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Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

"A great ending to a great series" were my thoughts upon beating this game. I have now played all 3 Prince of Persia games and i have to say it's one of the best game trilogies out there. A great story, fun fighting, and really fun gameplay. He is always leaping around and hanging from things and falling to his death just to be brought back to where he was several seconds before. I called him monkey man throught all 3 games (was from the first game mostly). Some of the things i really liked about this game were, the chariot races, the Dark Prince's whip sword, and the sword that you get at the end of the game that kills enemies in one hit.

Resident Evil 3: Nemisis

RE3 is one of the best RE games in my opinion and the ending is quite possibly the best out of all of them. there are 5 unlockable costumes for Jill (who is your character throught most of the game) and you have to get a good grade to unlock them all. when you beat the game you get Mercenary mode which is quite fun b/c you get $ when you win or lose and the $ can be spent on infinate ammo weapons which are very fun to use in the game. if you start the file on easy mode you get all this stuff that makes that game really easy, like lots of guns and ammo and lots of healing items. I also got infinate saves which was kind of nice. overall this is a very fun game and should be played by any true RE fan as it is also an important section in the story.

Zelda Collectors Edition

i now have the Zelda Collectors Edition for gc. i cant believe its been 8 years(i dont actually think it has been 8 years b/c that doesnt seen possible) since i got the N64 version of Majoras Mask (the game on it I am currently playing) this is a great game. no other way to put it. reliving those first few days, the part of the game i played on christmass day. im so happy i will be getting more stuff tomorrow but i wanted to say something special for this game. here are some cool majoras mask pics

goodbye dear sig

(i had an angry message here before so i deleated it) my sig deserves a proper goodbye. to some hot, to others beautiful, to me, well i love it! it will be missed. lost but never forgotten

God of War

Yes! I beat God of War and i loved it. The gore, the nudity oh man it just kicked ass. The end was cool and it unlocked a whole lot of stuff after i beat it. Challange of the gods was extremely hard but i beat it and got the alternate costumes, which ithought were hilarious(i won't ruin it and say what they are for those of you who havent beaten it yet). His weapons were great and so fun to swing around, the magic was exelent(espesialy Army of Hades).

DOA Ultimate

This game kicks ass. id have to say its the best fighting game ive ever played (sorry soul calibur 2). but seriously the fighting is great and easy to figure out so its great to play with friends. if you want to get more in-depth try and master the counter system and all the moves. then theres all the unlockables, it is definatly an ultimate experience.(and i didn't even mention that the women have bikinis) ____ oh i should mention that i can't even play it online and it rocks so there

DOA Xtreme Beach Vollyball

I bought DOAX a while ago for xbox. Thing is i don't own an xbox so i've been playing it at my friends house every time i play it, and this can get very anoying sometimes (like right now). The game rocks; sexy ladies in skimpy bikinis playing vollyball and lounging on the beach, it doesnt get any better (unless you threw in a little Bloodrayne). I would easily give it a perfect 10 rating it on pure sexyness, and the fact that its just my kinda game.

Resident Evil 4

I am amazed I'm still playing this game it's great. I'm now playing like 3 different files. I finally decided to try and beat it on Pro mode and its refreshingly harder. I'm liking it. kinda wondering if you get to use the weapons you unlocked and use in normal mode in Pro mode after you beat it. Otherwise not much going on now besides exames are next week (ooooooo exiting ... not)

PoP:Warrior Within

I finally beat Prince of Persia: Warrior Within last night and it was so awsome. I got the ending that you get without getting the water sword. The reason it took me so long is because the first time i played through it had the glitch at the end of the game where you can't go through the time portal (believe me its a real glitch and it sucked ass)
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