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Life is Great (with pictures :)

Well my 360 is now being sent into the shop and i think it should be back in 2 weeks. So basically i am not gaming at all right now, besides playing Halo 3 a lil at my friend Nates, and the ocasional God Hand.
This lack of gaming has given me a lot of time to be with my girlfriend though :D

i love her so :D. and even though you guys hardly said anything in the last entry. i give you pics. i have been buying a DVD every weekend since my 360 broke though, weird huh? a horror movie everytime too. they're real cheap so i dont really care. So far i've bought : Wolf Creek (have yet to watch), Hostel (thought it was great), and Exorcist: The Beginning (saw in theaters and it is so worth 2$ lol)

heres pirate Emi. arg lol :lol:

yay for my loserness. ill pry update this thing later cuz it seems kinda boring right now...