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TtitanFall...really that anticipated ???

Titan Fall, named one this years most anticipated games of our year. I was fortunate enough to play the beta and has a COD feel to it sadly. Not putting the game down for it but for my taste, I left that kind of genre behind...let me explain.

I can't claim to be an FPS aficionado since I did not grow up with Unreal and quake. I grew up with counter strike 1.3, delta Force, Joint Operations and battle field. these were games that required some tactics in order to over come the overwhelming numbers in the match and there was self gratification for it since you eliminated a threat which took its time to settle in. The run and gun type game play felt like my own player was expendable and got no self gratification for taking the time to flank and take out a squad which can easily make their way back due to the small size of the maps.

In other words, the Goldeneye or Perfect Dark type gameplay from N64 is way behind me and I was hope full for something new from this title. Once the bots and player counts were mentioned, I began losing interest and playing the beta put the nails on the coffin. I did not feel challenged nor gratification, just felt like another basic run and gun shooter.

Titan Fall is unique in its own way and if you enjoyed the beta or like run and gun, quick spawn matches then by all means support the game...this is just my take on it.

Any one else fell the same way or do you disagree. Let me know.

P.S: alcohol has been consumed XD

Do achievements dictate your gameplay?

Ever since achievements became available on STEAM, origin and Uplay I've noticed myself immediately reading the achievements before even playing the game as to do as many as I can in one play through even though most achievements, like on STEAM have no rewards other than self satisfaction. Now, something simple like, "kill five enemies with your knife" or "blow up an enemy using the environment", sure I can do that and it may happen naturally during game play. But when asked to play a certain way instead of playing the game as I want, I tend to follow what the achievements ask for.

Lets take Metro: Last light for example. Just installed it, went through the intro map and then began reading the achievements. Instead of fighting my way through, I found myself skulking around like in splinter cell, quietly taking out enemies as not to get detected. Then halfway through the game I find two achievement in which I must choose to either go stealth or take out everyone in the level, but which ever I choose, I will have to play through it a second time to unlock the other.

After scrolling through, majority of the achievements are stealth related which for me, began losing interest as I purchased the game for action not stealth. Sure I can play however I want and I most certainly will. STEAM achievements offer nothing so why should I put the time to unlock them unless I REALLY enjoyed the game...which is rare.

Maybe it's poor choices on achievement creativity and Metro may be a bad example. Alright, so how about Dishonored. All about stealth and not leaving a trace of your presence behind. I definitely am expecting stealth like achievements and boy did they deliver. Play the entire game without your super powers, don't kill anyone other than story related, etc. I played the game enjoying as many powers as I could, but I also played through only subduing the enemies which was time consuming as oppose to killing them as I saw them coming around. Again, I found myself losing interest as I was following the achievements instead of my own gameplay style.

Whether the achievement actually grants points or not, time and time again I've found myself changing my style in order to unlock the most amount of achievements on my first play through. The easy thing to do would be to finish the game first and then read the achievements and play through it a second time if I really enjoyed it that much, but on a personal level I hardly do go back and I tend to play most of my games once and then I move on to the next, so I guess you could say we've found where my problem lies.

How do you, the community tend to tackle the achievement lists on your initial play through?

how to prepare for the next Elder Scroll

Like many others, I was really excited for the launch of Skyrim way back when and made my pre-order once it was avaiable. I was introduced to Oblivion two years after its release and boy was I hooked. In fact, even before I finished the game I found the great beauty of Mods which opened up the virtual world even more. So, with that said, I already knew to expect Mods being created and updated regulalry and that can be time consuming.

So, the next Elder scrolls that's announced, I'll wait for the price to drop or collectors edition with all DLC's and Mods have been finely tuned. Ofcourse if there are other games I'm interested in (which is why I delayed close to a year in continuing right after the intro) I'll play those first before delving into the awesome world of Elder Scrolls. No point in spending big cash when I got other games to finish right.

DLC's and their lack of interest

I began gaming, in my opinion during the golden age. Star Craft was the prime RTS, Counter Strike, Quake, UT were the main FPS's to play online it was a great time to be a PC gamer. Sure you can argue with me what was the prime of PC gaming but thats not the point. My point is PC gaming and continuations. Back in the day when a game was highly rated or had plans for some sort of side quest, expansions were made and they were made to last as long as or close to the original game and this was based on the popularity of the game. Half Life 1 made couple of expansions that followed the characteres of its own story line: blue shift (Black Mesa security Guard) and Opposing Forces (Marine security) these two expansions gave us several hours of entertainment as oppsoe to todays DLC's they offer little to the story or just slap on a couple of hours of extra stuff that may entertain us.

As the era of DLC's continue to shift, other ideas have come to mind like season pass announcements that keep us holding on to our installed game for months until no more content is distributed. Sure hard disk space has improved over time but I also have to make room for other games to be installed. I can't be sitting on a game i finshed months ago just so I can download a DLC. Just make a stand alone expansion or make it episodic similar to HL, Crysis warhead or GTA: episodes of liberty city. These stand alones turned out ot be very successful just because we did not require the actual title.

I'm the type of gamer that will uninstall the single player game once its finished. If an annoucnement of a DLC is made months after the initial realese of its title, i don't even bother to install it no matter how deeply enaged I was. Either announce a season pass or create a stand alone expansion.

2nd mass effect run through

with the release of ME:3 next month I wanted to enjoy both sides of the ME story. both ME 1 and 2 i completed under paragon satisfaction, but what about renegade ??? well, doing another clean play through uner renegade will satisfy that. by the time ME:3 is released i'll have two completed play throughs ready to played in ME:3 =D

pc achievements = pointless

with having plenty of time to enjoy my single player games i've been able to go back and replay some games to get 100% achievement. fun right? but then i realized something...i'm not getting anything in return for these time consuming tasks !!!xbox players get pointsthey can spend on and it even gets competative showing off your 'gamer status' what does steam offer for 100% completion...a congratulations notice -_- knowing that i will get nothing really encourages me not to even bother trying.

unfair dlc release

i just read about the new dlc that is out for fallout: NV i was soo excited then i looked at the consoles...available only on xbox >_< cmon wtf really??

TF2 scout is pathetic now

scout was my favorite class throughtout TF2 especially once FoN was unlocked which made pyros and heavys scared. but with the nerfing of the FoN and the new craftable weapon "the shorstop" has made the scout too weak and point less of even attempting to take ne1 on 1 on 1 everyone elses weapons r much better than the scout. with that being said, there's pretty much no point in me even playing nemore R.I.P FoN =( atleast we made pyros n' heavies cry