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Girl, Severed Limbs, Rock, and Ink.

It has been much too long since i've posted a blog, as made obvious by the fact that i am no longer going out with the girl in the last entry, which was made over a year ago lol. I am currently going out with a girl named Bridget :) as of today in fact. She is wonderful and shares a lot in common with me.

A lot has happened but i wont bore you guys with all of it. First the new Disturbed cd has finally come out and of course i'm in love. The tribal style drums from 10,000 Fists are back with more animalistic vocals from David Draiman and better guitar from Donegan than ever before. Secondly Ninja Gaiden II is amazing, cutting off peoples limbs and watching them hobble towards you only to have you cut them to even smaller pieces is such fun.

Last i will be getting a new tattoo soon. i drew the design for a red and black tribal armband design to go on my upper left bicep. it will have a little hanging part going down the back of my arm. i cant wait, the date to get it is the 23rd.