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Gears of War

This is a very excelent game. The shooting is satisfying with blood going everywhere when you shoot the enemy (the Locust) and using the chainsaw bayonet is a blast. As the GS reviewer said, it never gets old :P. I've now beaten this game on the Casual and Hardcore modes. Casual with my friend Nathan and Hardcore with my lil bro. I intended on doing Insane mode and in fact i started playing today with Nathan again. I havnt played the story mode in single player yet :lol: and i dont plan on it. I want that icon you get for beating Insane mode for my icon so thats what im going for. In my other gaming news I'm loving Phantasy Star Universe, and my friend Joe lent me Dead Rising, which im enjoying a lot (when im not dying and loosing all of my progress :evil: :lol: ) heres some cool desktops from Gears of War