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Call of Duty Campers

I am a camper. Yes yes I know, you all hate campers. Why am I a camper? Well lets see.... I'm older now and I don't have the reflexes like I used to but I still love games. I also don't have the time to play them all day and practice. I wear my headset and camp out Shooting the odd person here and there which doesn't net me a huge kill streak or score but does help out the team. I understand the hate all the non campers have but seriously, some of the remarks online are quite humorous and it amazes me how bent out of shape some people get. So for all you kiddies out there and some adults just remember its only a game and if you don't like it go play somewhere else.

Video games in general

Here we are again on another cusp of video game revolution, the ps4 is coming the xbox 720 the wii u, and the games are obviously going to have better graphics and more fluid animation, lighting, draw distances, polygons, and all that jazz. I'm wondering where all the imagination has gone. It seems to me its just rehash old games from the snes and earlier era, Halo 16 is coming soon, burnout 12, you see what I'm sayin? Just recently gamespot has chatted about shadowgate being resurrected. Don't get me wrong that was an epic game in its time, its just that it was great for its time, time being the operative word here. With all the puzzles I have dealt with over the years Resident evil, soul reaver, vagrant story, monkey island, just to name a few what does shadowgate think its going to do? Impress me? I think not. This isn't just about shadowgate, its about every new game out there, I play a lot of games, I find myself yawning at the same formulas being rehashed and spit out over and over again with some pretty graphics and sound to accompany it. I was blown away with shadow of the colossus, impressed with that game with girl and her pig friend, beyond good and evil, but hated call of duty until black ops came around, unfortunately I'm sick of it again....why? THe same stupid formula used over and over with a new coat of paint. Lets see some thought put back into the industry and some truly unique and memorable games again, enough with the same old sequels I want to be wowed again and not just by the graphics. Thats my thoughts for today.