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Samurai Warriors 2/ ornary 360

I love this game. Just like the good old Dynasty Warriors but in Japan and with more ninja's :lol:
Ina and Hanzo are so cool, and i cant wait to get No. No is like the sexiest thing ever :P
There's just so many really cool characters in this game.

So now about my 360's annoying self. The problem is basically that it makes this buzzing sound when i play now. not the normal really loud whiring sound that the average 360 makes. Its acting like an old man that just doesnt wanna do it and its complaining at me. So im gonna take it in... hopefully real soon and get it checked out. Any advise from those of you with expierence in this would be much appreciated.

In non-gaming news. I should be getting my sword set tomorrow :D
i thought what the hell when i saw the price on these so i got em. They are a Katana, Wakisashi, and the Tanto.