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Girl, Severed Limbs, Rock, and Ink.

It has been much too long since i've posted a blog, as made obvious by the fact that i am no longer going out with the girl in the last entry, which was made over a year ago lol. I am currently going out with a girl named Bridget :) as of today in fact. She is wonderful and shares a lot in common with me.

A lot has happened but i wont bore you guys with all of it. First the new Disturbed cd has finally come out and of course i'm in love. The tribal style drums from 10,000 Fists are back with more animalistic vocals from David Draiman and better guitar from Donegan than ever before. Secondly Ninja Gaiden II is amazing, cutting off peoples limbs and watching them hobble towards you only to have you cut them to even smaller pieces is such fun.

Last i will be getting a new tattoo soon. i drew the design for a red and black tribal armband design to go on my upper left bicep. it will have a little hanging part going down the back of my arm. i cant wait, the date to get it is the 23rd.

Life is Great (with pictures :)

Well my 360 is now being sent into the shop and i think it should be back in 2 weeks. So basically i am not gaming at all right now, besides playing Halo 3 a lil at my friend Nates, and the ocasional God Hand.
This lack of gaming has given me a lot of time to be with my girlfriend though :D

i love her so :D. and even though you guys hardly said anything in the last entry. i give you pics. i have been buying a DVD every weekend since my 360 broke though, weird huh? a horror movie everytime too. they're real cheap so i dont really care. So far i've bought : Wolf Creek (have yet to watch), Hostel (thought it was great), and Exorcist: The Beginning (saw in theaters and it is so worth 2$ lol)

heres pirate Emi. arg lol :lol:

yay for my loserness. ill pry update this thing later cuz it seems kinda boring right now...

She's My Nubbly Ninja Turtle :P

So I havnt posted anything for a while it seems. Update time! :)

Since last time, some very good things have happened... well mostly 1 :P. My girlfriend Emily and i started goin out, :D shes so cute and i really like her. We've been goin out for about 3 weeks now. Shes the best thing thats happened to me in a long time. Although I dont think my friends are very happy about it. :P
Maybe ill put up a pic if you guys are nice :)

I got a cell phone and i love it, its a Katana. I also got some excelent new goth pants, orange seam with crosses on the pockets, and they convert to shorts, i love them too lol.
In lesser news, im not gonna send in my 360 cuz it stoped making that infernal noise but i will later after the Halo 3 beta. I beat Condemned, started playing Oblivion, and bought the upgrades for Crackdown and started playing that again.
Update: My 360 now says Unplayable Disc for every game i put in so unless i get one of my friends 360's soon i'll miss out on the Halo 3 fun it seems :cry:

Samurai Warriors 2/ ornary 360

I love this game. Just like the good old Dynasty Warriors but in Japan and with more ninja's :lol:
Ina and Hanzo are so cool, and i cant wait to get No. No is like the sexiest thing ever :P
There's just so many really cool characters in this game.

So now about my 360's annoying self. The problem is basically that it makes this buzzing sound when i play now. not the normal really loud whiring sound that the average 360 makes. Its acting like an old man that just doesnt wanna do it and its complaining at me. So im gonna take it in... hopefully real soon and get it checked out. Any advise from those of you with expierence in this would be much appreciated.

In non-gaming news. I should be getting my sword set tomorrow :D
i thought what the hell when i saw the price on these so i got em. They are a Katana, Wakisashi, and the Tanto.

In with Crackdown out with Zelda :(

Yes poor Zelda has been put on hold again. aw look i made her Emo :cry: :P  This time it's stepping aside for Crackdown. Im really enjoying this game, super powers and a cool character makes for fun times. Jumping and driving around the massive world is great. running your car around is the way of the future :P  The next temple for me in Zelda was the temple in the sky so im assuming i didnt have much left.... oh well.  Last I got a new cd by Elememt Eighty and its awsome :) they're some good ole Texas metal :twisted:

Crackdown and Tomb Raider

Yesterday i preordered Crackdown. i first heard of this game when lookin at that Halo thing but didnt bother to check it out. Then a few days ago my friend Joe aka The_Fallen_ said something about it. So i went and downloaded the demo on XboxLive. Im glad it was this game that the Halo beta thing comes with. i get a great lookin game with some extra free stuff :D  I also bought Tomb Raider Legend. This is a really fun game. I rented it like 2 or 3 weeks ago and didnt get to finnish it. So when i found it for 25$ yesterday i got it. Goth Lara is sexy

Dead Rising

I'm just loving this game :D My first time through i drove the car around in the Maintanence Tunnels to get Zombie Genocide and the Mega Man Blaster that come from that :) Now I'm playing again doing all the story stuff and saving as many survivors as possible. This is probobly the best way to play the game. You start out at about Level 30, and the Mega Blaster makes any would-be bosses peices of cake. Just go bam and blow their heads off :P. After i beat 72 hour mode now im going for Overtime Mode so i can get the Lightsaber (i have to, Lightsabers are the best 8) lol) I wanna go zing zing and slice up some zombies Luke Skywalker style :D:D:lol: This weekend I went to The Great Wolf Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells. That was pretty cool. It's a resort with a big indoor water park. There were some real cool ones. And me and my lil bro got hit on by some hot chicks. How could that not be a good time? :lol: UPDATE 1/7/07: I just started playing this again and i have no idea where i am or what i was doing . So heres some pics of Dead Rising for ya.

Gears of War

This is a very excelent game. The shooting is satisfying with blood going everywhere when you shoot the enemy (the Locust) and using the chainsaw bayonet is a blast. As the GS reviewer said, it never gets old :P. I've now beaten this game on the Casual and Hardcore modes. Casual with my friend Nathan and Hardcore with my lil bro. I intended on doing Insane mode and in fact i started playing today with Nathan again. I havnt played the story mode in single player yet :lol: and i dont plan on it. I want that icon you get for beating Insane mode for my icon so thats what im going for. In my other gaming news I'm loving Phantasy Star Universe, and my friend Joe lent me Dead Rising, which im enjoying a lot (when im not dying and loosing all of my progress :evil: :lol: ) heres some cool desktops from Gears of War

New Xbox 360 and iPod!!!

What an awsome day! :D This morning i went out and bought an X360 and Phantasy Star Universe.(which is looking like it'll be a completely awsome game :D) Then later i got a new 80 gig iPod, and a couple South Park epps for it and a game called Zuma for my birthday. :D So now me and my friend are gonna watch some movies and eat some meatballs YAY :D Oh if your wondering im 18 this Monday :)

Beautiful Okami

I have been waiting for this game ever since i saw something for it in GameInformer. They had a beautiful picture and i remember thinking that if it was a game i would want it. Then i read the article that said thats how the game would look. Now i own it and I'm hooked. The game is as beautiful as I immagined and really fun to play. It's looking like it will have a great story, and there will be many fun fights awaiting me. I'll make another blog when i actually beat the game.(and im not rushing through it just to do that lol) Anyone questioning if they should get Okami or not, i say get it. Its 40$, the most beautiful game on the PS2, and is just plain fun. Now as always heres some pretty pictures :P and comments please.
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