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Dead Rising

I'm just loving this game :D My first time through i drove the car around in the Maintanence Tunnels to get Zombie Genocide and the Mega Man Blaster that come from that :) Now I'm playing again doing all the story stuff and saving as many survivors as possible. This is probobly the best way to play the game. You start out at about Level 30, and the Mega Blaster makes any would-be bosses peices of cake. Just go bam and blow their heads off :P. After i beat 72 hour mode now im going for Overtime Mode so i can get the Lightsaber (i have to, Lightsabers are the best 8) lol) I wanna go zing zing and slice up some zombies Luke Skywalker style :D:D:lol: This weekend I went to The Great Wolf Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells. That was pretty cool. It's a resort with a big indoor water park. There were some real cool ones. And me and my lil bro got hit on by some hot chicks. How could that not be a good time? :lol: UPDATE 1/7/07: I just started playing this again and i have no idea where i am or what i was doing . So heres some pics of Dead Rising for ya.