sephiroth at level one proud...well, my game shut off before i i had to beat him again...which i accomplished (Eventaully) but your not here for me to brag, your here for the here they are (These codes are the beginning of the useful codes section.

40340C9C 00130001 - Full Party
03020100 00000000

20340e8c 0015fdf9 - Battle LVL End game (I am not sure what that means...)

I have personally used the full party code, it works, but only during battles with Sora alone. Its sort of funny, you can activate this and watch Cloud and Tifa own Sephiroth. Pretty funny stuff.