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Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II

I'm still playin it! I got this game when it came out for $50 and i got my money's worth easily by now. This is one of the best games i own for that reason. Even after you beat normal mode you can go on and play other difficulties and get more expierence to further empower the character which you created. So the game never really ends. Secret weapons, great Co-Op multiplayer, and just a fun expeirence overall is what make this game so great.  As the title suggests there is something like 2 games in this. Your character can go to either Epp I or Epp II as you wish. Epp II is a little harder, but has better levels. Epp I feels more at home, is a little easier, and is where me and my friends mostly spent the hundreds of hours we played this game.  There is no other game like it. It is an RPG that lets you create your own character, play with your friends very easily and enjoyibly (3 or 4 people can create some competition though because everyone is trying to get all the good items), and if you work as a team or solo you can go around shooting, slicing, or using your magic on the numerious enemies.  For me this game will always be a clasic. We have started and stoped playing it 3 times now. The actual reason for that would be that our characters have been erased twice because the memory card was either removed or the game was turned off, so both times that corrupted the data and made us start anew. But what can i say, we just keep playing it. We love it. I'd like to make PSO the second game i write a review for but the truth is i never actually played the online mode. it would cost around $30-50 and i just never wanted to pay that. If anyone thinks i could still write a review for it, say so. Below are pictures of my favoite character. I used her the first 2 times we played. Now im using a female robot gunner.   Comments please! :P

Silent Hill

Finally got the movie! It was like 17$, not bad. Even came with some kind of extra disk, that has stuff for the upcoming PSP merch. for Silent Hill.  The movie was great the second time, but i think it was better in theaters with my favorite girl next to me :). The ending with all the razor wire still gets me. I love it. Pyramid Head still kicks quite a bit of ass. Riping people apart and everything, and cant forget his big ass sword :D. The special features for this movie are pretty interesting. Especially the creatures one that explains them a bit.  shes so hot :P Lots happened today. It was quite a full day. Registration for school, then those special Senior pics, then i got a checking account, then went and bought this movie and Jaws Unleashed because i liked it when i was renting it. Also got my dad a b-day present, a shirt saying Got Old? on it. Tis pretty funny.    comments plz :)

101 Games!

I'm so proud my game collection has reached 100 finally. Buying Castlevania Curse of Darkness and Beyond Good and Evil did it. Although if i had entered in my old gameboy color games and more of my gameboy advance games it would have gotten to 100 quite a bit sooner. This is my tribute to my awsome collection.

Chaos Legion

This game took me forever! :lol: It seriously did take me a long time, maybe like 3 months. It's a very fun game though. You get Legions with the main character named Sieg, these Legions have different powers and can help you in different ways. There are hords of enemies to take out in each level and if you have your Legions at high levels you might not have to attack much :P . After you beat the game on hard mode you unlock a character named Arcia. She is very fun with her guns, although she has no Legions because of this. I think i may have liked playing with her more than Sieg with his sword and Legions. Arcia is more agile than Sieg also, like she has some cool moves with her guns out. She will make your fingers hurt from fireing so much though, because you can fire as fast as you push the button, so the faster you hit that button the faster the enemies fall. All in all quite a fun game!

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

This game is pretty good. It was even better for me b/c i loved hearing my dads voice in it. As far as i can tell he was some of the mobsters, a few of the construction workers, and some others i cant remember. The game has a lot of nudity, but its very very funny. The gameplay besides running around is mostly mini game type stuff, fun little activities like streaking, drinking games, masturbating (dont worry you dont see a thing :lol: ), or pissing on things. Good for anyone with a sense of humor.

Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors

The Otogi series is amazing! I really hope they make a third for the new consols. There is so much destruction in them. You smash the demons into walls, each other, or the ground leaving craters when you do the later. The levels are almost entirely destructable and you are doing all this with extremely cool characters. Otogi 1 only has Raikoh but Otogi 2 has 6 characters to choose from for every mission. The Japanese style is real cool, and the fluidity of the movement is very nice.They are both great games and I recomend getting them, you will have lots of fun!

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

wow. Just wow. It was so awsome. The action was great, the cg was amazing, and the story made enough sense to be good. It did get a little confusing at times but it was very rewarding. Worth the long wait for it though. I liked Vincint Valentine the best in the movie. He was so cool, but me thinks they coulda had him in some more action. Great movie. GO BUY IT!!!

Silent Hill 4: The Room

After seening the movie Silent Hill the other day i was inspired to see what kinda ending the 4th game had in store for me. It was quite interesting. For anyone that has played the game i got the ending where Eilleen dies. I kinda guessed she would from how bad she looked. I only gave the game an 8.6 because at times it was kinda slow, but overall it was a very nice and creepy game. I started a second playthrough (dont think ill finnish it though) and i got the Chainsaw, what a fun weapon. :twisted: Spring break is almost over and i am sad about that but i am hoping today is a very good day, cuz tomorrow we are all off back to school.


Thats right i beat Shinobi. Didn't think it could be done did ya. Aside from being one of the hardest games i have ever played it was really fun. Dashing around, cutting up enemies, and running on walls. The speed of the game is really fun. It's cool when you get a tate and all the ememies fall apart dead at the same time and you strike an awsome pose. Beating the final boss can make you feel real good as a gamer. That said though you have to be good to beat this game (or really lucky :lol: ).

The Brimstone Society (my union yay)

Wooo hooo i made a union. To everybody in it I hope we all have a good time. I will try and look after it well and be a good leader. We are still making stuff for it but its running pretty good now. It has a great name doesnt it, and a bloodrayne /other kick*** stuff theme, I love it. Well I'll see you at the boards.
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