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She's My Nubbly Ninja Turtle :P

So I havnt posted anything for a while it seems. Update time! :)

Since last time, some very good things have happened... well mostly 1 :P. My girlfriend Emily and i started goin out, :D shes so cute and i really like her. We've been goin out for about 3 weeks now. Shes the best thing thats happened to me in a long time. Although I dont think my friends are very happy about it. :P
Maybe ill put up a pic if you guys are nice :)

I got a cell phone and i love it, its a Katana. I also got some excelent new goth pants, orange seam with crosses on the pockets, and they convert to shorts, i love them too lol.
In lesser news, im not gonna send in my 360 cuz it stoped making that infernal noise but i will later after the Halo 3 beta. I beat Condemned, started playing Oblivion, and bought the upgrades for Crackdown and started playing that again.
Update: My 360 now says Unplayable Disc for every game i put in so unless i get one of my friends 360's soon i'll miss out on the Halo 3 fun it seems :cry: